Stella Dimoko Big Brother Naija - About Last Night.....


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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Big Brother Naija - About Last Night.....

Hmmmm...I didnt watch but someone dropped a comment saying someones mammary glands were tampered with...

Today there will one or two Evictions.....

Who do you think should leave the house and why`?


  1. Cocoice, Gifty or Debbie should leave abeg

    1. Big brother house is the new house of sin think that those HMS are so horny and drunk that the only think about sex during the truth and dare game still love cocoice though

    2. People feel very horny when drunk.

    3. Who else saw the billboard they made for Kemen in Akwa-Ibom? *hot tears*

    4. diamond in d house12 February 2017 at 12:23

      Anon 11:36 not every1 abeg. D only hink I think of is how 2 get d alcohol off ma system (I usually shove ma middle finger down ma throat n let everything out), after dat, I doze off. D 1st tym I heard alcohol mks people horny was 2014 4rom a friend (gal)., n she ended up sleeping wit a guy she said she wont date, after d sex, dey started dating.

    5. Cocoice was hot last night I pray my vote counts sha

    6. Cocoice is d koko. That girl is unpredictable.
      Meanwhile, they were drunk yesterday and someone pretending not to smoke showed their real colours. Marvis was smoking like a pro, Infact I am sure that girl is a conc lesbian.
      Cocoice is such a lively person. Nipples on fleek. I just kept screaming.
      Tboss kept foiling Kemens attempt to kiss her. The guy was giving people sign to dare him to kiss Tboss. Tboss kept taking the drink. The guy just vexed, begin gossip Tboss with Marvis, he said he will fuck her up, that he would even rather drink than kiss her I was lmao. Wounded lion, after they pushed Miyonse out, they think Tboss will be an easy prey. I don't blame them, being in the house has given them the delusion that all animals are equal.
      Team Cocoice and Tboss. The only real people in the house.

    7. Cocoice is the real deal. The girl just get her own style.

      Kemen, hahahahahahahaha. He was the one that initiated the game but Tboss has sworn that Conji will wire him wella. But seriously, why is he punishing himself.
      @Swag Lafresh said with his Ikputu Onu. As in. He feels so important, I don't know if it is because of the muscles he pack full everywhere like a labourer at a building site. He was even making mouth how girls approach him for a 3some. He was so sure that Tboss was tripping for him, I am sure Tboss will leave BBROTHER house even if kissing Kemen was the only criterion for winning. Tufiakwa. Nne Tboss na agbakwa ka okps gi ra.
      Someone said that with the way Kemen feels, if his lips should touch Tboss, she will lose at least her lips, two nipples or he might end up giving her a double mastectomy.

    8. See what Kelvin is missing. Plenty bwess and ass pyessing. Kelvin better go and crash into BBROTHER house.

  2. Last night party was Lit mehnn!!!

    But, Hold it!
    What the flying fuck was Debbie rise wearing ?
    Was that a "suitjump" or a 'redhen'???
    Na wa! Na reaaaaaal wa!

    Ever classy, ever elegant.
    At least she tried to move her body this time around.
    Babe is an boss.
    Kisses my babygurl but pls don't allow Kemen's lip touch yours again please.

    Uriel coming off as a horny slut. Always looking at the mirror(camera) and acting like a bitch on heat. Mtchewww

    Bally!!!!! Hottest dude right there. Though he should have worn a shirt with a darker shade to give some meaning to the suspenders.
    His shoes n belt - brown, I didn't like.
    Black would have been badass.
    Still love him though...

    Cocoice am I beginning to love her?i think so! Am seeing this cool, calm, collected yet crazy side of her

    Debby, Bisola & Bassey - best dancers of the night!

    And then the truth or dare. Oh lawdy lord!

    Coco allowed Bassey suck her nipple for 10 seconds. Wowza!

    Tboss refused Kemen a kiss for 10 seconds. Kikikikikikiki (sure babe)
    But Uriel granted him. Ewwww!

    Gifty sucked on TTT's nipple.

    Bally gave Tboss a lap dance. (my two favourite people) I smiled all thru while this happened.

    And Bisola gave Baassey's finger one helluva BJ.

    and yea...LESBEhonest, Gifty was totally foolish for daring Coco to kiss Tboss.
    Like WTF?
    Thank God the other HMs kicked against it.

