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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Recession? We Invest In Gold

Its 2017, and most Nigerians are in dire need of an alternative source of income. With the long list of investment options it is a bit hard to make the right choice as regards where to invest your money. 

We are Swiss golden and our admin offices are located in United Kingdom. Our core business is to trade in gold bars; you can visit our online web shop via to learn more about our business.

We invite you to partner with us and act as network marketers and we will pay you in gold bars.
Yes, it's easy, as Nigerians say "na where you work you go chop"

This is how it works, you join our bonus program at the relevant level you can afford. Starting from the preliminary table whose investment is 220 euros (based on our unstable naira, this is equal to N139, 000 today) or the MAIN table whose investment is 720 euros (this is equal to N455, 000 today)' When you pay and register, you are expected to market and invite two people to join and do the same. Build your complete your team from the two people you invite (6people in total for main table and 12 for preliminary table) and you earn gold worth 1890euros (N1.2million naira)

With your gold, you can either choose to:

· Receive your gold bars which can be sent to your shipping address in Europe

· .Sell your gold immediately you earn it, back to the company at the click of a button and get the euro value credited to your euro account.

· Trade in your gold for Swiss golden coupons which you can sell to other members for instant naira.

Important things to note:

· This is a business that deals with numbers so marketing is the key and for each table you can earn your bonus three times with one investment and the same team.

· There is potential for growth as some people make this their main source of income, there are other bigger tables you can start from or grow into such as the VIP and VIP plus tables. They both have higher investment and bonus...

You are willing to go to your 9 to 5 job 5 days a week , 4 weeks in a month while some of you have millions of naira as your target as a bank marketer, only to earn N300,000k in a month. Why not put in half that effort by joining Swiss golden today and build your team, we definitely pay you more, and give you the opportunity to live the life you have always dreamed of. Who knows, you may just be resigning your job to do this full time once you have tasted your first bonus

.Contact Adeyemi via the details below and we will not only sign you up, we will provide you with all the materials and support required to build your team.


WhatsApp/Phone calls: 08186694846

BB: D1B892D3

Instagram: @Swissgoldenlagos


  1. Una don come again. People never recover from MMM.

    1. Hahahahaha! This one nah " Big boys league!😆😆😅

  2. They have come again
    They have come again
    Father they have come again
    Nigerians they have come again

    lol all I see is the attractive GIF photo up there

    1. "Father they have come again " 😂😂😂😂

  3. How do you make your own gain

  4. The wahala wey MMM created is still on ground.

  5. I have not fully recovered from mmm yet u are coming with this one.....but I thought they said swiss gold is a 6 months investment something

  6. If u don't have anything nice to say why not skip this post. This is an ad for Christ sake please respect stella hustle!

  7. Haba! You people need to learn the difference between your mmm ponzi schemes and a regular network marketing business. This is network marketing like forever living and gnld. Common Nigerians, stop being ignorant, that's why you keep losing your money

  8. Lmao, MMM has finally shown you people. This is Multilevel marketing though, you guys can calm down. hehehehe

  9. This is different from Mmm. You are trading in gold, note that this is physical gold not e-gold and it comes with money back guarantee, the worse that can happen is you get a refund of your investment should you fail to bring in your 2downlines.

    Pls don't miss out, join, earn your million and start that project that's been pending cos of capital.

  10. 139.000 is too much I for give it a trial

  11. Stella make your inquiries before advertising.All na wash.Like mmm like swissgolden

  12. Stella, when putting this kind of advert, please put something like 'Caveat emptor' because most people will see this as not just an advert but an advert that has Stella's endorsement hence the need to patronise them.

  13. MMM problem dey this 1 too bring his own.

    Imagine I was paired with 2 people to pay me since Saturday they didn't pay till last night that their time elapsed, now I have been paired with another person this morning..I just pray this 1 pays.

  14. Just love this blog mehn!!!!! They know the right word or slang to use, anytime,anywhere,anyhow! Not only gold, titanium nko!