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Wednesday, March 08, 2017

BBNaija - Ex Housemates Party

The former Housemates are about to party!.....*side eyes*



  1. Replies
    1. This is their claim to fame. Issorait

    2. I partied with soma, gifty, Jon and ese last week at rumors VI... so uriel for the win mehn! Big brova yo man!

    3. They have comot Kemen. Lol

  2. Kemen no follow 4 d house party? Nawaoh the guy carreer na dead on arrival. End time conji

    1. Na wa o. The suspension is enough. They shouldn't sideline kemen like that na

    2. I was about asking the same question and why is nobody interviewing him ? No pic nothing

    3. What has Kemen been waiting for? He should tender an apology to everyone whether he feels he's right or wrong so that he can move on with his life. I'm sure a lot of people will forgive him. Silence is not golden in this issue. He has his life ahead of him and a simple apology will do so that he can move on.

    4. His Career isn't dead!

      I have taken my time to rewatch that video and replay all that's been happening in that house and I have come to the conclusion that this issue is over exaggerated and it's not fair on Kemen.

      First, Kemen looking around to see if cameras were on him and even adjusting them is what natural instincts will make anyone that wants to have sex do. He didn't do it because he intended to rape Tboss or molest her.

      Secondly, watch that video again! Tboss enjoyed that fingering! But the moment she realised it was Kemen, she rolled over because she doesn't like him. When she rolled over Kemen didn't persist. He STOPPED. Where did the taking advantage without consent come from?

      Yes he was wrong for putting hands in punani without permission. But judging by the height of immorality going on in that house, boy wanted to show Tboss he was good in bed too if only she will calm down. He acted like "lemme see if you won't enjoy uncle knackson if I handle you". Then she rolled over and he STOPPED!

      Let us not be too quick in stoning a man to death simply because we don't like him!

      Tboss on the other hand (whom I like a lot) is sincerely a seductress and she enjoys the thrills she gets knowing that men are lusting after her! Sleeping with barely nothing under thesame duvet with a guy that has been chasing her around for ages is simply wrong!

      She needs to be called to order too! She is almost always naked and these guys are sexually active humans who haven't had sex in two months plus!

      I know Kemen has been saying loads of sexual shit and all in that house! But I really doubt he intended raping Tboss. Besides, men brag a lot about their sexual powers amongst their fellow men and we know bros likes feeling he's too smart and awesome in all areas!

      To me, his gossip mouth is actually his undoing and not this particular incident!

      Debbie kissed Bassey against his will when he was sleeping and nobody raised an eyebrow! Why this?

      A caution to them (Tboss inclusive) would have been more appropriate than this disqualification! It is not fair!

      On the other hand I also saw small sense in Stella saying this maybe Tboss' strategy! If anyone watched the Bally quarell, you will see she kept pushing his buttons so he will beat her and get disqualified!

      We may be wrong, but not entirely wrong! Tboss is using her inner strengths as a woman to get rid of threats without much words!

      Last last, let the best and deserving person win! But it will be nice if big brother retracted their statement and issue something more reasonable because they have been the ones encouraging the madness going on in that house and not nailing one person down like others are saints!

    5. Well said.It's not fair.Tboss strategy is to seduce everybody in that house,even the viewers.Mschewww

    6. My opinion go check your sight and your brain , you are not normal.what an analysis! She enjoyed what dirty fingering

    7. My opinion thank you for this.
      I remember as a single girl after leaving the club with say a boyfriend or toaster I always feel their hands creeping on me at night I often stop it by turning over or saying NO or throw his hands off me. Even till now my husband does it and I honestly think its a guys way of trying to get lucky... I had two white boyfriends while schooling in the us and it was same I put it to you that every guy does it black or white men.

      Please how does a guy take consent from a sleeping girl?
      U stroke her thighs if she agrees she faces you, gives u a kiss, anything its not like a man says " oya do you want?" And a woman says "okay take" and tboss turning over implied she was not interested. Now if kemen groped at her after she said turned around then I will understand all the noise but he respected her and stopped.