    1. Bloglord I always love your analysis, seriously what the heck is wrong with Uriel and the mirror, maybe she was so in love with the dress she worn given to her by Biggie

    2. You missed the part your Bally was kissing Gifty oo😁. I was surprised. Like Bally was high or something last night.

    3. Thanks Ijay, don't mind that yeye Uriel.

      Sandy talk true? I guess I must have gone to bed then.
      This my Bally sef!

    4. Debbie rise likes mirror too much she will dance with the mirror and stay with the mirror

    5. Thot it was only in my house that we noticed uriel was always looking at the mirror and forming sexy or pretty. I won't like Sha, uriel's make up game is always on point. Babe will come out looking like one miss world. Gifty too. I still don't understand how Debbie rise will spend 2hrs on her make up and still end up looking like an 'aina'

    6. Everything they wore were given to them by payporte yesterday, specifically for the party.
      I think Tboss truly likes Miyonse. She is loyal, I like.
      I pitied Kemen chai, someone said he is going to put Tsquare ( Tboss + Tokunbo) up for eviction for what she did to him last night.
      I think Debbie Rise/Gifty/Bassey will be leaving tonight.
      Nna mehn big brother naija is getting out of hand, na wa oh.

      Lest I forget, when Gifty was shouting while coco ice and Bassey were at it, I was just giving her this "just lukatew" look. Was it not the same thing Soma did to her last weekend? Maybe she has selective memory.

    7. Ah!!
      Analysis toh badt
      Let me take it one after the other.

      I love love Bally and Tboss.. but i have a feeling Bally doesnt want anything serious in the house. Which is great. I know Tboss would have kissed him,but she didnt want people to think she was over liking him after she turned Kemen down.

      When she dared him to lick her a**, i knew.

      I think that brown shoe is the only shoe he carried to big brother houseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Coco is weird,and i like it!
      Her expressions dont give much away,never flustered. Always focused.
      Im sure she wasnt even high yesterday.. babe is calm.

      Uriel and Debbie are totally obsessed with them mirrors.
      Uriel Uriel.. she really needs love,a little attention from the guys throws her off balance.
      The fact that she barely participates during truth or dare might just be that shes guarding herself from doing the unthinkable.

      Their rule book has something about same sex contact and stuff,Biggie is trying to respect the recent Nigerian law concerning it.
      Trust Gifty,she probably didnt read,LOL.

      Yea Debbie,Bassey,Bisola and Kemen actually can dance.

    8. Bloggie you missed the aftermath of the truth or dare was lit mehn! If bally had not stopped with gifty,they would have had sex. Gifty then moved on to Kemen,but bros was still hurting from Tboss's denial,lol.
      Then the theft of the alcohol pot plus the different accusations......I had fun watching mehn!

    9. Sandy,Gifty was kissing Bally.. she initiated the kiss and held his head down.. he obliged,happily.

    10. Bloggie, true i dint like debby's wear.

      However, everything they wear weekly for d party is supplied hours before by Biggie/Payporte.

    11. Na only me no watch. Slept early. Don't want to sleep in church.

    12. That Debby suitjump na die.

      Uriel and mirror are 5n6

    13. ...and I thot it was all over hence I went to bed to wake up early for mass.
      Chaiii! I missed mehnn...

      It seems the girls got eyes for my Bally B, but they are scared of making an attempt save for Gifty.

      And that Gifty? Eishhhhhhhh! I sincerely hope this isn't how she lives her life.

      Ehen! I knew she will be the one to initiate the kiss.
      That girl kisses for a living,

      Bally too is horny. He wants to let off some steam but with gifty? Eishhhhhh! Tsk tsk!
      Mba nu

      Bally and Tboss would have been #powercouple. I just wish...

      hahahahahaaa Swaggie you follow me see that "suitjump" yea?
      If payport gave them does clothing esp that of Debby, then she needs to sue their ass.
      What the hell was that?
      Even my hubby wey no send the show sef follow complain. Says she looks like she jumped out of a circus show to the party venue.

    14. Yes o Bloggie, It wasnt a small kissing just shortly after the T and D game. @Iphie dearie, yes free giver Gifty initiated it but i was surprised Bally obliged. Thats why i felt it was under alcohol influence or prolly he just wanted to play.

    15. Uriel is always at the mirror. Then she can brush her hair 80times in 1 sec. Keeping mouth like a duck.
      Debby is another snow white mirror mirror on the wall. Was happy she was gonna change that Akwu nnunu (bird nest) on her head, only for her to replace it with asisa Igwe (iron sponge).

