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Friday, February 17, 2017

Word For The Day-Use It Or Lose It

Preach it!!

 Find out from any successful person,every blessing comes with its own burden!

He who had received one Talent also came forward, saying, Master, I knew you to be a harsh and hard man reaping where you did not sow and gathering where you had not winnowed.

So I was afraid and went and hid your talent in the ground. Here you have what is your own!(Matthew 25:24-29).

My assignment today is in the 24th and 25th verse. (But for the full story, read from verse 14-25) .

Again, this is a very known story, but there is something very worthy of noting that i'd love to discuss with you!

Dating back to when God made man, He FORMED us, FILLED us and then demanded that we FUNCTION! Now, God will never demand returns from where He has not invested something. So, if God demands that you function, it means He has blessed you with an ability and so He expects that you maximise it to the fullest!

It is not news that we all are blessed with at least one Talent. Talent in my opinion is the ability to do easily, what someone else will struggle to do. But most importantly, the ability to professionalize your talent makes it a skill.

Consider this; Do you know how far you would have gone In life if you had trained yourself so well in your area of talent that you become a professional at it?
You probably have been so casual and unserious about it because it was freely given to you!

Maybe you have not realised that your talent is the biggest goldmine residing on the inside of you!

Lets look at our text. Here, Jesus tells us an Amazing story of a Master who sowed into the lives of His three servants and travelled to a distant place. To one he gave 5, to another he gave 2 and then to the other, he gave 1. The Master gave them differently, yet equally. You might argue it wasn't equal but I tell you it was because, it is what you do with what you were given that counts, not necessarily the volume. The most important thing here is, HE GAVE THEM ACCORDING TO THEIR ABILITIES.

One reason Jesus cursed the fig tree and it died was because it was not functioning. The tree was mature enough to yeild fruits, yet it was fruitless! It was just there occupying space!

Just like the fig tree, too many of people are static with their talents... They know they are good at this area, but they are not willing to put the Committment required to transform that talent into a skill. 

And Jesus said something remarkable; For he who has, MORE SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO HIM. And he who has not, that which he has SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HIM(Matt 25:29). Did you see that? What Jesus was referring to in this context is; He who has and is 'productive with it', more shall be given unto him! And he who has not, THAT WHICH HE HAS(meaning there is no one who actually does not have) shall be taken away from him!

Think about; Have you ever planned on doing something you eventually never did? Only to realise that several years later, someone else somewhere did it and became a highly celebrated person?
The reality in such situation is that it was taken away from you. God gave it to you, waited for you and just when it was clear you weren't exploiting it, He gave it to someone who will and did use it!

Friend, God is not some 'Father Christmas' living in Vegas, who gives you a gift and doesn't care what you do with it. God gives you stuff and wants to see how judiciously you manage it, use it and become great through it. And the truth is, alot more will be added to you!

God is a God of 'I will, if you will!' God works the talent in, you work the talent out! God only gives direction to a moving person.

Those who whine about 'Lack of Job opportunities' are often people who have refused to give their everything to their talent!
They refuse to confront their laziness, rather, they comfort their laziness! They have all the palatable excuses in the world why they haven't made any move yet!

The reason why you haven't gone any further in life is not because of any demon, witch or wizard in your village, it is because you have refused to challenge you limitations! 

God is not expecting too much from the little He gave you. He is expecting a little from the little He gave you so that He can increase your mini into a mega stuff!
But for God to wake you up one wee hour of the morning and out of the blues, bless you with $10m? That's never going to happen! Such blessing will put you in trouble. Find out from any successful person, every blessing comes with its own burden! The process makes you strong enough for the blessing! You fight to get what you want, you fight even harder to keep what you got!

Friend, get up and fight for your destiny. Find out what your talent is and work it out! I know it is not easy, but It is also not impossible!
The inconvenience that comes with the blessing is the reason why not everyone can and will be blessed!

You can do it, Work it out!



  1. Replies
    1. Amos u have written well. I'm inspired

    2. thank alot.... U just ministered to me directly.

      God bless u richly

  2. My goodness,this is a word in season! Thanks a zillion uncle Amos.

  3. Wow. This blessed me big time.

  4. QueenOfAfricanQueens17 February 2017 at 10:34

    Thank you so much for this BV Amos. My brother needs to read this. The boy no dey heard word!
    He needs to change his friends.

  5. Thanks Amos
    The limitations we suffer are the ones we have imposed on ourselves.

  6. Don't mind them, they will sit on their ass spreading like agege bread. While they gossip about those that are out there struggling. All those fools that blame others for their failures are the worst kind of human beings!

  7. God bless you bro, for this words of wisdom.......

  8. This is just what i need now, thanks Amos

  9. Awww.. I know you will go far honey. Let it atleast be that I said it before time. Thanks for this. You are gifted!

    Chichi O.

  10. Thanks Amos. Inspiring. Remain Blessed.

  11. Wow. I am #Inspired.

  12. Amos you need to come speak to the youths in our church. Thank you for this

  13. 1)Challenge your limitations
    2)Confront your Laziness.

    If you got these, then you got the whole message. Thanks alot brother. You are touching lives. Too many people will be ashamed of themselves after reading this. #GodBlessYou

    1. I am actually.
      Sitting waiting for a job to validate my existence.

  14. Thanks alot brother... amazing piece

  15. Replies
    1. That's why y'all rarely improve in your mentality... if na fashion now, it will buy your whole soul and interest.

  16. Thanks Amos, this is a perfect delivery

  17. We all, when we are well tend to give good advice to the sick... Until we fall sick and understand the illness.

    MISS Jacobs.

  18. I so love this write up. This isy best yet

  19. Chicharito Was Here17 February 2017 at 17:15

    Amos you are gifted. Thank you for what you are doing here.. we appreciate you

  20. Thank you Amos. This blessed me

  21. Wow.. good piece. God bless you Stella for this. So #Inspiring

  22. Thanks Amos. I am lifted

  23. Oh wow.. this is soo nice. Challenge your limitations, Confront your laziness

  24. Frankle speaking,.. this is a wonderful piece. Thanks alot writer.


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