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Friday, January 20, 2017

IHN Friday

Happy Friday Everyone..

I pray that God gives you a Miracle that looks like a lie before the weekend is over!
In house news will be back on Monday,see you in the Spontaneous Post tomorrow Morning...

Good day Stella . My name is Yemi. I will love to be the face of IHN. I am an ardent BVN but I rarely comment. Attached is a picture of pretty me. Love you loads...muah!!!
‎PS : still single

*Chaiiiiii..Anyway I have added your email to your still Single status,Please watch out for love scammers pretty babe!



Here is my tailor story..throwback to my cousin's wedding. As the chief bride's maid, I chose this beautiful wine dress...sent my measurement to the designer, went for fitting 2days to wedding and met this...usually, I will bring down that shopπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Ή...but I was too weak and sad to even make noiseπŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚...we eventually chose another style and improvised. After close to 5hours, it came out fine...she tried, I Dunno why she got it wrong the 1st time

LMAO:::awon tailors can never change..hehehehehehhe



Dear Stella,

Please permit me to share a recent experience.
Few days ago I started feeling pains and an itchy feeling in my southern region. It felt so strange I decided I better visit the hospital. I did a test and was told to come back for results though they gave me drugs to help with the itching but by the time I got home I just dey scratch like no mans business. 

So I decided to consult Dr Google pending the time I get my hospital results. Dr Google said it's common fungal infection and I should keep the place dry or kuku go commando sef for fast healing. Na so I go commando o! 

I was just going upandan without underwear. Sote I wore short dress to work no pata!

I was now enjoying my new found freedom. I was even thinking this way of life is better na and telling myself it shall be permanent.

That's how this morning I was still thinking pe I will go commando again, but an inner voice was telling me "wear pata, wear pata!". Thank God I obeyed o cos by afternoon, a red robot visited me for office. Wetin I for do if I no listen! Hehehe!

Oh and Dr. Google was right. By the time I got my result, it was what I thought.

From One of those silent BVs

Going commando is no biggy na,there was one time i went commando for almost two years sef....As the owners of my pants kept stealing it,i just decided to give it a break and when they lost interest,I started wearing again.going commando is cool men,you feel free but please if your ikebe is like wheel barrow do not attempt it .#Unibenthrowbackthoughts



Stella and my fellow beevess, please join me to praise the Lord for saving me from the cold hands of death yesterday.

I was at the theatre yesterday afternoon almost close to my closing time, when this newly married beautiful woman was rushed into the theatre as an emergency and immediately booked for exploratory laparatomy due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy. 

Before we say jack ,she went into shock right there on the theatre table. Oh...boy.. You can imagine the adrenaline rush in each anaesthetist as we all tried to resuscitate her back to life....she came in with only one intravenous line which was not enough for resuscitation, some of us were trying to set up another line for her,tried and tried for where...

The swab we were using to clean up soaked up badly and I decided to go get another spirit swab from the trolley all of a sudden a segment of the wall came crashing down me. I could not believe it ooo. It was just as if it was rapture.

Within a split of seconds I was covered with dust, broken tiles, broken blocks just name it.

The trolley the wall fell on was seriously damaged and I was just there standing ,I don't even know to do..

I was just there thinking is it how am gonna die? Is it the end for me ?

To God be the glory people came to my aid and God being so good,I only got little cuts here and there nothing much.

People find it hard to believe I escaped unharmed...They were baffled. They kept asking me are you sure you're o.k?

And I kept repeating am much o.k becos my case is different.. A thousand may fall at my right hand and ten thousand at my left,it shall never come near me.yes! That's the promise of they Lord for me this new year..

Shout out to all lovely people that have taken their time to make SDK a place to be..the Queen and boss am loyal ooo, sandy Neke with a golden heart take high five, portable vive, Ronalda love your comments scatter, Doppel our sdk women advocate, xoxo mysterious the SDK ghost I salute... Love u all.

From BV: Intelligentsia princess..




I want to send a shout out to two amazing people i met through your blog in december 2016. A guy and a lady.

To you Charles, thank you for being an amazing friend, for your words of encouragement when i was down, for the joy and laughter you bring everyday.

To my gurl Luchie; beautiful, strong, kind..thank you for hanging on. Im looking forward to meeting you and I cant wait to attend your graduation. Make us proud gurl, lets flaunt that certificate in dia

I did this to let you both know that you are special to me . Thank you for adding colour to my life. God bless you both. I love you 2.

