Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 11


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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 11

Ehen! dont say!!!

Stellastico of life,my soft isoko sister diwor...walahi my love for you is like a copied assignment,i just can't explain it *side eyes ‎.

 Thanks for this opportunity to share this my experience I have been longing to talk about it to some one but shame no let me since. 

My camp experience was really a crazy one,till this moment I still cant believe what I did*covers face. It's a bit long please bear with me and all ye judginas abeg sufree cuss me.

It all started when we went ‎to collect our call up letter from school,there is this guy I have been crushing on right from 100level,the guy is cute for days,he was my course mates neighbor. Anytime I go to her house,i go just they look am with one eye and I noticed he was into me too based on the hot babe that I is na,but I had I boyfriend then in school so I just bone.

 So on that day we went to collect call up letter,we both found out we were posted to the same place, Ekiti state,choi you need to see as body sweet me hehehe. On reaching camp,we were placed in the same platoon kaii e just be like say na God dey arrange every every. We clicked right from day one in camp and were forming hottest couple on camp.

 Fastfoward to the last week on camp,there was this girl in our platoon that was just all over him and him too was giving her attention,you need to see how jealousy wan finish me,the yeye girl come they do the thing to pain me the more,i just lock up they form actor but inside I was dying. Then came our camp fire night,i sat down on my bobo leg they do small PDA nai this girl just carry chair come siddon near us,my mumu guy no just send me again o,he just neglected me as if I wasn't even there come they follow the geh they gist tori wey no get head and tail. 

Chai I felt so insulted,i just got up from his leg and left for my room. Not too long after they come blow that their yeye trumpet abi wetin them they call am for every body to go inside. Na that time the goat remember say I dey exist. He started calling me o,i didnt pick up. When my friends came inside and saw me,they were surprised because they thought I was going to be with him all through,as they come ask me wetin happen na there I begin start to cry o,they come console me o come cajole me to pick his call cos he was just calling non stop. 

 Naso I pick o,he was just apologizing that he knows he messed up that I should come outside and meet him(his room wasn't far from mine). After many begging sha I went out to meet him in front of their hostel. Mind you,it was already light out and you know say at that time if soldiers catch you outside oyo is your case. So he suggested we went inside his hostel, at first I was like "are you out of your mind?" but as I see one person they flash torch light from a distance, nai I jump enter their room o. Every where was dark so no one saw me entering. Naso we come siddon for e bed come dey whisper small small o,he was still begging and all nai small time we start to cuddle o,from there it got heated up,he come raise my white polo o,come shift my bra go one corner come dey pwess and suck bwess,choi I was in cloud 9,he then asked for a bj, I wasnt too cool with it but at that time no be me get myself so I went down on him,not even up to 5minutes nai e cum inside my mouth ooo,chai I felt like dying,wetin I go do na,I swallowed the thing.

 I got up so angry,he come dey beg o,that i know it has been long na,konji don full body he could not control it I just come bone sha come say I won dey go. Meanwhile,immediately I entered his room I sent one of my friends a text about what happened and I was going to send her another text when I am about leaving so she could come open the door for me. Time to go na I sent her a text she no reply,i call she no pick and the time was already 3am by 4am they would put on the lights back choi see wahala. I just gather mind sha and went to my hostel,knocked on the door and one of my roommates came to open,kai you can imagine how relieved I was,supposing I was caught nko,wetin I for talk?? 

I just went to my bed and slept off jeje. When the lights came on it was then my mumu friend came to meet me and was apologizing that she didn't know when she slept off,I just told her to bone matter,e don pass.

 The next day,me and my boyfriend were all lovey dovey and I noticed he gave the other girl chance sha but we didnt try that kind rough play again o,we were just okay with our normal holding of hands and going to mami till day of posting came. We were posted to different local govt chai I wanted to faint but how man go do na,we just hugged said our goodbyes and promised to keep in touch. We did keep in touch and about 5months later I traveled down to go see him and we finally gbenshed,chaii it was heavenly,he is an headmaster for africa,i stayed for 2days and left

. As good as the sex was I just told myself the fling cant go on cos I was in a serious relationship. He sha wanted things to go to to the next level but I didnt allow it and we never saw again till we passed out. We still talk once in a while though,he is still on my bbm but that's just it.

