Stella Dimoko Minister Of Science And Technology Says Schools ToTteach Maths,Science In Indigenous Languages


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Monday, January 30, 2017

Minister Of Science And Technology Says Schools ToTteach Maths,Science In Indigenous Languages

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has said plans are underway to ensure that primary schools in the country teach mathematics and science subjects in indigenous languages.

The plan is meant to encourage the application of science and technology in the country, Onu said.

The minister stated this while addressing pupils of Ekulu Primary School in Enugu, the Enugu State capital.

Onu was at the school to present computer sets and other science kits donated by the Ministry of Science and Technology to the school.

Noting that Nigeria’s future depended on how effectively it applied science and technology, Onu said the country could one day send scientists into space.

The minister said the Federal Government was worried about the low interest in mathematics and the sciences in primary and secondary schools across the country.

The problem can be addressed by “popularising” the subjects, he said.

Onu stated, “The Ministry of Science and Technology is worried over the low interest in mathematics and the science subjects, so, we are working on plans to teach mathematics and sciences in indigenous languages in primary schools.

He added that some countries that were making advancement in science and technology, such as India, adopted a similar strategy by teaching mathematics and the science subjects in indigenous languages at the primary school level.

The minister, however, said there was a need to first develop the vocabulary of the indigenous languages before they could be used to teach the subjects effectively.

He said the Ministry of Science and Technology would collaborate with the Ministry of Education to develop the capacity of the local languages to serve as effective tools for teaching mathematics and science subjects.

He believed that Nigeria would remain an import-dependent nation if the citizens did not embrace science and technology.

He linked the socio-economic challenges in the country to inadequate application of science and technology.

The minister stated, “No nation can become great without science and technology. If Nigeria is to be great, then, Nigerians must embrace science and technology.

“You can’t produce anything without science and technology. We are exporting our jobs by importing everything we need, and that is why our graduates are no longer able to get jobs after their studies.

“For us to build the country of our dreams, for us to make Nigeria a truly great nation, a nation that is able to feed and house its citizens, a nation with a stable currency, we must embrace science and technology.

“It is my duty as the minister of science and technology to make Nigerians to understand this.”



  1. Lagos must enforce Yoooba

    1. It might only work for Government schools in Lagos. Well, Lagos is a no man's state.

      *runs away**

  2. That would be a great thing. It's the only reason the Chinese do better academically

    1. Obi is a boy...ashim nini? 😂

      #Empowerment through books #

      * Paul planted, Appollos watered BUT #God GAVE the increase! *

  3. That seems good to most people

    But as for me - it is a bit problem to be faced by lecturers

    Well - they can cope with it

    Yes, They can !

    How To Satisfy A Woman Craving For Sex + The Best Positions For Sex

  4. i hope they will also write waec English in their indigenous languages too,just imagine the rubbish ideology and Nigerians even you stella is applauding this jokers that will send their wards abroad,if you want nigeria to be up to game in science and technology, you can't achieve that by teaching maths in Hausa instead you should work on changing the curriculum to meet the current and future trends example my mother learnt how to draw cockroach and grass hopper in secondary school (1975), I drew the same(2005) and now my kids will still draw cockroach,why are they learning how to draw cockroaches instead of auto mobiles, CAD,robots, toys when their counterparts in Japan are producing toys, Shane on this country

  5. God is awesome ...i just got paid o! MMM is bae! Fan Emanuel yours is coming.

  6. Thanks Anon 10:33, shame you clueless minister.

  7. Stupid policy! The fools that surround the bigger fool presiding over naija

  8. He should be made to name all the elements in the periodic table before this rubbish is implemented.

  9. What nonsense is this?

    They've already made one language compulsory in WAEC. That is enough.

    Ok. Hold on. Pls some one should write 'algebra' in Igbo and the formula.

  10. I do not believe this is a good move. English is spoken across most of the world and being educated in English gives us an edge and a confidence wherever we go in the world. I actually think he should be looking for ways to improve our grasp of English and the quality of our English grammar as I am sorry to say we murder English most of the time - supposedly educated people. Having English as the official language and exposing us to English in schoolsn enables us further our education in English speaking higher institutions in other countries. This in turn has been responsible for the "great Nigerians" we are always posting about who make great strides in technology/business around the world. Please tell me how will a school cert in ibo help me get into university abroad?
    Why doesn't he start this experiment with his children or his grandchildren? How are all those kids whose parents are not educated and do not speak English going to arm themselves to embrace this English dominated world we live in? Other countries like China are trying to educate their kids privately in English and we are here trying to walk backwards instead.


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