Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 144


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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Labour Room Drama 144


I took in August, 3months after my wedding which was in May (though mum wanted it to be much earlier). 

It was a stress free pregnancy devoid of any form drama. My blood pressure was normal and all test and scan i did was just too ok. my EDD was April . April came but no sign of baby's coming. I managed to wait though my tommy was like a woman carrying four babies.
My visit to clinic became weekly.

In the month of May,I went to clinic may 1st and Dr sent me for scan which showed that my baby was very such OK and relaxed. The scan however predicted may 3rd to 5th latest. In my mind, why can't this baby be removed now as I could feel its head (pressure )when walking.

Fast forward, to May 5th,no show, mum was dead worried but hubby was relaxed
He made me relax till my next appointment which was 8
May 8th,I dressed well,carried my baby bag, stopped over at mum's house, dropped the bag and headed straight to clinic

Got there waited for my turn and went in

Dr sent me upstairs to get checked immediately
I was 2cm(,thank God o)
I came back and showed dr the report
. He said I should go home since I wasnt in labour and I should come when I start feeling pain. I then asked if there was another option,he said I have the option of being admitted for induction . 

Wow so something like that dey since?

Oya start doing it immediately. 

Not so fast,you need to go get your stuff.

Fiam,see me on top okoda( thank God he has blessed me now o)

Carried my bag from mum's house,stopped at her place of work and informed her of the new development. See cry,hay,this pikin,you want to go and force yourself? Please don't go o,she called her brother's wife (they are colleagues)that one came and started preaching on the benefits of natural labour. I just left them and headed towards the hospital.

I made sure I was already checked in before I called hubby(to avoid another preaching)He didn't believe not until he called mum.
Not too long,they both showed up and saw I wasn't joking. I came out and told them I must have my baby today. I couldn't wait.

The nurse called me in ,one other woman rushed in and said her water broke though her time hasn't reached.We were both pumped in our anus and we took turns to poo (different toilets tho,inside the labour room).

After we stopped pooing, a tablet was inserted into our vijay simultaneously at exactly 11am. Few hours latter,small,small,pain started. By 2pm,the woman shouted "e de presse o" nurses checked and asked her to push and her cutie was out.

So I was now alone. She ordered malt and drank.

Seeing her,I also ordered for ,nurses stopped me but I insisted. Immediately I took it,I started throwing up. The pain came from no where and tripled within minutes.

Hubby and mum were outside.

I shouted my lungs out. The pain was unbearable I started beging the nurse to do something about the pain but she said nothing.Hubby and mum were allowed in at intervals

As e dey pain me, I was pressing real hard. The nurse will just look up and say "you de press?na you sabi o"

She came and asked if my water had broken?hian,please I don't know o
"U see water? HA, "no I never see " she then ruptured the membrane

Na now the pain enter better stage.And I followed the pain by pressing thinking it would relief me.

The CMD came and said I was progressing well as a priming after checking ..
6pm,I hard this urge to poo,they checked and saw my baby's head.

I was asked to push but no strength in me. The nurse and nanny did their best to help but no power. I was too weak. She tore me,there was enough space for baby to pass through but I couldn't.I had pushed for too long when I wasn't supposed to.

The nurse now climbedd the bed and started pressing my tommy then my girl flipped out. 

Behold she was born. But I was weak too weak.

My baby didn't cry. She had drank too much water . The nurse gave her the beating of her life and she let out a loud cry after sneezing twice. She weighed 4kg and was charcoal black(people laughed at me then)

The placenta was out as well ,she was cleaned and dressed.

News went to hubby and mum that baby was delivered.
Then attention shifted to me again,my bed was full of blood. Very unusual. Then they started stitching 

Hubby and mum requested to see me but they were denied (ehen,I could hear my mum saying she told me to wait o) hubby was calm as always. Then the nanny and nurses started running up and down the stairs

Dr came and noticed my cervix had torn, resulting to uncontrollable bleeding

8pm ,I was still being stitched (without Anesthesia_)meanwhile,these were nures who just took over for night shift.

My labia minoral was torn and the urethra was open .

