Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 66


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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 66

SΓΆ...My friend takes a walk down the Service Year Boulevard....

NYSC was in Kaduna State in 2009. I ‘worked’ my posting because having graduated top of my class, I had a job offer with the defunct Ocean Bank. My family lives in Kaduna and so on D-day, my older brother drove me to camp. 

Soldiers littered the entrance and barked orders. Along with other ‘otondos’, I was made to carry my bag on my head and frog-jumped into camp. After three days of standing and sweating on long queues for registration, I settled down to camp life.

Most weekends, and being the son of a known retired military officer, I’ll sneak out of camp with the help of some soldiers and go chill in a hotel. Good thing was, the camp, popularly called ‘Black Gold’ is in the state capital so it was easy finding a good and affordable hotel close to camp. One evening, I met a beautiful medical doctor. After three days of non-stop wooing, she told me that she likes me but cannot pull out with me because I look like a player.

 Na so I free her. 

Few days later, I met this petite but equally beautiful babe who schooled in America. While I was thinking on the most appropriate ice-breaking missile to deploy, she walked up to me and told me she likes me. Oh lawd!!! 

We became inseparable such that everyone on camp got to know us. She liked marking her territory because whenever she sees me talking with any female, she’ll come there and tell the lady; “Excuse me, I wanna talk to my man”. With her American accent, she intimidated other babes’ away from me! 

We almost gbenshed one night but her moans attracted one soldier and because I was kissing with my eyes wide open, I saw the soldier approaching, alerted her and we took to our heels laughing like teenagers.

Time for camp competitions and every one in my platoon nominated me to represent the platoon in the Mr. NYSC/Mr. Macho contest. Even though I was a professional model at the time, I refused. However, a day to the event, and with no other guy agreeing to compete, I accepted. 

On D-day, and in one of the three (3) outings, other contestants came out on shorts but I came on stage in a pant and sent the whole hall; especially the ladies, screaming because the bulge in my pants was long and big. They all shouted in unison “you don win…you don win”. Unknown to all, what they thought was my d*ck was not a dick because I had poured sand into a socks, tied it and put it in my pants.

 I won the contest and instantly became the sweetheart of most female corpers’ with many dying to have a taste of my ‘big’ d*ck. On camp fire night, three female corpers’; one of them the same medical doctor who turned me down earlier, gave me the blow – and they were not disappointed because the real d*ck no bad and if they noticed, they didn’t say. 

After camp, my Americana girlfriend stayed with me for two weeks in a hotel and it was gbenshing jamboree. Adamawa State babes can gbensh non-stop sha! We broke up before service year ended and I hear she now lives in Brazil, married with kids.

‘Alawee’ was N8, 500 while Oceanic Bank; my PPA, paid N40, 000 and with almost N50, 000 every month, and staying in one of my father’s houses and not paying rent, I was the go-to-for-fun-corper for many female corpers. 

On the whole, service year was refreshing and educative because I became friends with people from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Today, eight years after, we still keep in touch. Mindful of the avoidable death of some corpers, the NYSC still remains one of the greatest idea by a Nigerian government and as envisioned by Gen. Yakubu Gowon, the scheme continues to foster peace and unity in the country. God bless Nigeria.

*Eheeeeeen,so thats how all those guys make their kini look big?hehehehehehehe..those who didnt know know now!
Kisses to you my darling friend who is still very single but love never find am*winks*
Should i give them your email Darling?heheheehehehe


  1. Lol
    I need the email as valentine is getting closer.

    1. Mr Sand Prick.... What have you been doing. I hope all is well.

    2. I think I like this SYBer... I am KD based and from Adamawa state too...Stella, pull the strings na..LOL!

    3. I think I like this SYBer... I am KD based and from Adamawa state too...Stella, pull the strings na..LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. Wow...I have learnt! So u guys are busy molesting our sand abi?

  3. U did what????

    Hahahahahaha! I like you. U r smart.

    As a fine boy that you is nau, show us pix.

    Stella, drop his mail na. What r u waiting for? Infact, send it privately to me.


  4. Short and sweet... Side eyes poster, can i get some shuga from you please?

  5. Sooo na wetin una dey do be that ehn... Hahaha very funny ooo
    It's obvious you had fun, but bros you never marry since then???

  6. Hahahahahahahah this boy is a badass. Ladies love bad ass niggas. I wish I was there, that's the type of sight I love behold.kwakwakwakwakwa
    Hope your something is not as small as a Biro cover sha? I enjoyed ya Tory.

  7. Replies
    1. Daddy please come and marry me. Am also single. Hahaha. *sideeyes at you* in stella's voice

  8. If u re a moslem guys let's hook up, also a serving corper......

  9. Lol, in other words, the main Dick ain't big.

  10. Lol. Funny guy @socks and sand.

    Stella no office brouhaha today? I need to offload something that happemed this morning. All these married men that would be cheating and giving their wives sleepless nights.... Smh.

  11. Very funny service year boulevard.

  12. Mr macho....this your story sweet die lolzzz

  13. Choi!
    I laughed so hard when I got to the part of tying sand in socks and putting it up as your cassava. Ehen! Now we know the secret 😁

  14. Gosh! When I read good grammar! I marvel!

  15. Who doesn't like it big and long lasting? kikikikik I thoroughly enjoyed your write up.

  16. see sweet story,also funny, I already like u poster! hahaha

  17. Hahahahahahahaha
    I just smiled when i got to the part where una two scampered off giggling like teanagersπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I never ventured anywhere dark,creepy and grassy in the name of kissing in camp.

    I was very close to a dude that contested for Mr Camp.. so i know about the stuffing of shorts and rubbing of oil all over the chest. Sooo Cheesy! LOL

  18. Mischievous dudeπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

  19. Hahahahahahahahahahhaha,now we know the trick

  20. Na wao
    You served in my set and in Adamawa. Nice story

  21. Interchanging adamawa babes instead of kaduna
    poster u sabi lie is ur surname mohammed

  22. Nice story. Abeg Stella drop his email make we hola our kd bobo.

  23. Black gold camp is a place to be, it's filled with different drama and fun I enjoyed my 3weeks there but after camp no easy kaduna Nysc officials get wahala Kia I need to send my service year boulevard... Kurege kurege why you no go sambisa

  24. Anon 18:43 Do you read stuffs to understand? He meant his Americana babe that likes non-stop gbenshing is from Adamawa State. Abi all corpers in Kaduna camp must be Kaduna State indigenes?


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