    16. As in eeeehhhh, Glamaffairs makeover, Bally ran for his life. That one wasn't even truth or dare again. The girl dragged his ties and was rubbing his john thomas. Infact,she pushed him to the wall, I was like Chineke umu agbala.

    17. Uriel is another Horny duck there. I am sure she likes doggy style. The way she like someone pwessing her ass.

  3. DebbieRise should leave because she's scared!

  4. Debie rice or what's her name is boring, her time in that house is up.
    Gifty is something else, she really is doro collecting from anyone and anything. Such a pretty face but dumb skull.
    But I guess she is just living up to her name, gifting all around. Be careful what you name your kids my people.
    Bisola is an entertainer and I pray she wins.

    1. HahahahahA @your analysis about Gifty. Choi! Babe is damn loose sha o. She will have to be evicted before she ends up gbenshing someone in that house.

    2. @sandy, she will gbensh o. Infact I am always scared for her every night. The girl can even have sex in the presence of people sef. I have never seen that kind of personality. She is too horny abeg.

  5. Thin tall Today and smooching be like 5&6

    1. That married man though, who ever allows her husband go for such shows?

    2. Don't mind him. Current tapper. They all tripping for Tboss but scared of being snubed.
      Cocoice is so so fun to watch. Her facial appearance is very different from her personality.

  6. OMG their party was littttt!!!
    All hail the Queen!

    The hilarious part was when Kemen rushed in with a pot to 'pack' drinks after the party.hehehehe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Oh meennn,Marvis is a fish!

    Im loving Gifty this week.. babe is a noise maker.. when she started screaming like a banshee,i shock! Her voice is pretty loud and deep. Shes a good sport.

    Tboss refused to kiss Kemen during their truth or dare game,i think because she already turned him down.. she went ahead to turn others down but eventually gave Efe a fun kiss.
    This got Kemen upset and he refused to give her a lap dance when it got to his turn.
    He's sooo mad at herπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    He was just miserable all through with a sour face.

    Bisola's Mouth and Bassey's fingerπŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️πŸ™†πŸ½‍♂️
    I think I'm liking housemates this week.
    Topping my list this week.. Cocobaby,Tboss,Bally baby,Bisola,Gifty,TTT

    The chemistry between TTT and Bisola is πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
    Efe likes hearing himself talk.
    The girls really like Bally,but they are trying to contain their excitement and curiosity.

    All hail the Queen once again! Cocoice is boss.. i see other housemates wanting to be around her nowadays.

    I really really miss Soma... i hear great things are happening for him already. Happy for him.
    Some days i miss Miyonse for Tboss.

    1. Iphie, I tell you what is with the pot, I so lmao, kemen

    2. Please what's happening to Soma. Biko tell me. I like that guy. He's a good guy. I really routed for him. Do you know his Ig name?

    3. I think Funke wants to cast him for Kiki's boyfriend in Jenifa. Dont know if this a fact though.

      Hes released his album called 'One plus One'

      People are trolling Don Jazzy to sign him on.
      I think he will do very well,he is on the lips of a lot of people.. even over the radios.

    4. @soma_apex

      Iphie you know, Kemen has been telling all the HMs that Tboss has a thing for her. Its the embarrassment that finished him, I can't wait to hear the reason he will give for nominating her tomorrow when he does.

    5. Wow! would really love that. Don jazzy should do the needful biko. I even Dm-ed him to sign Soma up. I pray he does.

    6. @egolag his ig handle is soma_apex

      All hail the queen coco πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

    7. Ijay you know this!
      La katie really??😳😳 Dude can lieeeeee

      Ego lag i would love that too.
      I have a soft spot for that boy. Hope he makes it.

      Lafresh thanks for dropping his IG handle.

    8. All hail Queen Coco. She doesn't just do the dare. She puts drama to it. Everyone thought she was gonna drink. She was just dancing around and opened her zipper. That girl suppose be a BVN.
      Marvis was drinking alcohol from the pot. Yet she wasn't even high when all the guys were all drunk and talking rubbish. Efe really likes to hype and hear himself talk. As he's d only one that makes sense based on logistics.

    9. Soma has gotten the most followers (new followers), then Tboss just moved from two hundred and something to 13k followers.
      Oga LIPton Philips, may reach 4k followers at the end of 2019. He thinks everything revolves around 6packs. Tboss has shown the guy, I am sure he will nominate her.
      Somas followers dey tripple like magic. That's why When God has opened a door, no man can close. There is a reason he left first. He might be the most successful apart from Tboss and Bisola. Tboss go get plenty TV jobs. Gifty maybe nollywood but her gbagun will be a setback.