Just December and you don dey proclaim this kind love and friendship?this shall be permanent in Jesus name!



Hi Stella,

There are vacancies for residents of Ibadan who want to learn how to sew whether part time or full time. It is done in a flexible way to fit into your schedules. You will have fun and learn as well. Contact us 07082445005.

Thanks Stella.



Good day Stella,

Thank you so much for using your platform to impact lives. God bless you.

Please I would like to post this job vacancies to help people out there. I have tried to post it a few times but never see it on the blog or maybe I didn't check well.

A logistics firm on the island is collecting CVs for the following positions;

Procurement Accountant


Chef (continental dishes)

Chef (Nigerian dishes)

AC Technician


Swimming pool attendant

Kindly send your CVs to on or before January 31st, 2017. Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted. Thank you.


In need of a woven clothing label maker in Jos

I am a fashion designer based in jos plateau state. Please I need a good woven clothing label for my brand. The person should be based in jos and affordable. You can reach me on 07033733945 (whatsapp only)

Jah Bless



We were told our pastor has resigned and travelled to America with his family. So today,I met his wife on the street,I was shocked and I said mummy are you back,she answered from where,I said we were told you all left for America. The woman looked at me and laughed,she said so the church was not told that pastor was caught sleeping with a pregnant woman(she mentioned her name) on the alter and he was caught? I was speechless,my mind immediately went to my tithe and seed offering.

Please whoever dropped this gist,come and complete it or send me a mail ASAP..LOL....Stingy human being,how can you drop half gist and post?



Good day blog fam... I have an issue that has been on my mind and I would like doctors in the house to enlighten us.

My sister, who married a calabar man, just told me that her MIL has a strange ailment of her veejay falling out! She said she was told that it happens to a lot of elderly women in that part of the country.

Coincidentally, my colleague at work came back in the new year to say the same about her mum having the sane ailment!. She also said that it is not unusual in Akwa Ibom and that the men's own affect their 'blokos'!!

I just wonder, could it be because of the high sexual prowess they practice in that part of the nation? What happens to the men?

My concern really, is because I have never heard of it all my life and I wonder, with all these "I love it big" going on around, should caution be exercised? Or is it a usual phenomenon in the aged and sexually active?

I have heard that elderly women should not linger on the toilet seat idle. Is this why?
Doctors in the house, please enlighten us...

You say wetin?



Please send in your Divorce stories if there is any.Please do not be discouraged,send in your stories,I really really loved the first two sent in and i want to believe that i am not alone on this......


It is what it is!!!


  1. Freaky Friday…
    Joblesshousewife is wishing ya’all a wonderful weekend.
    Kisses to all ya main chic. *sideeye@sidechics*

    1. I'm not begging for giveaway or anything, i just requested for a fellow bvs phone no or that she calls me and you didn't post, meanwhile you'll be posting comments for people that are begging up and down. if i send you ihn post in the night, you wont post it the next morning.

    2. OMG! Like the totoh falls out? I Dont "believer" you.

      Yay! Finally! Someone who knows how to work the brow is face of IHN. Yemi you is fine ojare.

      What else did I read.. Errm about the commando stuff, I do that once in a while, itz always hot down there so why not allow 'her' breath'!

    3. She owes u nothing @latest bride.Y r u feeling like it's ur entitlement.walkah pass joreh

  2. TGIF...
    It's drizzling o. Cool weather

    Natural haircare products... On my watch. Add up.

  3. Replies
    1. Welcome IHN. Anonymous, biko come and complete the gist you started.

  4. A little boy gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. As he passes his parent's bedroom he peeks in through the keyhole. He watches for a moment, then continues on down the hallway, saying to himself, 'Boy, and she gets mad at me for sucking my thumb!'


  5. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    1. Ideato, all this credit you are sharing oooo

  6. I want to rant!!!

    I am freaking pissed this afternoon. Between the useless mechanic who broke three of my bolts this morning while checking for a different fault, and VIO who even after seeing that I had bought the bolts and was on my way back to d mechanic's to fix it, yet they still booked me, I dunno which of you two thunder with a touch of lightning will strike!!!! Making me spend money I didn't plan to spend in this kind of recession. Some other people thunder will strike.... buhari!!! I went to get gas 12.5kg is now 6k.... Every food stuff budgeted for had increased....jeeeez. So d mechanic annoyed me, d market annoyed me, then VIO finished work!!! Wehdone Sirs!!!😠😠😬😬😈😈

    End of rant!!!

