Stella Dimoko Three AAU lecturers nabbed for alleged cultism


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Three AAU lecturers nabbed for alleged cultism

THE Edo State Police Command said it arrested some lecturers of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma for allegedly engaging in cult-related activities.

The Commissioner of Police, Haliru Gwandu, who disclosed this to journalists in Benin on Tuesday, added that firearms were recovered from the arrested academics.

Gwandu also said that among those arrested was a professor, from whom a double-barrel gun, single-barrel gun and one pump action gun were allegedly recovered.

The police commissioner said, “The professor was arrested. He was granted bail. The case is under investigation.”

Gwandu’s statement came less than a week after the command refuted reports that its operatives allegedly brutalised the Dean of the Faculty of Law of the university, Prof. Sunday Edeko.

The commissioner expressed displeasure over the high rate of cultism around the institution located in Esan West Local Government Area, which he said had claimed many lives.

He said there had been distress calls from members of the university community that cult groups were unleashing mayhem in the area.

“It was a distress call from the community; the university community made a call that cult groups were killing and they killed so many.
“And at the time when they (policemen) went to inspect a site, they discovered more than 14 beheaded students at that particular time,” he said.

He, however, vowed that the police would ensure that the leaders and members of cult groups in the area were arrested and charged to court.

Gwandu said, “We have a lot of issues with that particular university. There are some senior lecturers that were apprehended with firearms.

“So, we are going to arrest those who are mentoring and those who are real cultists and charge them to court. There is no going back.”

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  1. Replies
    1. It haff tey. My lectures won't be among they only do sexual things.

  2. I am not surprised. Na their ways be that.

  3. Good to be back......say no to cutism,it doesn't pay....
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  4. Lecturers kwa??? What is this world turning into?

  5. No be AAU again, na cultist den be that.

  6. Gud👍👍👍
    Even Auchi poly too

  7. anonymous gangster19 April 2017 at 11:31

    Na today? Cesspool of all things evil. Whenever I meet a guy who says he graduated from Ekpoma, I secretly spit! With all we know, over 30 years & counting, what normal parent, guardian or child would consider AAU? Dem even change name at a point, hoping for a new start, whosai!

    1. Na you no normal.Idiot.AAU is my alma mata so shut up your ass😡

    2. Shut your gutter mouth, bloody fool, ignoramus

    3. Anonymous gangster...which school you go sef?

    4. I'm sure you've been mixing with the wrong crowd that's why you have this archaic reasoning.

      AAU is my alma mater and believe me the rate of cultism had drastically reduced while I was there so I wonder what you are blabbering about. When I tell people I attended AAU, they usually don't believe. I call it a case of can anything good come out of Nazareth? You know the rest.

      Next time dear, reason before you spew thrash. Based on logistics or should i say statistics, there's no school without cult activities.

    5. Oga, we graduated from there and we are doing fine. I'm spitting on you in public for this nonsense you wrote

    6. Please leave our AAU alone. We love it like that and i am proud to have graduated from there. Which uni doesn't do cult stuff? I am sure you even applied for admission in AAU and was rejected hence the bitterness.

    7. Please leave our AAU alone. We love it like that and i am proud to have graduated from there. Which uni doesn't do cult stuff? I am sure you even applied for admission in AAU and was rejected hence the bitterness.

    8. anonymous gangster19 April 2017 at 18:41

      Oh my! Rodents everywhere! Lol! Not one decent or proper BV among the lot, no surprises!

    9. Anomymous gangster, are you decent? Decent people don't type the rubbish you you dropped up there

  8. no be ekpoma again. i graduated from that dead school in 2013 .

    1. U called it dead sch, but where ever u are looking for work, it is their certificate u will present. I graduated frm there, nd I love de sch

  9. Well its sad that such still esist even lecturers now involve themself,well na for their pocket,I graduated from AAU, and I know how this cult matter take tire wrapper like Nigeria wax.let the police just do their job and fish out those lecturers

    1. Are you sure you graduated?? Na wah.

  10. That law faculty na the lecturers na them many pass and engineering dept.well #saynotocultism

  11. It has teyed not today, lectureres are so into cultism

  12. I packed my bags and ran out of then Ekpoma university my 2nd yrs from fear of female gun treat... i fear who know fear the student of that institution

  13. Even Lecturers hmmmm

  14. Lectures involved in cultism..hmmm

  15. Nah wah ooo, am sure you did not graduate from that school as you are claiming, calling it a dead school. For your information that Prof. was my lecturer way back 2003 at the faculty of law. He was very calm, articulate and easy going. Nah for him old age he go begin join or mentor cult members? You are free to believe whatever you want. I rest my case



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