Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 146


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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Labour Room Drama 146

WOW:::Thank you God!

Hi Stella, this is my labour room story/testimony. It’s my testimony because when I was in the labour room I promised God I was going to testify, (the things people say when in labour lol.) am not a story teller but I go sha try. Please hide my email.

I had a very stressful pregnancy, from vomiting to nausea, discharges, to constant headaches, waist pain nko? Omg! Had malaria like 3 times, I was always tired, lost appetite for some meals, my tummy couldn’t even hold vegetable. Google became my paddy; there was nothing I didn’t ask my beloved Google.

Fast forward to, 3days to my edd, on a Saturday, went for a long walk with hubby, 2hours plus walk. When we came back, I started leaking liquor. I just coded, didn’t tell anyone. The next day being Sunday, cloth was soaked, had to alert hubby, as a medical personnel that he is na, said its nothing to worry about that if it was my water that broke that it will pour not drip. We went to church and my pad was soaked before the service even began, Na so we change mind say make we go hospital before sand go enter person eye. We got to the hospital and the nurse did a membrane sweep and she said it’s just one hand say labour never start. That membrane sweep eh, JESU!

Next day was my ANC, I went in and complained to the doctor about the leak and he asked series of questions and said since the next day is my edd that if labour doesn’t start that I should come back next week for induction. Me sef was ready for anything to get baby out, I was already tired of being preggy, as a first time momma I was so anxious to see my first fruit plus getting my waist back would be a huge relief.

The next day being Tuesday, I woke up with a running tummy around 5am, went to the toilet, after that I started having menstrual like pain, as it wasn’t the first time i just ignored it. Around 8am, the pain was still coming and going, I told my sis what was happening and she said that if it’s what she’s thinking that this one is a joke that when the main thing starts that I won’t be talking, haaa, shuuu! See dis people are “fearing’’ me oo.

 I went to the market with her, went to complete a report, when I came back the pain was worse than before and I was taking it well. Na so hubby and my in-laws come from nowhere and said they want to go and see a movie in the cinema, that I should stay home that i don’t need stress, story for babalawo, na so I first them prepare, carry my hospital bag go put inside car, sitdon for car the wait for them, who dem wan leave behind lol.

 We got to the cinema, pain intensified ooo, the menstrual- like- pain became serious, once it comes i will squeeze his hands. He started monitoring the frequency.

Fast word to 10pm when we came back, the pain was becoming unbearable, i couldn’t take it no more; hubby was like ‘baby there is nothing to it oo, this is how labour pain is, just that it will be more frequent’ lieeeeeee! I didnt know that was the intro, no duction yet, just intro. We had to go to the hospital. Got there around 11pm, i was checked and they said I was 4cm dilated, oshey!

 For my mind before morning I don born. The nurse on duty told me to rest that I will need my strength, hubby was there all through, i would squeeze his hands when the pain comes, he was rubbing my back.(God bless you lovey). 5am came they checked again and still 4cm, hubby said I should calm down that it’s because am a first timer. Around 6am he left to report to his own hospital and sis in law took over. 8am, the nurse said i should go into the labour room that before 12pm I would give birth and visitors aren’t allowed in the labour room. Another membrane sweep, still 4cm, na so I carry phone call hubby oo, he should please leave that his reporting and start coming here. 

Around 10am, another MS and had progressed to 7cm, the nurse on duty then ruptured my sack and started augmentation that was when I began my journey to my ancestors’ land. My God was the pain painful, i can’t explain it , it comes from the buttocks straight to the waist then my spine then to my brain down to the last strand of hair on my head, I was mad.

 I was screaming, i actually lost my voice, i was holding anything i could, i was praying, what did i not say, i totally forgot everything i read online, who said breathing in and out epp? It did not work for me. Heaven knows i can’t forget that contraction pain in a hurry; it’s still fresh in my mind. I was 8cm gone around 11am that was when the devil decided to come and try his luck.

From that 11am to 6pm, I was 8cm. I couldn’t take it anymore, i was weak, tired, i was not allowed to stand, i just wanted to be done with the whole thing, at that point i needed the baby out through any means. I didn’t even know were i threw my phone, hubby kept coming in and rubbing my back and leaving, he was allowed into the labour room because he was a medical personnel, lucky me. I was there women were coming in giving birth and leaving, one of the cleaners was so sympathetic. I was in labour when the nurse that on duty the other night came back for her night shift after 2 different set of nurses.