    1. Pls u ppl should stop using gas price to scare me na. I bought last at 4k. Now dreading this gas finishing. I no get 5k or 6k for just gas oh.

      Sorry laeffizy, vio story is a story for another day. Very inconsiderate human beings

    2. Hahhahhahhaaa
      That is the typical Nigerian situation.

      Yesterday a friend sent me a munch of someone's narrative. The lady's hubby gave her 4k to buy gas, she got back and told him it is now 6k. Her hubby then collected the money back from her, went out and came back with firewood.

    3. Eyaaaa sooo sorry!!! Those vios no de get sense and dem no de hear sorry. Mscheeew. I got my own 12.5kg gas yesterday for N5,500 and the guy was even telling me that its 6k but he removed N500 cos i am his customer. Its well with us!!!

    4. Lol, sorry o! Have a glass of chilled coke, it has a way of making you go "aahhhhh" with relief. That should do the trick, kisses!

  7. OK..... Thank u... See u Monday

  8. Disclaimer: This is not related to our Potable oneπŸ˜†

    Viv: Take me to Cold Stone or Hans n Rene now
    Me: Ok get dressed
    *enters car, Ac is pumping to the max*
    *Viv starts to shiver and sneeze*
    Me: Should I put off the Ac and lets forget bout the ice cream instead let me buy u bole?
    Viv: *shivering* No o I will manage atchoo!
    Hian! Must u lik ice cream? All these girls sef Ikwakwakwakwakwa 😘

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  9. ✂✂✂✂✂✂πŸ‘©‍❤️‍πŸ‘©πŸ‘©‍❤️‍πŸ‘©πŸ‘©‍❤️‍πŸ‘©πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’”πŸ’”✋πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸŽ πŸ–πŸŽƒπŸŽπŸŒ‹πŸ˜
    Ihn πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  10. Hello my fellow amembos.
    Shout out to my darls.

  11. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent - Eleanor Roosevelt

    Krix signing out via iPhone 7+

  12. Need to resume my working out.

    My ass is becoming calabashy....

    Holla can

  13. last ihn of the week... God bless all givers and receivers

  14. LMAO 😁
    Maybe Na their too much nacking is the causer...hehehe

  15. All that I see is beautiful Yemi

  16. Stella, God just gave me miracle that looks like a lie. I passed my ICAN exams. #AlmostCharteredAccountant. Thank you Jesus. #ForeverGrateful.

    1. May God deliver us from the evil men of gods. Entered one chance oh...... be back with my story

    2. ....Preparing for induction?,congratulations.

    3. Oh my!!! Thank God for you oo cos that ICAN co easy. I settled for ANAN abeg. All join. No strength for ICAN. You tried!!! Congrats

    4. Congrats,so happy for you

    5. Thank God for you, I passed mine too. Going to the last stage

    6. Congrats dear.
      Thank God for you @ Debbyola.

  17. Sooo moody today #lordineedamoraclethatwillsoindlikealie#

  18. Thank God i made it,a winner by the spirit,i no fit just control it,its in my blood

  19. #You've been critical of yourself for years and that didn't work, how about you try approving and praising yourself and see what happens*

  20. Linda Eze you claim you are rich but you are still doing MMM

    1. Shut up. Those guilders n others that invested millions re they poor?

    2. Anon are you alright at all ?
      Hian ...ndi mmadu sef

  21. All this end time men of GOD spoiling the image of church of GOD,you have special places in Hell

  22. Very hot crazy afternoon

    out for school run

  23. *Lol @ the tailor story

    *thank God @ the hospital mishap. I hope no-one got injured?

    *how do people go about without undies? Wow! I can never except bedtime

    * falling p**y??? That's new. Pls shed more light.

  24. someone cannot air her opinion in peace again? what's the hatred for calling me a useless pikin. for the fact that am just 21 I have the skills most of u married but living single didnt have to keep a home.. abeg make u no spill trash on me again

    1. Pls when next ure transferring any drama u either call d person out or copy d previous story b4 ur response. Be warned o.

