Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 15


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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Service Year Boulevard 15

Corper Shun!!!

Hi Stella, I am a very silent bv who enjoys your blog immensely. I started serving this year and it has been a rollercoaster ride but God has been really faithful. Please pardon me if you find this too lengthy.

I found out my posting in the midnight, it was Jigawa. I was surprised and not surprised but I was surely sacred. When I told my father he said "that means you are not going for service this year!" Eh! Sharply I called my elder brother who was then serving in Anambra and he convinced my parents to let me go, but we should prepare a doctor's report for my relocation.

I went to Jigawa armed with my doctor's report and my mother's plenty prayers. Camp was not very eventful for me but it was fun. The soldiers were strict but still friendly. I participated in most of the activities surprisingly, because i am a very shy person. The only thing i kinda hated was the sun, Jesus! Jigawa can blaze for Africa. The first three days I no chop, giant bottle water was my companion, but I got used to the sun later.

My real nysc experience began when I moved to this Ogun state, holed up in a little village. I got posted to a village school with demons in little packages. In summary, I made friends, lost some, lost a love, found another...and it has dawned on me that am no longer a baby...the struggle is getting real o. I will summarize my major nysc drama in a few paragraphs.

First and very sadly, i broke up with my boyfriend whom I loved very much. Stella, I loved him and he said he loved me too but he wasn't showing it. I believe actions speak louder than words. He always chose other people over me and I felt less than a priority. So I stepped out of the relationship to look for something better. Am too young to be a kept girlfriend.

Meanwhile in the lodge i stay at, which is very cool BTW, two of my fellow corpers at different times got it into their heads that I had feelings for them, in my mumu mind I was just a platonic Friend and I didn't read the signs on time. A few confrontation and fights later and niggers were pouring out their feelings. I have zero tolerance for unnecessary drama so I cut ties with them. I entered my shell back.

On a happy note, the best thing NYSC has given me is my boyfriend! Am thankful to God that i met him. Lemme not start gushing before some bvs go swear for me *side eyes*. Would never have thought I would love a Northerner, where I for see am if not for Nysc.

Service has made me patient especially with people, I have learned a few languages, am more tolerant and I hope to be able to explore the country more after service.

Am looking forward to passing out next year by the Grace of the Almighty and I pray I get a job quick.

*Hian another Northerner like yesterday!...Which Northern celeb wil i make blog boo oooooh *thinking*..LOL


  1. Nice one...God help us all...

  2. Enjoy your new boyfriend poster

  3. Replies
    1. Tayan Taylor, you are not nice at all. Lol

  4. Short and nice, stella I have sent you mine, please try and post. Thanks.

  5. Women n catching feelings quickly! Kai

  6. one day i will have time to write mine and send. my service year was so sweet and a bit tough!

    my ex doc fiance made it worth a while, yes Fiance coz we almost married but father rejected him on religion ground.

    the guy can fuck ehn chai! he made me know how sweet sex is and he also confirmed i have a bomb pussy. i almost disobeyed my father cox of him.

    even thoh we are both married i still wish you are the one fucking me whenever i and my hubby is doing it. hubby is big down there and good too but he is not a sex freak like u dat want it every day. i miss you Adedoyin, you told me I'm the only one that can make y cheat on your wife and I'm ready to cheat on my husband for you. you tiny wife is the one enjoying my cucumber now. well, not her fault.

    decode me and win 50k 😒

  7. This one go service to follow man. Man from beginning of post to end of post.

  8. Make Ali Nuhu your northern celeb

  9. #Some friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly*

  10. Stella Northerners are cool pple & accommodating...
    Its just few of them that are religious sick.
    Nice story dear.

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