Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 81


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 81

This sounds more like Service year gossip.

Greetings Stella. Keep doing the good work ma'am. God bless u.

I don't even know where this my story falls in.
Its a SYB shaa. But not my main gist.this is just my compound experience. I will still come back with that...Let me call it ''As e dey hot''

let me make the story short

So, as a copper from West posted to East. In the compound, we are all
corp members and all are igbos except I and BB. We both speak same
language. Though BB speaks igbo more fluently cos he was born in the

I find it annoying hearing then speak igbo all the time, and i will be
looking like a fool.

I noticed that BB is an indoor kinda person (just like me). So we
became close. .
I pleaded with omo igbo to at least use pidgin all the time but they
refused. Saying that they are in their land and so therefore will
speak their language. Bla bla bla.

So as a bad girl that i is,i decided to act mischievous.
Eg. Anytime that i hear them talking and mention anybody's name and the
person is not around, i will record it. When BB comes back, i will
play it for him and he will explain.

Yes! I will sugar coat it and tell the person... Then quarrel go start... Lmao!.

Nobody will suspect me cos they know i don't understand igbo. When the
chip is down, i will call the two people. Advice them and make them
settle. Citing that its the work of the devil... I will act like a saint
(and that made them all like me....

I call BB 'please no tell anybody' cos he knows my secret.

After my mischievous acts, everybody minds his/her business. No more
Nna...... Tufiakwa... Etc

Most people think that BB and I are lovers cos we are always together. And we have a funny name that i gave all Bad Mouth,(talk alot) one boxers. Panla, Oluku,orobo, service year hair(carrying one hair since camp), Etc

So, Lately i started getting closer to one of the guys. but i noticed
something about BB. His countenance changed towards me. He doesn't
answer my greetings like before. He plays with the girls everytime. He
now laugh out so loud, sit outside late. Speak igbo igbo. (unlike

If i ask to see him, he will start forming busy.. I decided to over
look him and continue with the guy.(just for fun) After all i don't know
him before NYSC and don't have any feelings for him.

Na so i enter from work one afternoon. I over heard his voice coming
from Nkechi's room. I just stood outside to know if i can understand
what they are saying......
Yes! Nkechi said something and called my name but BB replied With Pidgin saying forge dat girl oo. She no be better person anything. Na me know her
pass you. Forget say she dey form saint. Listen make i tell you......
Mogbe!. 'He want to expose me oo',

I knocked and entered without even allowing them ask who?
BB looked like a child that was caught in the act. I knew it... He wanted
to blow the whistle..

Omo na broom and parker them go use sweep me comot if dey hear about
my mischievous acts oo..
I have to act fast.
That evening, i went into BB's room on my knee to beg him.
The bobo come dey claim for me..That its over between us, that have found another man for myself. Bla bla. I wanted to ask.. Were we dating before?. But i decided to keep my cool. I know what am protecting. #mysecret.

So i used my fingers to do some magic in his body and the bobo started
smiling like a goat.He was like.. ''stop this naaw. I have forgiven you... Omo ale, forgive wetin? I wrong you before?.

Before i knew it... His Thompson was looking at me.

Haba! I just got up and gave him a peck and left his room...

Yes! We are back as bestie. My secret is save now....................!
No cause for alarm again...

I can't wait for service year to be over next two months so that i will
be free from this #secrets.
And BB?, I have nothing to do with him after service biko(not doing
anything with him now sef). Not my kinda guy.

And hey!! Am still innocent oo.I still be fajin.

Lesson : Gossip is not good oo.

*Looking at other blog visitors with arms hanging by the sides*


  1. hahahahahaha you this omo eko you are funny.

  2. Wow.. .we already have 81 archives.... Nice


  3. I come against your type of friendship in Jesus name.... What the hell??? How can you be comfortable making people quarrel??? Na wa ooooooo!!

    Copper kor, lead ni......shior!!!

    Enjoy your service year and send us the main gist later!!!

  4. This one nah service year tatafo season 1! You be chief tafia oh, omo you talo gbe well!!!

    ... Jesus is my worth!

  5. Biko what is this nonsense?

  6. Hahaha Stella ooooo
    Me I'm standing with arms akimbo while laughing hysterically

  7. Oh sister👌
    I love u already😘

  8. This one na gossip mama, even when you can't understand them you still look for a way to get them to fight eachother.I hail your ameboship o

  9. Hahaha i like u. You seem like a very funny and mischievious person

  10. What is this!!!. Love is in the air, so am spreading love today. *walks outta post*.

    Buh wait o poster am really sorry for your 'real' friends. You were sent to serve not pit people against each other and am I the only person that finds Omo igbo demeaning and offensive. Bia Don't send this trash here again o if I wanted to hear (read) from an ass, i'd fart.

    1. Same way I find it offensive when people refer to northerners as aboki or malam.
      Not all northerners are Hausa speaking or Hausas and not all northerners are Muslims. They are mixture of Christians, Muslims and traditionalists too.

    2. Just like I find the term "ofe manu" or whatever you generalise Yoruba people as offending.

  11. Poster,you are one big ethnic monster fool.Yoruba demon.

  12. You fit kee person. Confess and be free before you leave that town.

  13. Typical yaraba people behaviour

  14. Instead of you to try and learn the language, you started sowing seeds of discord.
    They would have loved to teach you how to speak the language but will your tiny mind allow you to explore that option? Ra you be the real omo ale.
    Father Lord please keep people like you far away from me.

  15. Stella, please post my comment.

  16. You are despicable!

  17. When you get married, don't try this.

  18. Dear poster you are not a nice person and the worst is that ppl like you have no remedy.I pity those connected to you one way or the other.may I never have anything to do with someone like you IJN

  19. Instead of learning u plant seed of discord friendenemy

  20. after getting him high u just left abi. omo ase


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