    2. What is this one saying.

  25. Ihn short and cool

    Have a nice weekend everybody
    Love u all

  26. the falling kinikan,,,its called something vaginal prolapse. a case where the vagina walls which is made up of muscles, can no longer hold everything in. surgery is required. it can happen to any woman who has had a baby though

  27. the falling kinikan,,,its called something vaginal prolapse. a case where the vagina walls which is made up of muscles, can no longer hold everything in. surgery is required. it can happen to any woman who has had a baby though

  28. INN is herreπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  29. u can b open, honest n real while still understanding dt nt everibodi deserves a seat @ d table of ur life

  30. the falling kinikan,,,its called something vaginal prolapse. a case where the vagina walls which is made up of muscles, can no longer hold everything in. surgery is required. it can happen to any woman who has had a baby though

  31. Obviously she didnt make it.uwadiegwu may her soul rip

  32. Falling totoh ke?,'wonderment'.

  33. Amen o Stella! May God give us a miracle that would sound like a lie...@falling Obo/Otu, you say what???? Akwa ibom people, Pls expantiate on this..

  34. Last ihn of the week!

    Stella u too like ameboπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Chi exotic I saw ur comment yesterday about recharge cardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my dear I don't retire ooo let me leave it for my successorsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  35. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  36. I have heard of the falling Vjay but I am yet to understand the reason..

  37. Lol @ commando.. NA my name be that. I love fresh air even though I carry wheel barrow.
    Akwa ibom gist, its not their vjay falling out. Its their womb "falling" down. Its womb relapse or so, it has a fancy medical name. Its usually pushed back into position. I hear its as painful as hell.No its not caused by promiscuity.

  38. That shout out babe is just desperate

    1. Ideato u de vex becos d babe no call ur name? Na by force?na wetin de worry u sef?dats how u whr compelling stella to give u a shout out dis morning! Na wch kain inferiority complex de worry u? Na by force? Or is it becos of d 500 naira recharge card dat ur Angel E is giving u to distribute dat u want people in stellas blog to de worship u? U de Madt? I kukuma trust my stella na, she nor just send u! If u get Angel, Stella get bigger heavy Angels! So she no send! Just take a chill pill on dis blog biko! To be celeb for stella blog nor be by fire or by force u hear? Just get a life jeeeeez! Am out!

  39. Ihn- your tailor isnt at fault from wat I'm seeing, d real pic is stretching material bt urs is chiffon, so it wouldn't fit as d real one, my tots doe

  40. hahahahaha stella the amebo mistress. Anon abeg bring your pastor story here, make we learn wetin happen. Your tithe monies and offerings don enter one chance. The man don port to another city. Sorry for una.

    too many news here. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Fine face of IHN weldone.

    Charles babe hahaha just December you don proclaim I love Jesus very much, if you reach 3 months wetin you want to talk. hahahaha women with fish brain. Afterall fish get sense pass some of una self.

    Intelligent princess or what is your name, i follow thank God for you. Your village people miss road enter gutter, dem no go see you this year Amen

    hahahaha red visitor chai thank God you no disgrace our sister ooo. Na only God know how she for run enter market go buy pad and pant.

    Too much to read jare. will come back. thinking of what to eat.

    1. Loveme jeje how are u na,please connect me to your pastor na so I can submit 2 names to him to pray over for me....

  41. Praise thy Lord,I ve a testiomy this afternoon.I'm in love ooo...chai.A whole sharonstone like me.hmmm.I dey go do thanksgiving for church on Sunday..😍😍😍

  42. Hi my wonderful people of Sdk, please I have few questions to ask make Una hep me with better advices.
    1. How soon can someone start another relationship after divorce from husband and there's a little child involved.
    2. Is it possible to have a no sex relationship in the next relationship so that men won't take advantage of me jst sleeping with me without good intentions to marry.
    3.My failed marriage was with an Ekiti man and I recently met a man that wants to get serious with me but he is Ondo and I feel ondo and ekiti are in same category with character so that I don't end up with another wicked man. But I don't want to judge based on past experience.
    4.This new man wants to have sex with me as soon as possible and as made it clear he can't have a no sex relationship.
    Let the advices begin....... Thanks fam

  43. @ poster that dropped the obo gist, google vagina prolapse.

    Face of ihn is pretty.
    Bv that had a near-miss, thank God for your life.

  44. after all said and done a graduate God did it and am inviting all bvs near to me for my induction on 13th Feb and also my friends maby..who goes by bbm name M told me he was going for an eye surgery and I said lol and he deleted me..pls am sorry..hope the surgery was successful.. Amara,.school of pharmacy agulu campus anambra state..and nafdac recommendations will be appreciated especially lagos

    1. Someone told u he/shes going 4 a surgery n u LOL? Did he send u d msg with all d laugh n smile n dancing smileys? Smh

    2. Plz improve your written English
      You're a graduate

  45. Kai. So i read one stupid comment yesterday from one person that obviously doesn't have sense. In response to dimples comment, the idiot claimed it's the igbo men that expect you to show respect to younger ones that are younger than you as in the igbo culture.