      People saying kemen fingered her. How can you tell? was the camera under the duvet? How do you finger a person and she doesn't know? Someone in this blog even said he turned the camera, a camera inside the mirror?

      I insist it happened because its kemen. People naturally disliked him and his only crime was His looks and flippant mouth.

      People go on "he raped, hes a rapist" nobody asked "will I sound thus way if this guy were my brother or even son? Do his accusers know what rape is?

      His biggest critics don't even watch the show. Everyone just wanted to jump on the wagon and have an opinion. "He abused her, he harrased her" and they all shut down anyone who bothered to ask how?

      Even big brother asking tboss if she gave consent how does a sleeping woman give consent? I beleive bigbrother hinself did not ask the right questions. And even tboss used the opportunity to throw a pity party knowing she would get herself some sympathy vote with the scandal.

      His family wasn't even left out of the mess. Some mischief maker claiming to be his family member with no name says he would sue endemol and people rip them apart nobody even bothered to ask for a moment "maybe this is a ruse"

      No one has even bothered to hear his side and even by law you are innocent until proven guilty and already you all have become his accuser, judge and jury.

      I pray God forgives you all if it turns out in future this guy was innocent. Because in life ehn its always fun and games till the joke is on you!

    8. @my opinion, you are sooooooo on point. Pathetic and valueless show filled with biased and sentimental judgment.

    9. @ny opinion I don't agree with you saying she enjoyed the fingering. Heck I don't even believe the guy fingered her but kemen too use him mouth koba himself with him plenty dirty talk

    10. My opinion, I dont agree with you. You said your boyfriends and your hubby do it. Tboss always said it in clear terms that she was not interested in kemen romantically, she never even kissed him during all those stupid games. How are you trying to get non verbal consent from someone you are not dating? Is he mad? Why did he wait till the day she drank alcohol and was asleep? Abeg what you described is very different. There was no basis for him trying what he did. If it were miyonce, who will be talking about sleep and consent? Kemen is a perverted human being.

    11. @anon15:07 it was I and not my opinion that typed that.

      And my dear sentiments aside even we women do it.

      You want to get down with someone you don't need to be in a relationship to do that.

      Secondly we are both talking about consent and motive.

      You cannot eexplain motive because kemen looked left and right. He could as well have wanted to ascertain privacy should in case tboss consents.

      Kemen implied consent by trying to touch her and she declined by standing up and turning her side.

      So the big question is where is the harassment and where is the abuse?

    12. Exactly @ Lola

      Anon 12.01, I know u are one of the dirty lunatics with blog ID here. But u wanna go anon because liver no reach u abi? Smell off abeg!

      My sentiments too Lala! How do you seek consent if not by touching the lady. Then if she refuses, you let her go? They just hate the guy!

      Anon 14:36, very valueless! They are so biased and it is bad!

      MMM watch the video again! Focus on her face! She wasn't entirely deep asleep like we all assumed!

      Anon 15.07, please don't use me to activate your miserable imaginations! Go back to my comment again and read carefully like someone that has brains! And never you in your useless life again mention the men in my life! If u sleep with touts, na u sabi! But don't drag people you can't even smell close them in real life into ur mud fights! It takes a pervert to know another pervert, so I won't argue with you on ur stance about Kemen!


    13. Dear Lala, thanks for being objective on this issue. I felt the same way. But if I air my opinion, most ladies will bash me and think I'm being misogynistic.

  3. Why didn't they include Kemen? Not nice

    1. He was disqualified not evicted
      It a party for evicted housemate
      Not disqualified housemates .

    2. The party is meant for evicted participants and not disqualified Kemen.

      They should enjoy the fame while it lasts.

  4. Why kemen semen nor join them now? They are scared make he nor go rape person

  5. Hmmmm so Kemen's name is not there.

  6. Will Kemen be there? Just wondering...

  7. This Soma fine sha.
    Like his handsomeness just doubled.
    Gifty Gifty! She lights up IG with her "Inspirational Talk" and plenty "I-don't-care-about-haters talk.
    I liked the last picture she posted. Beautiful!