They were confused to an extent because the bleeding wasn't reducing despite the weavon they were sewing there. One of them had to call the CMD and he came from home immediately because he had already closed for the day.
He asked them to rush me into the theatre immediately. This was 9pm. I was taken there and I kept asking after my baby.

Nurses told me she was OK that grand ma and daddy were with her. I insisted on seeing her,she was brought . I held her and she was busy sucking her thumb.

Then I had hope

While in the theatre,a light was fixed directly to my vijay,and another round of stitching commenced (still without Anesthesia) He did what he could do and left the rest(according to him) God will take charge of the rest.. 

After all said and done,hubby came in with mum and his friends (didn't know he had called everybody) He gave me a sweet wet kiss and thanked me for being strong for him.

I was happy.

They brought a wheel chair to take me to the ward but I insisted on "walking" even though nurses didn't want to,hubby told them to allow me.
My both hands were held and I limped to the ward.
Next day,we were discharged

Two whole weeks, I couldn't sit

Mum insisted i sat on "joko" to fasten healing but I couldn't . Even to put pad self was war.
She pressed it hard with very hot water and I did sit bath thrice a day .

On her naming,I managed plastic chair for few minutes and went to lay.
Healing took a while and resuming gbenshing was war.

6yrs later,I had my son at home before getting to the hospital.

My daughter will be 9 on may this year

Note- the labia minora is still open (not covering my urethra)and one of the stitches found its way out last DEC,and I had it removed on the 31st
God bless you Stella for sharing pardon my gbagaun and the long epistle.

What are all these big names?Labia and Aretha and Minora...Fear and goose bumps didnt even let me go to google to see what is still open...My God so your kinikan has no closing?wow!
This is your story can traumatise someone and is also a lesson to listen when to push and when not to...Jeeez!

9years later you still have stitches that came out and had to be removed?9years?JESUS CHRIST..what are the ropes still doing inside you?
Sorry for all the questions.


  1. Replies
    1. Really scary, just made me purge. Don't know why I read this, am so upset with myself

    2. I don't understand how they can perform surgery and not give patient Anastasia. I still don't understand Nigeria.
      Ordinary tooth extraction that I did, I got one for the surgery and blanked out throughout the extraction.
      I fear Nigeria ooooo

  2. God bless women
    tnk Jah for ur life


  3. E get as my body dey do me.
    Thank God for your life.
    You must be a very stubborn woman.

    1. Thank you. U just spoke my mind. She must indeed be a very stubborn woman.

    2. A very stubborn woman oh. Why were u pushing when it wasn't time? You could have bled to death madam. The cervix doesn't clot on time hence all the bleeding. You sound to me like someone who never took her antenatal classes serious or got herself informed in the pregnancy period. Haba. I feel like giving u reset slap. Better thank your God for sparing u. People have died as a result of this your stupid behavior. Mshew

  4. Thank you poster for be a good woman

  5. Gosh!
    This was scary!!
    Thank God for your life poster.

  6. Women are wonderful creatures!
    I refuse to be scared of childbirth.

  7. Thank God I didn't read this birth story before I had my baby. Women should boycott these hospitals that refuse to repair episiotomy without Anastasia abeg. Its painful enough to go through labour and have a tear let alone repair without Anastasia.
    *back to nursing mode*

    1. Ana gini? Bwahahahaha! Anaesthesia.* Thk me later.

  8. Child birth no be here ooo. Thanks for the story.

  9. @poster....u r blessed.

    Stella my own LRD just is on d way!
    Not an easy road....To God Be d Glory!

  10. Had my princess three months ago with a second degree tear. Gbenshing became scary. The thought of it alone makes my body cringe. Hubby finally worked me through two days ago.....I was ready to be rushed to the hospital in case but there was no need. To all women, God bless us. To those ttc, start buying baby stuff cos he/she is on the way.

  11. Had my princess three months ago with a second degree tear. Gbenshing became scary. The thought of it alone makes my body cringe. Hubby finally worked me through two days ago.....I was ready to be rushed to the hospital in case but there was no need. To all women, God bless us. To those ttc, start buying baby stuff cos he/she is on the way.