    My dear bvs, how stupid does this sound? Is it the same igbos that the whole Nigeria has yabbed about not having respect and culture that one idiot somewhere is claiming practices this nonsense culture of overly respecting their younger ones. Biko, is this not strictly yoruba culture where u are even expected to use 'aunty or brother' for a 10 year old just cos you married their brother?

    She claimed it's an igbo man that will bring his younger ones to live with them. Pray tell, you this yoruba woman that left that comment, is this not obtainable anywhere but most especially in Yoruba land?

    Please when we want to lie just because you want to be tribalistic, make sure you lie the lies that are believable.

    Mtsheew. Double rada (radarada)

    1. You ended up being tribalistic with your write up.

    2. If u open ur brain wide and see that it's not every time a tribe is mentioned that one is being tribalistic, you'd notice I wasn't being tribalistic, just stating the obvious.

  46. hahahaha Obioma tailor wetin you sew for my sister but the cloth dey manageable sha. Just use it and you will see that someone will copy the style to sew. Sorry ooo. Am sure you paid N3,000 to sew this.

    This FIN come full my facebook, i no asked to be joined oooo. who come put me there na. Na so keto club too come full my facebook with pictures of them women and type of food to eat. They should take time oooo. I want to get fat small no be to be lepa.

    See you all. waiting for my Trump inauguration jare

  47. That last message is exclusively yo tjose that participated in MMM, try and move on. Your money is not gonna come back again.

    1. See don if it where possible I would ve but the kind of money I have in mmm is too big to forget

    2. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  48. Pastor caught sleeping with a pregnant woman.....ehat a shameless woman.
    Who knows who give am belle.
    And for the pastor..... He should have been dealt with n disgraced shamelessly.
    I wish most these mushroom room church will be closed down.

    Intelligentsia princess : thank God for saving your life.
    Death can never be ur portion,God has paid the price in full.
    Please what sup with D woman with etopic pregnancy that was brought in?
    Hope she made?

    Btw, some tailors can fall hand shall......

    1. U 4got 2 criticise d man's actions.

  49. Your case is truly different for sure my dear Intelligentsia princess. I thank God for you once again. High five right back and love you tooooo. That anony should come complete the pastors tory biko. Very much interested too. Hehehe!

  50. SDK ,the woman was finally resuscitated and surgery done successfully.
    She's currently recuperating well in the ICU..
    Lord am grateful for a second chance
    I thank God for my life and that of my patient....

    1. Thank God for you,it can only be God.

    2. Thank God, May Him only be praised.

    3. Thank God, May Him only be praised.

  51. Falling otu

    Pls n pls CALABAR n AKWA IBOM is different! Haba! Wer were u wen others were reciting states n capital? is false! My mom is elderly! N dad is also elderly!

  52. Yaaah the divorce stories was cool but if people refuse to send in stories then just know we've few divorced people in d real world😊

  53. BV Yemi, you're gorgeous girl!

    I can't go out without pants, I feel naked.

    Bv Intellengista Princess, thank God for keeping you safe. I'll advice you go for general checkup though. What happened to the woman with the rupture appendix?

    Is it the wombs that falls down or the vaginal? I don't really get it.

  54. That anonymous linking me and other bvs together, na you go tire. Since your false accusations did not stop Folly realwoman from receiving help, it will not stop me too when my time comes. Kwantinue you hear? you will soon be put to shame.

    1. Another beggy beggy in the house

  55. IHN is here!!! So much to be grateful for. Baba God i thank you o.

  56. Intelligentsia princess, thank God for your life.
    Can one write professional courses without bsc certificate? I'm really tired of staying at home
    Hello from the outside

  57. The falling vaginal is a medical condition called Uterine prolapse.
    Surgical repair can be done,its no biggie..
    The parties involved should visit a good gynaecologist.

  58. Yemi you is a fine girl
    Intelligentsia Princess thank God for the testimony
    Falling otu.... I have sent the news around.

    Lord I need my own miracle before month end financial wise o.
    Alright let me go back to my assignments

  59. Luvly IHN pics, some tailors are shoe makers, i need a business support from a samaritan, i want to start a business, but the capital i have is not sufficient, i will really appreciate anyone who can render help. Thanks and God bless. One love. Kindly reach me with my email

  60. That falling obo poster, please which part of calabar is that cos am just hearing that for the first time. How does obo fall sef?