    Stil getting used to Uriel Bn out of the house.
    Miyonce? Wil pass.

    I think I'd Would like to party with the girls.

  8. Kemen, you see your life.

    J.Ice, that your comment about bbn and cult, the food they ate during their task and bla bla bla...... biko stopeet.

    Why will you copy from those dumb people then come and paste here?

    1. Who send dem can go parry with dem. As for moi, I no send any of dem biko. Lool!

    2. Swag lafresh on what post did J*ice write about bbn food and cult. Drop link pls

    3. Yesterday's post on "kemen's family planned to sue big brother"

    4. No mind am. Im no dey watch fear factor. Itz worse off on d show.

  9. *side eyes at Kemen*

    Y'all should enjoy o jare.

  10. I will have to see my drama queen Uriel and my ex favorite housemate mate gifty.

  11. Will love to party with Soma, see how Uriel was evicted, she was only interesting in the diary room and had a different character outside the diary room if she had same character she would have still been in that house and oh she is a back stabber, that made her loose fans more and more. GIFTY is too dumb.i pity her parents.

  12. Kemen see what you are missing because of lack of self control.

  13. Hope say them invite Kemen


      Kemen /kaemên/ verb, noun
      'Unlawful squeezing of bress without agreement'

      Example: pls don't kemen me
      :...:That guy kemend the little girl

      :...stop kemening me
      :..kemening someone is a crime punishable by law
      ....:Are you a kemenist?

      ....: I am a kemen victim

      ....: there's an increase in the number of reported kemens


      Y'all play too much for real 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    2. Lol, hahahhah

    3. Naija ppl. Rich sense of humor. I remember the time of Abdul mutallab; the almost suicide bomber.

  14. So this people are serious. Kemen is not part of the ex house mate. Now I feel for how. See what lack of self control has caused. Smh

  15. as far as disqualification goes, Karmen cannot even be invited... lol. he doesn't exist to bbn

  16. Cocoice , wanna ask her why she waz smoking anyhow on live t.v
    Miyonce why he was following sugar mommy tboss
    Soma why he was acting like an ass and allowing gifty to wash him bfor d kiss happened .
    Gifty why she lies too much . this girl even lied that she hasn't eaten native jollof bfor "palmoiljollofrice" jesu gifty can lie ooo.
    Uriel why she told kemen she was attracted to him .. I stopped liking her from there... Okbye

  17. Big brother...thank God am not caught up in it

    1. No dstv and limited ass-kissed data can do that to a person love

  18. Haaa kemen no go follow party with them?see what congi has caused for kemen

  19. Na so kemen carry kemen himself out

  20. Haba why is kemen excluded.......

  21. Good for for kemen, I hope he doesn't commit suicide....

    Greetings to Sdk nd sdkers

    *Faithful bv*

  22. Miyonce has this mumu childish look to me, no matter how old he is, dating someone like this would be like cradle snatching. And the fact that tboss likes him romantically just shows she's an original ogbanje. #Superuninterested

    Soma is good-looking. He got evicted too soon.#Semi-interested

    Uriel....lmaooooooooo. She took her eviction so calmly,I was surprised. #Semi-Interested

    Gifty....... Lol. This one's matter is for the gods. #superUninterested

    Cocoice?.....nah, I'll pass.

    No Jon? Even tho he was a fake housemate. That guy and bally are like red velvet cakes ,with cream cheese frosting. I'll gladly party with them all night long if I I don't want Bally out tho, I want him or Efe to win!
    Kisses Jon! More kisses to my Bally.

    Bloggie! I hail.

  23. My Opinion,i hope you know there was actually no fingering?
    He was making his way into her panties before she turned.
    'She realised he was the one and stopped enjoying IT??
    Was she expecting a guest? Maybe Miyonse or could she have been dreaming?

    Secondly.. Bassey and Debbie had a discussion,she suggested they pray.. he refused and closed his eyes.. she went to give him a kiss. HE WAS NOT ASLEEP.


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