    10. Iphie for real @ Soma? Wow! That's cool.

      La Katie you don't say! LMA0. Kemen the dreamer! Y'all leave him to sleep some more and keep dreaming.
      Oh yea I forgot,
      TBoss woke him up already. hahhahhhahahaha

  7. Last night was probably the raunchiest night of BBN.
    Bassey sucked the devil out of Cocoice's perky boobs
    TTT and Bisola should just have sex already and quench their taste.
    See how Tony was pressing her ass
    See sloppy kiss and all the smooching.

    Why doesn't anyone want to let Kemen smash?
    That guy is sex starved and he needs to offload
    I'm beginning to pity him.

    Bassey, Debbie rise should go.

    1. That konji kill Kemen there with his ikputu onu. That dwarf is so full of himself

      Why does Uriel always bring out her tongue like a snake when eating?

      Debbie rise needs to leave that house asap, she's so boring. Wetin she keep for mirror wey she dey always look? #ogbanjebehaviour
      Gifty too gats leave that house before she end up fuck all the guys for that house, very loose girl

    2. The Chemistry between Bisola and TTT is something else. I could feel it. Marvis and Efe have same too. Last night was really a horny night for the house mates..

    3. Lmao, I pitied Kemen last night too but he too talk. The day he told biggie that all the babes likes him, that they think he is a sweetheart, I was just laughing at him. That was after the wooing task.

    4. Make Kemen go on his knees. He is ugly and thinks he's lit. He was bragging that Tboss is allover him. I wonder what manner of insult that is. Instead of him to go down and beg to be allowed some anti
      conji current, he's sitting like a boss waiting for the Lady herself to come and be asphyxiated by his massive lips.

  8. Debbie rise and gifty should go please. Gifty irritates the life out of me. Jehova!!! The sound of her voice alone pisses me off.

    It was a game of truth or dare last night. Bassey sucked coco's boob for 10mins.

    The guys refused to do gifty's dares....they were drinking instead. LMAO. That girl is too loose biko. I pity her future hubby.

    T.Boss the boss!!! Chai. I pitied kemen last night.

    Bisola and words for those two. Crazy duo.

    I see love brewing between Bassey and Uriel. Dude loves them thick.

    Bally P my cool nigga....forget gifty o. Can't believe you licked T.Boss ass tho

    Captain nipples na just full crase. Uriels nyash suffered in his hands.

    Who else day that house sef??? Marvis? Dry bones shall rise again. Can't wait for the eviction show tonight.
    Bisola for the money!!!

    1. Kai, it was 10seconds ooooo...Eyin aye elenu razor...Cocoice no send sure she can handle any shit that comes and I hope this gains her more fans

    2. Gifty is a married woman with 2kids

  9. Debbie rise,coco ice, n bassey should go. Pls marvis too drink, Rivers fish.

  10. Last night was lit... Debby rise is definitely leaving.. Truth or dare game was on I love coco ice. Babe no send. Tboss kept turning Kemen and his big lips off.

  11. Again? I didn't see that o.
    Last week, Tboss' mammary glands where fondled and crushed beyond recognition like Oyo sweet orange, courtesy #Bally.

  12. So I watched the T and D game last night. Cocoice for president!!!!!

    1. Hahahaha! Abi o! Babe is krazy

    2. Louder please. Cocoice for President¡!!!!!!!!!!!

      I didn't watch though

    3. Cococo the realest chick. I wish she could stay and come out more.

  13. Replies
    1. You wishπŸ˜’

    2. Not happening anytime soon.

    3. I wish Bisola goes home soon. She's always instigating fights. Why does she love chaos so much. She's a mother for crying out loud!

  14. I ain't watching, over to the bvs watching! But I know all the housemates thanks to Stella & bvs! Happy Sunday!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  15. Yesterday was dope
    cocoice brough out her breast for bassey to suck.
    Debby rise very boring girl, she didn't join them in the game for this she must go home.
    Tboss is so rigid and not entertaining, she preferred to drink rather to dare.
    Bally was the best dressed and looking soooo cute , enjoyed watching you kiss bisiloa and Gifty and Uriel saw ur dick when he was asked to pull his trouser and give a lap dance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he even licked tboss left buttock. He was so entertaining .
    Gifty the agent of kiss that never fails in her dares game . She was so entertaining .
    Kemen was bushitted by tboss for kiss and he was sad but was entertaining.
    Every other person from Uriel i love that kiss you gave at the beginning, you entertained me.
    Bisiola ahhhh with TTT their kisses and lap dance πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† you entertained me.
    Marvis you were jst hugging Efe at the end of the show and he was calming your konji down OK you guys entertained me.
    Yesterday was so entertaining stayed up till 2am to watch their dare or say the truth game .
    Debby rise stop analyzing and go home since you don't know what you came to do in BB house.