  61. Welcome IHN, thank God for saving ur life Intelligentsia princess. I do hope da young Lady also survived.

  62. Going commando is uncomfortable cos d thighs touch an d result is coal black inbetween.

    1. That is if your laps rub each other naturally, mine does not rub together even when I walk.

  63. Ihn is here.It amazes me how there are so many bitter,frausted,sad people in this country!What is it?Haba?)!Naso the thing don reach? my good people let's share love as this world is not a permanent place.share loveπŸ˜€.just feel like ranting,love u guys.Ideato,lovemejeje darlings what sup?

  64. Falling obo poster I am from that region and this is my first time of hearing this.

  65. Please I need information about makoko fish market, planning to go there tomorrow with about 20k, I don't know what the prices are like.

    1. To get a good price, you have to get there by 7.30am max. Those women their mouths are very wide. They can tell you one fish 🐠 is 10k

      So gey ready to price cos they are not smiling at all

  66. BLOGLORD 14 September 2015 at 14:06
    Listen to your names please! (adjust glasses, stern face)
    If you like hiss, smile, cuss, awww, scream, frown…all
    are welcome.
    Some of you have gone AWOL, some have multiplied
    identity, some have cloned…anyway, here we go!
    Answer present ma,or hiss or mumble gerrarahia (the
    choice is yours)
    Oya! Headcount.
    Abigail Krayfish (where are u babes?)
    Abisoye ologbenla
    Aboki na Mallam (AWOL)
    Abu Aliman
    Abuja Ninja
    Ada Jesus
    Ada Mazi
    Ada onyema
    Addicted BV
    Adunni Ade
    Aisha jane
    Alloy Chikezie (SDK Blogboo)
    Amaka Hundeyin
    Anonymous (Blaqi…my hommie)
    AppleofGod’s eye
    April sweet
    Arianna loves Wideyed
    Arinola Ipadeola
    Asa Nwa
    Aunty gwegwegwe 1 of SDK/Blogosphere
    Aunty gwegzzz
    Awesome R
    Aya Williams
    Baby cakes
    Baby Oku
    Babyface Assasin
    BBC-Busy Body Corrector(collect this register from me
    after now)
    Beautiful and gifted
    Bee Ba
    Bella D Chemist
    Bella Ragazza
    Bianca Bruno
    Billie Jean (gone on exile)
    Bitchpliz Bentouttashape
    Blessing Jackson
    Blog Voltron
    Blunt Queen
    Bootylicious Diva
    Brown sucre
    Brown sugar
    Bunmi Thomas
    C’est La Vie
    Cakes by Luligrace (London)
    Calabar chick
    Caribbean Princess
    Carina Jacob
    Carmine cakes
    Catalina Naija
    Catwalk with pat
    Ceecee (dropped identity)
    Charismatic Diva
    Chenille A
    Chi Exotic
    Chick Felix
    Chidinma Grace
    Chidinma iweka
    Chinemerem Ibe
    Chinyelu Okenyeka
    Chioma Anozie
    Chizoba (???)
    Christabel Christian
    Cocaine Finest
    Crazy Horny Wife
    Cute mum31
    Cynthia Iyede
    D J Stelch
    Da Boss Lady
    Dada toyosi
    Daphne lulu
    Dauda Aliu
    Debora chidume
    Delta Iyabo TOO
    Deltaqueen (aka crack ur ribs)
    Don davido (Don Baba D)
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    Hottest chic

    1. πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜’

    2. So? Wetin mk we do with dis stale list u dugged out?

    3. Still not complete.My name is nit there. What's my own sef? It's not as if they are sharing money.

    4. I see my former blog ID *shinesteeth*

      Good afternoon beautiful people and cheers to a wonderful (busy for me though)weekend

    5. Oh wow @ lagos babe. Where did you resurrect this? LOL.
      That register needs to be updated.
      *another LOL

    6. Kikikiki... Old blog Id still recognized? Mmmmm

  67. TGIF
    May we all have cause to rejoice this weekend.

  68. Going commando is my everyday hobby and I so much enjoy it.

  69. Falling what? I am an Akwa Ibomite and have never heard such rubbish! What falls and who told you everyone in Calabar or Akwa Ibom has a high libido?

