Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 76


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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 76

*That moment when you decide to leave the intro to the story empty...hehehehhehehe*

Stella my love for you pass food matter o. i cant go a day without reading your blog, God will continue to uplift you.
i started serving last year June. batch A stream 2, i was among the unfortunate ones Baba Buhari kept dragging ke. first time posting letter came out in march i quickly rushed to go and do my camp hair. did one million braids only for Baba to postpone it again, we were finally posted in may.

Anyways i worked my service to plateau state cos i be conk northern girl and i wanted to experience cold na (as i never travel go Jand), posting letter came out and i immediately took off to Jtown a day before camp opening, stayed in a relative's house for the night, woke up very early the next morning ready to head to mangu local government where the camp is located, i think i woke everybody up for devotion and after devotion i noticed everyone was acting weird, i didn't really care to ask .

my uncle offered to drop me off since it wasn't that far from town and on the way. in the car he decided to break the news of my dad's passing away the night i entered Jos. Stella i lost it, i cant remember how we finally made it to mangu, when he finally dropped me at the camp gate , i didn't even noticed the soldiers i was just cat walking with my big purple box that contained everything down to pillow, one male soldier saw me and started shouting "ajebo you better carry that box on your head o" i thought he was kidding only for him to carry it and drop it on my tiny head, remain small my neck for comot. 

I manage to do registration, got my kits , and a comfortable corner in the dorm (btw, plateau state NYSC camp is the best , very neat and comfortable) .i also met the camp commandant that night, one fine young guy like that (someone introduced us before camp) long story.
the kin cold i experienced that night ehn i had to sleep with a sweater, pantie hose and hand gloves and still went under my blanket.
next morning we woke up at 4 for parade, can you imagine some girls wake up as early as 2am just to bath and makeup for sha i didn't join any group in camp , didn't even do the menial dance or drama for my platoon , but i got so much love from my platoon guys, everyone in my platoon was calling me miss NYSC already, not to brag, but i have this model like structure and a very nice ebony skin.

Sha when time for miss nysc pageantry reach i refused to participate (i get model body but i no be agbani darego abeg, no even sabi walk with heels) i started crushing on my platoon leader, guys from left and right where asking me out but as a sharp girl that i was na, i no give in (one useless boy will buy you 300naira food only to give you 1million naira squeeze in mami at night
( nahhhhh) + many married people in camp were just hooking up. i made two friends and oga camp commandant started calling me out at night to gist, i always go with my friend, i finally stopped chilling with him at night when small rumour started circulating that he was having girls over at night.

Anyways i shift oga camp commandant for one side and decided to enjoy my camp, my platoon leader finally decided to ask me out , i didn't say yes neither did i say no, we made out for like 10 mins and parted ways, the next day i started snubbing him (i get mood swing lol) there was this other popular dude in camp who was very generous to me and my friends too so tey other girls con dey warn me to stay off.

he was so vocal about how he felt for me that some of his soldier friends in camp kept calling to beg on his behalf. exit permit out of camp wasn't a problem for me cos the upper hands in camp knew about my dad's passing i was getting special treatment. i sleep in the hostel during SAED lectures. i go to mami even during parade. as camp was coming to an end na i con remember oga camp commandant , he assured me that my posting was for sure going to be to Jos north, i was just bragging and making mouth to my friends only for me to collect posting letter to see one name i could not even pronounce , i fought back the tears coming, oga camp commandant really dealt with me . 

I quickly left camp , lodged in a hotel that night, left for home the next day cos dad's burial was the next day, after the burial i finally changed my posting to one government school in town, teaching no be beans sha, shout out to all the teachers.

7 months down the line now, I'm enjoying nysc, and dating one Yoruba demon i am about to breakup with today,( chronicle coming soon) getting used to the cold weather and the tourist attraction here is crazy, plateau state is definitely a state you should visit. kisses Stella

*Heheheheh wetin do you and the guy you are about to break up with?
About that Camp posting thing,I dont think the commandant is responsible,they just say they are to be able to get Ladies at their beck and call.