    1. That Debbie rise didnt do all that with them doesn't make her boring.. one can actually stay there and decide to avoid raunchy games. Its being able to hold your own.

      The problem is that she is even boring without the games.

      Also,that Bally kissed all them girls and licked a** doesnt make him entertaining either. Other things should count more: his ability to win tasks,team spirit,being smart,less fights or fair fights etc.

      Anyone that enters there with the strategy of rubbing and sucking only will not win nada!

  16. Stella it wasn't tampered with, it was sucked.
    End time children** . Both of them should leave the house o jare.

    1. Sharrap, is your bwest a fargin?

  17. Abeg where Big brother see uriel and kemem abi na kemen put for house ? Loooooool and I wonder why they aren't up for eviction? Even Efe? Abi am I the only one who just feels some how about these people. Uriel kept flirting with imaginary beings looking at the mirror adujusting breast yesterday during the party and her hideous lipstick . Han.han. Bassey was asked to lick uriel's ass omo the the guy no gree oooooo.

    1. Bassey was asked to lick marvis's ass not uriels. Trust me, if it was uriel's ass, Bassey wouldn't have hesitated.

    2. LMAO @ Uriel kept flirting with imaginary beings looking at the mirror adujusting breast

      Cameras are behind the mirrors thus she is advertising herself for potential "uncles"

      Forgive me, but that girl oozes runsss

  18. Last night was something else..... coco ice's bobies was sucked on my people I didn't belive my eyes I'm so living the girl now. What's sup with TTT with bisola always kissing during games I know the babe likes him but just trying to hold body.gifty sucked TTT's nipples. Bassey and kamen missed uriel. Did i forget to mention that madam TBoss didn't do anything she was dared to do I guess aunty is basing loyal to Mr miyonse.the date was lit. And madam debberise didn't take part in the games that girl is boring abeg she can go home I'm tired of seeing her she is no fun.
    Drop the mix

  19. Debbie and gifty should go home abeg they don try.

  20. Gifty and Coco ice should leave the house. She's so fake and annoying, while coco ice is so temperamental. She flays up at every little provocation and is not good in the house.

    1. Shut up. I am sure you are not even watching the show. How manytimes has she flared up unnecessarily? She reacts when necessary so STFU.

  21. Ah Stella o Cocoice let bassey suck her boobs, i had my mouth wide open with my pussy wet..... Cocoice ain't going no where

  22. Make Debbie n gifty give pple chance joor....buh if na 1person make only gifty move ahead....I no fit shout!!!QueenBlaq WS here.

  23. OMG, my coco did what? Chai i sha love her.

  24. That kiss between TTT and Bisola during the Truth and Dare game was EPIC
    I love those two jare

    Efe is jusr one annoying being and he is getting pretty arrogant now Msheww

    1. Efe has been arrogant since day one. Claiming to be 22years old and the youngest in the house is just a joke.

  25. I am so tired of that Debby rise and gifty,/please both of them should leave already, Uriel the mirror girl, Efe and marvis I saw both of you, who again bisola babyyyyy u really rock it yesterday

  26. Debbie - Zero entertainment and scared
    Coco - temperamental and daring as hell
    Gifty - fake as China
    Bassey - over Sabi but cool
    Bisola - lousy but fun and interesting. That house will be boring without her and ttt
    Bally - game on point..... No time to pick beans
    Kemen - oh kemen, please go home. F**cking annoying. Keep imagining all the female housemates naked
    Ttt - cool and fun. But remember your wife and children. Apply small decency for her sake
    Tboss - toor! Keep doing what you are doing but you appear abit pride sha.