    As I was reading, I knew it was BV Intelligentsia, as during yesterday's SP, she wrote about beingin the theatre or something like that. Thank God for your life. Hope the pregnant woman became okay?

    1. As in eh,I'm tired of all these assumptions about akwaibom/calabar people...tired much!!!

  70. BLOGLORD 14 September 2015 at 14:06
    Ify Tabansi
    Ihekire Tony
    Iphie Dearie
    Irene Bernard Ivory 001
    Iyalaje of SDK Blog
    Jagbajantis (gbam gbam gbam! Chief of Richard Card-
    Jane Kraine
    JayEm (AWOL)
    Jenny A
    Jenny Cherish
    Juicee chic chic
    Juliet Isi
    Kehinde Ake (ahhh! Professor in Sexual Matters. Twale!)
    Kenny ojiabo
    Keyjeh loves sdk bvs
    La Effizy
    La Katie
    Lady Buchi
    Lara peperempe
    Latest bride
    Leona Heart (AWOL)
    Lepa shandy
    Lilian FC Barcelona
    Lilian Loves pep Guardiola
    Linda Adaeze
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    Li-yon Vls
    Lola Racheal (Travel Consultant)
    Lovely amaka
    Loveme jeje
    Lucabracee (how I miss this all knowing dude.Luca
    love, where u at?)
    Luncinda Maya (Back to Kenya)
    Lyn Makeover
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    Maami (the whitest of all. AWOL)
    Madam Gagool
    Mama awon boiz
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    others here-in for putting smile on people’s faces.

    1. Inconclusive list. Where is Bonaparte N and Ezenwanyi? Not to mention my name?

    2. πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    3. Present in tha name of the Lord! Just on peeping mode. But to compile this list no be small alphabetically for that matter collect Grammy and Oscar. It is brain bursting. This blog is really dear to your heart.

  71. IHN is here o! That tailor is bad! Is it that she can't see or make the exact replica of the gown. I tire for them.

  72. Anonymous on sp this morning, no he doesn't touch that. My mum never kept any stained panty. Asides dishes I think that is the only thing she ever washed.

  73. I don't know why Airtel customer care have decided to be calling me every 2pm.
    And when I picked they will just be singing.
    And I don't know how their calls also manages to enter upon say I blocked them.
    Biko if there is any Airtel staff here,you people should stop calling me every day. I am not your girlfriend. Biko nu
    Rather choose me for the Airtel redhot promo
    E joo

  74. Abeg dat person dat dropped the pastor gist Na wah for you o! Complete the story why leave the gist hanging.

  75. Lmao at wheel barrow yansh.sdk iri baddestπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  76. I love your sign out pic. Speaking to me. Just divorced from my husband, 2years old marriage with a baby. But I have decided to move on I pity my child a lot cos every night and morning its 'dada dada' I keep hearing....

  77. Stella I am from Akwa-ibom and never heard or witness any falling obo/Otu story.
    As a matter of fact in my 20+ years on earth this is the first time am hearing such..

    So pls someone from Akwa-ibom educate me.. thanks

  78. Why is everyone ignoring Choi!choi!?
    Even Ekajoy, Sunshine and Droyalty too, are you all this lilly-livered? Come on let's make this blog hot, it would be fun.

    1. Begging for drama abi attention.

      Hope you're happy LOLO just Endorsed you

      My blog boo sup?

    2. This is new year madam. Happy new year πŸ˜‹

    3. Oh shattap.


    4. Simple! No time 4 foolishness.

  79. Yemi is so beautiful, bv thank God for your testimony many have died because of collapsed building. Please the anonymous coming under my post to call me White berry and the rest I am not white berry or all other IDs you claimed to be me, my ID is new doesn't mean I am a new bv, I just learnt how to open an ID and I have been on this blog for years even before mama nnuku started sending stories, even before Linda Eze changed her ID to queen of this blog I have been commenting as anonymous because I couldn't get an ID. I am asking for financial assistance because I have been pushed to the wall by my child's health I can't seat and watch my child die, most times I pray God should just transfer the crises to me so my child can be free, I don't pray for you to have a Sickler child and broke same time maybe if you Are in that position you will understand better.

    Long live SDK

    1. The lord is ur strength girl

    2. Yet u derive pleasure in pulling people down. Swerve.

  80. Your sign out note,i always disagree with it. It isn't always what it is. Most times, we are too lazy to make efforts to change our situation and, that's why we believe "it is what it is". The power to change "what is" mostly depends on you and your ability to change situations to your advantage.