 I was so worried, so were the nurses. They said my contractions are not strong enough; my cervix was this and that. I was augmented twice, i was crying for an epidural, but it was not available.

It was around that 6pm i called hubby to please come and sign the cs form; with the look on his face i knew he was tired too. The doctor came and took my blood and urine sample for test while they went to prepare the theatre, and called the gynaecologist on duty. At that point, i just said a silent prayer in my heart, i said God, you can’t allow me to go through all this pain and still go under the knife, after all this hours. And my ever loving father answered my prayer and defeated the enemy.

Meanwhile since 12pm i have been shouting that i want to poo, but was told not to. So around that time my samples were taken, i told the nurse that i want to poo, the nurse said i should just try. Na so i arrange nyash come shoot the thing, lmao. Na so nurse shout madam see ur pikin head oo, haaa! How na? She said madam it’s in your hands now oo, use your last strength and push. 

See strength from no were filled me, after like five pushes with the help of a nurse my angel popped out looking like daddy, yimu! She was so beautiful. i had an episiotomy, wasn’t given any anaesthesia when the were stitching it up, but i took it like a superwoman lol. I was so relieved. Where does the labour pain disappear to immediately your baby comes out? When baby wanted to come out, hubby disappeared lol, funny guy. 

Who said if you usually have a painful menstruation that labour won't be so painful? Yeye lie.

I just want to say thank u Lord for that miracle, and the nurses were super nice oo, i was expecting otherwise .mother hood is so amazing. Baby dust to all the GTC moms.

Sorry for the long tori and the errors.

Kisses Stella.

*Hmmm this your story eh,I was squeezing my face with every description  trying to imagine what you went through but in a way,i have been there,felt the pain,so i know.
thank GOD you came out safely.
Kisses to your little Angel...


  1. Wow poster you are truly a mom osheeeey super woman...ur child is lucky am so happy for you and am sure hubby was over happy

  2. That breathing in and out, I can relate. Almost told my hubby to shut up his mouth wen he was telling to breathe in and out. Like I don't know how to breath abi.
    Thank God for everything. Was worth it.

  3. Wow poster,you are such a great narrator. That your description of contraction pain was epic! It brought back memories.

    And that lie of "if you is d to have painful menses,then labour will be easy" is indeed a fallacy.

    Thank God safe delivery and kiss your angel for me.

  4. It's very dangerous for women almost dilating to opt and enter the market.
    Dunno why I get soooo worried about this.
    Maybe cos a close relative went there to slump.

    Congrats Ma'am.
    You described that pain very well..
    It truly enters the brain.
    No physical pain is more than it.

  5. God bless we mothers. .congrats darling

  6. #It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it*

  7. Thank God for safe delivery

  8. This sounds like my story ooo,had my first son in 2013 and the second in 2015 in both deliveries hubby will just disappear when he knows the baby is almost out,and he is a doctor too.Your story brought back memories and fear at the same time cos I am expecting my third,I am three months gone but super afraid already.dear bvs pray for me,I am so scared.

    1. Try to be positive and hold on to Gods' Word. All will be well, believe it!

  9. Congratulations Sweetheart and thank God for his mercies and safe delivery!

  10. Awwwww!
    I loooooooooove this lady, sooo humorous!
    Kisses to baby, you/we are strong women!
    God bless our homes, Amen. Congratulations!

  11. That membrane sweep ehh, my doctor lied to me that it will not hurt. I screamed. At home before going back to the hospital after water broke, my mom did a membrane sweep. I think I slapped her hand gosh. Btw she's a nurse/medwife.

  12. Awwwhh...,such a bitter sweet experience. Thanks for sharing. Hoping for an "adventurous" experience like this too when I get married. God bless you and your angel dear poster

  13. Massive congrats !!! But you make it sound like CS is the worst thing in the world? Yes it's major surgery but the technique has improved greatly this reducing the risk of complications and delivery time. Speaking from personal
    Experience. My surgery lasted 15 mins and I was taking strolls within a week .

  14. Wow, Super woman/Supper mummy... Congratulations and may God continue to watch over you both.

    Im due in May and very scared!!


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