    1. "Bally - game on point..... No time to pick beans"

      Hahhahaahahahaa. I love that!
      Yesss ooo!
      Bally B! My guy

    2. Kemen fit rape Tboss for that house. Hmnnn. Make I talk my own o.

    3. Anon 16:22 you spoke my mind.

  27. Enter your ya back

  28. Last night was lit.... So low key I think tboss and cocoice might hook up after the show, tboss really loves coco tho lol... And kemen got curved by my girl T, lol. Gifty, Na real wa for that girl! She's fun tho lol

    1. Curving no get part 2. I love me some Cocoice and Tboss.

    2. Curving no get part 2. I love me some Cocoice and Tboss.

  29. Hahahahahaha! I just dey for one corner they read una comments lol
    Thanks everyone for sharing cos I missed the T and D part.
    Debbie-rise time up for you

  30. People keep saying tbozz is matured, please isn't she suppose to be matured? She's 32 or so, so why shouldn't she act classy and matured. She's not with her age mates. I wouldn't expect anything less from her. ..

    Gifty and her keziah attitude..

    Efe is becoming to proud. Using talk talk to kill the fun last night. That was why people started leaving until they called them back

    Debbie rise should just go home. Please go home. Everyday you say you have more to offer and yet we see nothing..

    Bally, playing smart..

    Kemen, the lip master. Pervert. Always wanting bad bad things but not getting any action. Imagine the kiss with Uriel.

    Cocoice is actually Fun . I like her fun side but her temper is too much

    Those people commenting on facebook don't have joy at all. One called Uriel Anty gwegwegwe and I wonder if she is a blog visitor. Uriel can judge someone without them knowing with her eyes and nose..

    1. Uriel is Aunty now I can't call her name like that.

    2. No joy at all. During their task on friday, one said kemen is blowing the ball with his thick lips like he wants to part red sea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. I wonder how 33yrs old girl suppose behave oo.

    4. At least Tboss is real about her age. All the other housemates lying through their back teeth about their age, SMH. Please make we hear word o!

    5. My dear ask them o. She is just real joor. She and cocoice.
      Anyone that kissed Kemen without disgust is a FAKE.

    6. Looking at the videos of this show on YouTube, can't help to assume that other than Miyo.., Soma,maybe Marvis, ice and Gifty, the rest look way older than TBoss..
      At least she is honest. I am just wondering how she can be older than TTT, Bisola, Eve, and Uriel including Kemen.

      Flabbergasted!! πŸƒπŸ˜§

  31. Cocoice dared Gifty to pull the boxers of the guys and suck 2. Gifty started with TTT. He asked her what she was asked to do. She said pull 3 guys and sucking 2 and she is starting with him. Tony said no and had to drink.. kikiki

    1. LOL,not entirely true.
      Tony asked her if he will be among the 2 she will give a blow job. he said he didnt want to pull down his trousers for nothing.. she started being coy and unsure and he refused.

  32. Cocoice and gifty should be evicted

  33. Missed d T n D last night
    Debbie n gifty must go

  34. Missed d T nd D last night
    Debbie n gifty time up

  35. That Gifty's dare sha! I dare you to bring out bally's dick and kiss the cap...... Yesu christi!!
    It was fun, watched till past midnight. TTT knows how to have fun.
    I love Cocoice and bassey, hope they won't leave today else I'll be heart broken.

  36. I love the dresses Tboss ,Cocoice, Gifty , Bisola wore for the party. All the men were well dressed. But that Uriel has fine body shape that doesn't go with her ugly face. Bisola is damn funny, I hope she stays oh
    I don't what people see in cocoice because she's too boring. And Debbie too, that girl is just boring. Those two should get out of the house. Am team Efe..........whatever we like him like that
    TTT, is sure using Efe for some selfish purpose but I know Efe, will still know about his game somehow....
    Tboss and her dress yesternight, den force am wear the dress.....hian.....I don't understand the class she's forming......cause she's not entertaining. They should leave Gifty alone, I love her drama.....who again...Kemen, bassey ,Bally and Marvis just dey there. I pray they put Marvis and TTT up for eviction this week.....

  37. My admiration for T boss after yesterday increased. She really held her own even while tipsy. Girl has got class! I for one cannot kiss guys randomly, unless I have feelings for u
    Coco ice now that u ve started growing on me, u now fall my hand yesterday. Allowing a stranger suck ur boob on national TV. Wawu
    Gifty, I don't understand u, for a very pretty girl, u are too loose. Like, don't u know how pretty u are?

  38. My admiration for T boss after yesterday increased. She really held her own even while tipsy. Girl has got class! I for one cannot kiss guys randomly, unless I have feelings for u
    Coco ice now that u ve started growing on me, u now fall my hand yesterday. Allowing a stranger suck ur boob on national TV. Wawu
    Gifty, I don't understand u, for a very pretty girl, u are too loose. Like, don't u know how pretty u are?


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