Stella Dimoko BBNaija Show Was Not About The Housemates,It Was About YOU!


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Sunday, May 28, 2017

BBNaija Show Was Not About The Housemates,It Was About YOU!

THIS post is For those who carry other people's lives on their heads like gala in traffic and continuously drink pain killers for a headache that is not theirs....You might not change your twisted opinion after reading this but please read it anyway!


  1. I tire, live and let's live. Life goes on

    1. People just get time seriously!

      If not for bloggie the MVBM station and SDK blog,i wont even know what BBN is all about.

      Mmadu ka ana-aria!!


    2. Them go hear ne? Some already have it in dem like peak milk. Kikiki! Ali baba made a whole lotta sense in this writeup.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š

  2. Replies
    1. Warevaaa, Debby Rise' dress is still fugly from the picture above.

  3. To think these 'shildren' do not know 99% of us in person makes matters even worse.

  4. Replies
    1. Honestly he put across a powerful message.

      If you stumble on old posts of the BBNAIJA GAME SHOW on this blog. Some bvs mehhhnnn their comments were an eyesore.

      Attacks and counter attacks all day long. It's a pity.

  5. Nigeria isn't ready for Big Brother.
    I think the Franchise should stick to Big brother Africa.

    Whoever followed Big Brother Canada? Ika was baddasssss!!!! Unfortunately she left.
    Nigerians converted ours into a Tribal war,Even churches hijacked it. It became soemthing Celebrities wedged into and caused a lot of online fights. Housemates were bullied and called names.

    Even now,Fans are monitoring their movements looking at who drops a negative comment about their favorite. Its crazy!

    1. You are so right, Nigerians are not ready for this. Too tribal for my liking. Smh. It's better they just stick to big brother Africa

    2. Thank you. Nigerians aren't ready for big brother. I don't think any African country is ready. They over analyze everything. The game is over but they need to move on. Some people are disgusting and mean. The Ex BBN housemates aren't to blame for your frustration. Move on abeg

  6. Abeg tell them. They know know.

  7. Well said!!
    For me too,the show is over!I cannot for the life of me disturb myself over a show or people that participated in the show...

    Some years back, during the Big Brother Africa show - I think Ofunneka's set or so. My elder sister was so into the show, she would wake up early to watch them bath, she stayed at home just to watch Big brother etc.
    Unfortunately for her, our subscription expired on the day of the finals.. She drove some streets away from ours to watch it at her inlaw's house. On her way back, she was trailed by robbers. They followed her home. They Collected valuables and stole her car. Till tomorrow, no trace of the items stolen..

    I'm not saying dont watch and enjoy shows, but taking issues from TV outside the sitting room and actually allowing them give you extra headache is not ideal abeg.

    I watch when I can and once I drop the remote, I move on!

    Happy sunday ndi Bv๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  8. Lol. People like me nko wey no watch the show even for once. Anyway i am not really a T.V person, just news atimes and few funny videos and documentaries. Anyway pple needed diversion, BBN provided it but some folks are ranting about the players, lol. Too much time, the clinic alone gives me enough drama,no energy for wetin no concern me. Peace!

  9. #What's coming is better than what is gone*

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  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I am tired of BBN this,BBN housemates that. Pls everyone should move on. Thanks.

  13. Alibaba nice 1 sire,who win Don de spend money who lose Don link up ..producers don de prepare for another show ... Live n lets live.

  14. Lovely people. They look good.

  15. So true bro.....but then let's move on. BBN is over now.....hian....

  16. What the second girl did to alibaba is the exact kind of thing I will do. Its not as easy as saying it was just a game that is now over, so therefore, everyone should move on. No. The show exposed and is still exposing a lot of housemates and celebrities, alibaba included, as horrible, mean spirited, weak minded, shallow, morons who follow the crowd and have no mind of their own. Just because efe was the popular choice, everyone jumped on board to support him...even those who didn't watch the show. Just because tboss was an easy target, they all insulted, shaded, mocked, ridiculed and sabotaged her so brazenly, even when it was clear that she was already going thru a difficult time, being alienated by her fellow housemates. Except for uti and a few others, no celebrity defended or spoke up for her against all the injustice. They were too busy dancing on the Efe bandwagon. Yet I'm supposed to look at these people and not remember them for the lousy, inhumane, mean, insensitive people they are, just cos the show is over? Bitch please!!

    1. Hahahahahah
      Anon haff vex!
      Ofcourse I won't refuse to take a picture with him cos of the BBN drama..... I won't take a pic with him on a normal day. I have just a handful of Celebs I would ever snap with.

      Don't be surprised he made up that last part about TBoss to get attention as usual. She didn't come for courtesy call,she's never mentioned you.. But you keep tagging her.
      Celebrities used this past Big Brother Africa to bully contestants.

    2. No offense but it seems like tboss fans are people with some kind of mental issue.
      They take things to heart and over analyze things.
      AliBaba mentioned her name to get attention? As how? Say who die?
      So the other names he mentioned was also to get attention? Smh

      You guys need to stop attacking everyone who associates themselves with or mention tboss. .you'll make people stay away from her. You're indirectly destroying her career.

      Days ago uriel was bullied because she reshared a post from IG right from Miyonces page instead of tboss.

      Her fans are being extra and it's not helping.
      And i don't think on a normal day Ali Baba will want to take a photo with any of you.

      You all make it seem like she was the only one being insulted.
      Bisola was compared to a monkey
      Called a slut
      Insulted by single moms
      Efes parents were called hungry apes
      A we hate efe IG was created to mock him
      Called dirty smelling
      Uriel was called fat and ugly
      Kemen was called ugly and irritating. ...

      Every housemate was insulted.
      But you guys will still play the victim after the show.

      You guys should keep attacking everybody
      Continue killing her career.....

      Your post is exactly what alibaba wrote about.
      The game has ended
      Move on
      Some of you are either depressed or on some sort of mental breakdown

    3. 15:49 @Anonymous.. ..May you live Long

      If @Kemen like, he should wank like @@Anonymous "Orubebe " and call us mental.... We careth not


    4. Anon 17:29
      Thank you very much.
      Her fans are destroying her career.
      In fact her fans made people to hate her.

      Iphie, why would he make that part UP? Just because it's Tboss?
      And who exactly is she that Alibaba would just lie like that?

      Kemen had it worst sef.
      Yet Tboss fans made it seem like Tboss was Jesus about to be crucified.

      The other Anon up there, people voted Efe because they loved him. Simple.

      Clean the spit on the corners of your mouth. See veins on your neck.

  17. 15.49 abeg he don do. BBN Don pass . Forgive and forget

  18. People moved on but you ironically had tรด write about it.

  19. This is also for some people that report good things about some housemates and only bad ones about others. Learn from Alibaba, the game is over. Mtchew

  20. The crazy and shallow minded ones are tboss fans.

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Gala sellers on people 's matter.

  23. How market? Pls make Una try reach Rumuodara junction for ph, some guys need gala hot fresh gala

  24. Please, I don't agree with that post. That show was no audience test anything biko

  25. I don't agree with this post!, BBN was not a research strategy biko!

  26. I don't agree with this post.


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