But I take risk sha oooo* shines teeth.

*I were one of the crazy ones in camp!..well done oh.
Ehen...Vrendo *side eyes*


  1. Yeah am back, let the comments start rolling in....

  2. Very nice story, more of such abeg

    *Larry was here*

  3. hahahahaha at nai that time the goat remember say i exist? chai and you allowed the goat to suck bobby and pwess bwest.

    anyway bendel people no dey carry last at all. at least you enjoy your service year.

  4. Please is this service year boulevard only about camp experience or what? Cos it's like we just talk about camp life and nothing else.
    Poster you tried oo, you clearly had fun in camp, lucky you weren't caught.

  5. this is no nysc bou... this shit is d story of aw loose u were during that period, smh. nothing abt nysc, just ur sexcapade.

    1. Things happen. Stop acting holy holy. We see used condoms up n down during camp nah. Na ghost dey use am ni?

  6. Girl you're a cheater!! Phewwww glad you had fun

  7. Which kind risk, the story just normal jare

    1. Normal ke? I bet u have never gone for nysc... if soldiers catch u after lights out na wahala not to talk of seeing a girl in a boys hostel

    2. As u no get degree or HND na. Cos if u serve u go knw say e no normal. Mk una wey sabi run mouth dey try send una own tori! Kmt

  8. Hmmm,I miss all this in camp,if no b marriage,wetin I for do no small o,lols

  9. Headmistress, you really tried. Drank pap wey don overdone. Choi

  10. You sha collected and did every every.

  11. Hmm it sexcapade no b here o

  12. All join for the experience. Hehehehehehehe

  13. Clap for yourself

  14. People that started and completed projects during Nysc abeg make ona send stories.
    People that qualified for presidential handshakes make ona send to.
    People that were recognized for one achievement or the other where are your stories. It's not every time gbenshing and wayward stories. Good things happen during Nysc too.

    Your achievement stories can help and give others insight on how to be productive while serving. Make we learn something jare.

    Stella abeg post.

  15. @ ifeanyi nwa nsukka read where u said u don't know where ur mum lives. pls are serious as in seriously serious? I advice u to go make peace with ur maama cos maamas are d best

  16. Poster, I guess your hostel was close where churches were built in ekiti camp cos I also camped there too, I was in the hostel close to obs and I later moved to anoda hostel which is close to the upstair(former hostel) and also close to mami market too.

  17. hope he had his bath before giving him Bj? I raise Beyonce and Stella hand for you.... good to know you had fun...

  18. Lol....@poster naughty you..

    In my case, I missed mobilisation for service thrice. In that one year interim ,I got a job in kano since I did my internship there.. (that's something not quite obtainable in the south)..
    Due to my job, I so much wanted to be posted back to kano...I got posted to plateau state..Well ,I was initially contemplating staying back but after asking the renumeration Doctors got in plateau I decided to relocate back to kano..
    .To cut the boring story short....I did nothing much in camp....I didn't go for was always doc on duty...I never queued for meals cos food was sometimes brought to the clinic for those on duty and still at that ,I had breakfast, lunch and dinner @ mami. .It got to a time I found it hard telling people I read medicine when asked because the next thing is to add 'ma' when addressing me (unfortunately I was serving with some school mates who got into 100l whilst I was in part 5) and mind you I am small statured. ...I know I missed a whole lot of nysc experience because I never really participated in activities that would enable me make friends and 1 week into camp, I secured instant relocation out of mangu camp back to kano and I resumed my job.
    When it came to posting to various ppa,I made sure I got posted to a ppa where I go to work once a week and sometimes 3 times a month. medical cds in kano was once a month so I may attend this month and choose not to go the next month.
    I kept my job and served at the same time without stress. So most times I tell people I never served ...It was boring yet convenient and quite lucrative cos I was getting paid from 2 tiers of government and private...I balled that year though

  19. Enter your comment...child of d world

  20. God save u from swallowing STD. Isoko sister


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