Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 61


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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 61

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Good day Stella,happy new year and wish you more gist to ur blog. Been seeing this post but never had interest till I read one n now v decided to send in mine... Chai I sabi lazy to write oooo,how I wan start.

OK service year was 2013.after school, being someone who hated Onitsha with passion,as usual I flew to Lagos immediately I graduated fast forward to Feb 2013 when names came out,I did not see mine,It was as if the whole world had forsaken me I cried and cried like tomorrow no dey.

 I traveled back to school next day only to find out one of my yr 2 course was missing,I had to find It and record Myself as God May have it my 2:1 was not tampered with:::

November fast approached and my name finally came out n I saw Ekiti state..I enter gear 2 of cry again(I can cry for Africa Sha) my dad,everybody was consoling me .the d day came I saw myself in ise emure camp,registration was stress free n in a jiffy I was done. 

Day 2 early morning parade,I was asked to conduct platoon parade by our commandant (confusion oga did I tell you my fada is army biko),well I wouldn't blame him,I was very attractive,pretty n petite and instantly from that day I become popular ,Joined Bang group,Red cross,was platoon social head. 

In all this I was doing shakara for guys till I met FD,he was every friend I needed,we eat in together, go to church together, we became very close but no strings attached (he later confessed after yrs that he was in love with me. we r still very close tho). 

Our platoon commandant was so hot n cute,girls were fighting over him well he became my friend dunno how it happened,was more like a dad to me,he even bought me a pair of white sneakers when I complained mine was hurting me. I have a boo(UZ)who was very caring n everything a lady needed. he was my backbone. when I got posted to my ppa Moba LGA,boo came to see me after v settled,everybody knew I had a boo. I was the center of attraction ,even our Lgi who changes gf as each set comes was on my case but I refused ooo. 

One faithful day I want to Ph to see my boo only for him to leave me to another gals house,I kept asking what I did wrong buh no answer,Immediately I packed my bag back to Ekiti, mourning my love life when I met OV ,he gave me double love, I don't touch my alawee,he loves me like no tomorrow, bought my phone in fact I forgot about UZ but it seems oga heard I found love again n started calling like no tomorrow, I heard he came to my place one day we went to Erin ijesha waterfall n ikogisi to look for me buh unfortunately,was out.

 Uz will call and Ov will pick and be like,she does not Want you again.Chai!!!

Uz will be begging him,please I still love her,I want her be small matter sha. guess he got tired and gave up when he saw I lost interest.

I enjoyed my service year,learnt bag making n how to eat iyon πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„till at some point I began to loose weight seriously,lost appetite at some point that I got a chronic gastric ulcer, still living with it. i pray one day it will be a story of the past.

Ekiti people be like Epele kopa,Eku gbadu,Ekusimida,Eku Eating,Eku shitting,Eku everything..Chai!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Ponded yam n everything goes in that place..
Hope I tried and north west ya time..
Happy new year once again bvs.

* said you used to be fine.what happened?you no fine again?or you used the wrong tense?because i didnt edit it ooooooh


  1. Ikogosi resort and ijesha waterfall, been there, done that.

    Nice story. So, are you still with OV?

  2. This just like drinking bad wine after a good wine (yesterday's boulevard).. I didn't even understand the story; UZ, FZ et al

    I hope you truly had fun!!

  3. So sorry about your castric ulcer. I pray God heals you from it permanently Amen.


  4. Lol,the westerner ,especially d "ilu oke" can greet life out of you,hahaha,but they are very did North West my time,I enjoyed ur story.

  5. You truly are lazy to write as you said in the beginning so not going to judge you. Sorry about your ulcer dear.

  6. Hmmmm.SYB.The day I will send in my own eh...Una go laugh tire.πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  7. This kind poster go sabi gossip ee, see as the gist smooth for your mouth, "and I met FD nd I met MD and I met ED, nawao

  8. when writting a narrative,
    Avoid the second person narrative,
    Limit references,
    Avoid slangs, idioms,etc
    Avoid passive construction.
    Read more and more books to improve your vocabulary so you won't end up writting like a 13 yr old.
    Apply a little bit of humor to spice it up and play with words honey, so it will make an interesting read.
    we,v got some good writters here to emulate learn from them, iam too.

    1. Oh please shut up, osi gini? With your "v", "iam". Taa gbafuo, and note, I am not the writer

    2. Do i have to reply this blunt fool? NO
      @ poster, no hard feelings intended. we learn everyday, hope you got my point.

    3. Don't mind the idiot. trying to be noticed by all means but for wrong reasons. I'm sure it's the same bv that was called uncouth yesterday. she quickly changed her name. manner less.

  9. Bia Stella, am tired of stories without gbenshing, pls don't post anymore story that doesn't contain vivid description of that thing. Pls be guided accordingly. Thank you

    1. Why don't you go and watch Porno or act in one yourself. pervert everywhere.

  10. Lol, i enjoyed the story, i hope when i go for service il have an even better story, amen...
    And ive noticed something about a lot of bvs i wont say anything for now..lemme keep observing..

  11. Nice story, I enjoyed it.
    Thanks for sharing dear.

  12. So your new boo no gbensh at all? shuuu this one stingy o...lmao


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