  81. Which one is falling out vagina? Biko i have never heard of such

  82. TGIF, at last l can now comment. Have a lovely weekend BVees.

  83. This Yemi girl na complete spec o, so pretty. But i'm sure her email box would have exploded by now. I so just feel like kidnapping her for myself. Lol

  84. Mmm ppl how far? Una don get una money?

  85. fallen vjay is a medical condition called uterine prolapse. Can happen to anyone but often women who have been through up about it
    Its remidiable as a ring is often used in an operation to hold the uterine together.

  86. Can someone elaborate this veejay falling out for me?

    Does it mean it fall, she will pick it and put back or what?

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Hahahaha walahi you no well

    3. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…Hahahahahaha @fall and put it back. ..Google is your frd dear

  87. I pray God surprise me before the weekend is over. Amen
    I need a job before Nysc first batch. My location is Ikorodu

  88. Stella i say Amen to your prayers i need that miracle that will look like lie in my life now

  89. ihn so basking... ehn d person looking for steffysofyn she don change her name to pastor's daughter so look no more.

  90. You ppl shld quite blaiming Nigerian tailors.
    Pls how much did you pay for the dress first ?
    I have various tailors for various things. And iv never been disappointed.
    I have my tush tailor that is a German married to a Nigerian in yaba,she's abit pricey but still cheaper than this island tailors. I give her all those my expensive materials. She's old been her customer with my whole family since I was in primary school. She's more of a seamtress, she doesn'tknow styles, but give her a picture and she gets it perfectly, but don't think of telln her to choose style o, she's 60, so old school. But give her pic and you have replica.
    Then I have my 2nd tailor that is cheap, I know myself I don't give her anything complicated. Just top and wrapper, kaftan, simple things like straight gowns I wear to work on Fridays, Ankara etc.
    3rd tailor is iya micheal,my good old local tailor, for iro and buba strictly, that one collects just 1k or so for it. You cant see me give iya Micheal correct gown to sew.
    Dear poster never give a complicated dress to a tailor you are not sure of their work.
    This your style involves skills, you cant expect someone collected 5k/10k to have those skills. Your style involves a lot of drappings and cuts and curve. Its like I shld give such to iya Micheal. She will produce what you put up there.
    But give iya Micheal those Yoruba iro and buba, that is her specialty. She even gets it better than any designer.

  91. Those 'jobful' or 'busy' bvs that read all posts here and comment/reply on almost all of them, how do you do it?
    As 'jobless' as D'Royalty is, I find it difficult to read more than 60percent of posts here and I comment on only two or three per day.
    What a world! I learnt about the Mercy Aigbe shirt brouhaha on spontaneous post this morning. When IBK made mention of it, I quickly went back to old posts to search and see if SDK posted the gist and saw over a hundred comments on the post including comments from the 'jobful' and 'busy' 'CEOs', 'wives' and 'mothers'.

    Hmmmmmm, jobless me! God will help me ooooo.

  92. This weather is so hot. Gosh. Can't wait to get home.

    Thank God for you Intelligentsia.

  93. πŸ™‹ effrybodi
    Uye Gee onye nkem, how do you do? I saw ur comment on SP very late. You know I heart you, right? Oh yels baibe, cos u is' BaeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’‹πŸ˜ idi godi wuu

    Dis Flu is doing mi strong thing I swearπŸ˜‚

  94. Anon 15:15 you are no. 11 of the Sad faces of SDK blog. Shame on you. Why cant you give out cards to people. Idiot.

    Ideato dont mind the foolish anons. Sad people everywhere. Learn to lick honey or you use it for akamu small. Ewu Gambia

  95. Pastors of nowadays, only God knows his. My former G.O na so he dey toast babes for the church and he dey preach against premarital sex. Him church dey for mainland. Very bad of him.

  96. Chai na wa o. Men why yuna sabi lie?met a guy and we were friends for a month. As we get down finish the guy disappear. No calls noting again, and me no sabi beg man. I free am as him dey form busy for me. If una see wetin this guy carry? Na wunjo instrument, weapon of mass destruction.

  97. Father,give me a testimony that will sound like a lie but very much real..
    Let,your prophecy became a reality in my life in this 21 days prayer and fasting.
    Year of EVIDENCE.

  98. Your case is different Intelligentsia. No harm shall come upon you and your household.

    What a beautiful testimony. God is so good.

    Bye loves



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