  12. WOOOOOOOOOOOW,strong woman..... your clinching reading your be small matter o

  13. Hmmmm
    Thank God for your life
    I was glued to this story
    Is not easy ooo

  14. Na wa oh... Madam, thank God for your life.

  15. Thank God for your life. I don't even want to imagine how that place will look like.

    Poster, are you from ondo/ekiti/ilesa? Your agidi(strong head) does not have part 2... Lol.

  16. Hmmm so sweet and 😓.scary.I pray to deliver like the Hebrew women.God bless you poster

  17. #Sometimes you've got to remember, everyone wasn't raised like you*

  18. Oh Lord!
    Poster you used all your strength to scream and push when you were not supposed to.
    When you push prematurely,you have self inflicted tears.
    Kai.. you are strong.

  19. So scary.... thank GOD for your life poster....

  20. You are a very stubborn somborri. Lol.

  21. Women dey try. ThankGod for you poster. God bless you mightily.

  22. O my world ,this is scary.
    Women are fearfully and wonderfully made by God
    We are strong .God bless you madam. Thank God for life .I can imagine the pains you went thru

  23. Thank God for ur life poster. Ure really a strong woman. Someone else might have bled to death. I just learnt a big lesson today. Ajayi doesn't pay, don't push unless ure told to.

  24. Nawa o. They took you to theatre and sowed u without anaesthetics ? I can't even go to dentist without them numbing the spot they will work on.
    I want to believe they had a medical reason for not atleast deadening that place.
    Madam thank God for your life o.

    1. Like you saw what I just wrote few minutes ago. I went for a tooth extraction and because of fear I couldn't breathe properly after anaesthetic, the dentist had to refer me to a specialist for surgery and I was given anaesthetic during the surgery and dint even wake up until I had been wheeled to a recovery room.
      Compared to the 2 extractions I did as a teenager in LUTH Nigeria, some Nigerian doctors are wicked. They will just be shaking the teeth with plied while ur in pain.

  25. Thank God for your life. The procedure by the Nurse who pressed your Tommy to let out the baby ( fundal pressure) + pushing when u were not supposed to lead to the cervix tearing. Once again thank God for your life

  26. Poster ur story is really traumatising. How did you manage the pain without Anaesthetics? I raise hand for you oh. Strong woman.

  27. stella to ur many many questions,yes my kinikon isnt that fine o as they refused to gum the place together well but that didnt affect the inside bcx i really used hot water then and the inside healed well. my vijay is still intact and thats why our gbenshing story is something else hehehehehe {u knw what i mean}except i am flying the red flag or sick,he doesnt joke with it despite the fact that hes a spirikoko{stunt christian}

    1. I thank God for your life sis. U are a strong woman and u tried mastering all d medical terms. Lol @ spirikoko

  28. This is really traumatising,my heartbeat became really fast while reading your story,i felt every stitch. May God bless your home.

    1. Scary 😨😨😨...But educative. Poster why did you not opt for a
      A Caesarean? God bless your home. You don retire abi you go still get another one?

  29. This is one reason why I love CS. I can't even imagine pushing and going into labor. Choose a date and in less than 15mins,baby is out. After my next baby, I don close chapter. School fees alone na contraceptive.

    1. Av you had CS before? I don't think so, cos the pain after na die.

  30. Wow am happy for you poster but ur story made my entire body to start feeling weak and i was so convinced and could feel ur pains just reading..u truly are a strong but stubborn woman lol God bless your kids

  31. Madam, u r one strong woman.

    Greet ur baby girl 4 me. She's my birth month friend

  32. We thank God for safe delivery o...You're a very strong woman, but you stubborn small o.

  33. Poster, your story had me glued. Wow!! Thank God you made it through in spite of the uncontrollable bleeding. May it be easier for the rest of us who will have our babies in future.

  34. Your story is so so scary but thank God for your life

  35. This is the scariest LRD yet! And I thought my labour and delivery had drama!

  36. They didn't advice on the dangers of pushing when it isn't time? Smh.

  37. Pictured everything especially the kiss part...
    Me likey

  38. Poster, ur LBD got me scared! I thank God for ur life.


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