  1. I can't even get anything from your incoherent post, mtcheeew.

  2. hahahaha let me wait for your chronicles. My antenna dey up

  3. Camp commandants are responsible. They have several slots. Even platoon officers can help with posting

  4. This babe you be pure oloshi! You enter camp upon say your father just died you still dey flirt anyhow anyhow. Camp commandant that I can swear is a married man to platoon leader? Person wey em papa dey mortuary? Ha,I been dey hear say northern people na confirm ashawos,true true you don prove am! Beyonce hands

    1. Ewwww!!! Isnt it gross to tag all Northern ladies as sluts. Seriously,I thought you are wise,how could you let MMM make you so bitter? Get your facts right next time and stop this public display of ignorance.

    2. @ Fan abi na Pant?? E be like say sand de ur head. Which one com be say northerners b oloshi? So mek she folo her papa chill for mortuary abi?...abegi jor. Babe I feel u scarra.

  5. Madam STella, I sent my service year boulevard yesterday, please post.
    Nne, you have to make out despite the fact that you are mourning your late father. Oh well, we all are created differently because guilty conscience will not let me smooch and make out in peace. lol!

  6. Sorry about the loss of your dad,i cant even imagine it..
    Nice story BUT im tired of all these incomplete stories, biko mail me about your bf (for my eyes only) lol..

    1. Choi ...u like aproko gist ooo shuu ...hahahahahahaaa

  7. Corps members shld know that Camp commandant no fit help anything when it comes to posting.

  8. Sorry about your Dad. It is well. I lost mine 9 yrs ago. My dear no be beans. Its sad and you can never forget. God dey always. Takia#sobs

  9. Sorry about the loss of your dad

  10. Hehehe, eating my cucumber and groundnut as I await the pop-corn Cofa

  11. Awusa girl well done.
    Your story is in bits
    I believe you have a good story yet untold
    Please try and complete

    Think Yoruba boys need to do more
    East, North, south, even their own ladies call them Y-demons; why?
    Are you guys demons; do you possess girls and deal with them till they start screaming?
    Please come under these comments/posts and educate us.

    Can Stella do a topic on this?
    In as much as I don't believe that every Yoruba man is bad,
    But I also believe that these ladies are talking from experience.

    1. Abeg Park well,topic on what???? Yoruba people just can't stay off our case.igbo people with lots of problems,awa ko la ko ba yin lot keep bringing our tribe in your mouth all the time.stella should do a memo on this tribal issues on her blog all the time more like,not do a topic on yoruba guys.eyin were oshi if igbo guys don't misbehave and break hearts.i've had an igbo guy messed me up before,a Delta guy once broke my heart,but I don't come online here to bash their tribes,am married to an English man now.its life yeah people's behaviour doesn't have to be tag to their tribe.

  12. You all can't stay away from yoruba demon prick,una must take it.yeye dey smell.stupid tribalists too full this blog.especially the igbo tribalists,the hate in their hearts is that much,so cold,na una go catch cold.My yoruba peps,ówò yin da?no mind them jare,oke oke la ma ma ló

  13. yes na the camp is new what do you expect? sorry for your loss.
    anyway we use to leave barkin ladi to the camp when my late friend who was a captain then, happens to be a fucked up nigga wey like girls like no man business lol . issh he will pick us from rayfield and we will go drink in Gwom hotel can you imagine the distance lol? from there to the NYSC camp to pick his girls then we will proceed to pankshin oooh Lawd!!! the dog meat in Ptown was outta this world lol we always wash it down with fresh palm wine from Chip. mehn life was cheap and fun then, everything now don turn yeye. Mtcheeeew i miss those sweet old days.
    sweet weather, sweet fresh palm wine and dog meat (404) couple with a sweet fuck.
    life was good mhen.

  14. Wow nice write up... sorry about ur dad's death... I remember mangu camp... so nice, the hostels was bae menh... went there for nccf national conference 2015....nice experience... the cold nor be here sha

  15. Camp Commandant have upper hand in the area to posting for PPA. Only if the establishment rejects you.

  16. nice write up and sorry for the loss......I lost mine at a very young age can't even remember his face but thank God for where I am today tho am not there yet but on the path God plz make a way soon

  17. Sorry about the loss of ur dad dear..... We sef go go camp one day...original Ifelaw babe!

  18. Hehehe soji gal. As a confirm sabi gal wey u be, after d fucking service I de enter jos oo. I no go mind replace d ogbonno yoruba guy.


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