Stella Dimoko Peter Okoye Raised His Voice Against Men Who Beat Women And The Post Went South::


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Friday, May 12, 2017

Peter Okoye Raised His Voice Against Men Who Beat Women And The Post Went South::

Yesterday Musician Peter Okoye added his voice to the list of Celebs crying out against Domestic Violence since Actress Mercy Aigbe's Domestic Violence story broke...It was just another post and I walked pass until the comments went South.....I just went back to read and to say that I am shocked is to be saying it lightly.......WHAT!!!!!....Are we raising a Generation of Monsters?


  1. Why cant a man hit a fellow man who also has poisonous mouth and verbal diarrhea.

    If Anthony Joshua should abuse Mr Gentry worse than Mercy did, will he still throw a punch?

    Men, i will be waiting for your answers, take your time.

    1. You know the bitter truth; ALL men are potential women beaters! It is only "self control" that makes some of them escape doing this @ some points in their lives!

      Someone will come under my comment now and say trash! But I stand on my point of view!

      Don't get me wrong; there are monsters! The once who believe they are entitled to subdue a woman for them to prove their masculinity abi cowardice*!

      But the average man is quick to anger and most times react with their fists! Doesn't make it right; but screaming DV when the deed is done won't help you either!

      That's one of the reasons why it is good to be EMOTIONALLY mature before stepping into marriage or moving in with a man! One of the lessons a woman ought to learn is that your physical strength is no match to that of a man! When his anger is high, control your tongue*! If what he did is so heartbreaking and saying hurtful things is all you wanna do; sisterly speak from a distance or report him to people he respects!

      As for the SA lady that died; I smell obsession! When your partner starts colonising you in such a way that you see yourself being cut off from people; stay away from that partner till the person stabilises back or blatantly refuse till you win! Stop getting carried away with obsessions! It is not love!

      Also, this latest rave of women paying bk with cheating; won't condemn you lots o cos some men are just not it. But bragging about it to your man? Sisterly, when they beat you; you caused it! There is a reason why they are men (no this is not just societal entitlement. Read your bible and apply wisdom)!

      However, I am totally against DV! I am extremely happy Mercy's husband is cooling off in kirikiri*!

      The hotline for DV should be spread out so that men who do this will be picked up and put in prison or a correctional home! It is only the fear of this that can tame their anger! Forget SM awareness! Soon even the main abusers will be the ones organising protests just to lure gullible women!

      All these RUN* mantras you hear from your fellow women on SM na scam! Everyone covers their ass perfectly well. Most of you can't go a day without a man in your life; so you will run to the next abuser or what? (while you are still thesame you with razor blade tongue). Sisterly, use your sixth sense and act wisely!

      Once you are absolutely certain your man gets violent with no provocation at all; just know he is one of them monsters and LEAVE him! But if it's a man whose violence comes when you say hurtful things; preserve your marriage/relationship by keeping QUIET ; cos honestly the next won't be so different o (it's not always easy I know, but try!!!)

      May God help everyone!

      (sorry for the epistle)

    2. Lol,you just killed me. You want Anthony Joshua to kill somebody? Hahaha

    3. 1 blow and we shall buy Mr Gentiri a coffin.

    4. Starry larry good day, pls I need the link to download wedding party pls.Thanks.

    5. @ my opinion , I disagree with you but I do not have the strength to type much for now. May be I will come back and pen my thoughts down.

    6. Anon 15:11 okay!

      Will be back when I am free to read your counter opinion

      Please endeavour to read my comment in DETAILS before ur reply aii?


  2. This is hilarious mhen..
    That Josh Ibe guy and d oda baboon are something else..

  3. I am just wondering what he said that warranted such hateful response from that guy

  4. Oh Peter my brother,I love you for this...
    If you are a woman beater,please feel free to challenge Peter or your fellow men!...

    And look at that josh Ibe's English..
    Iti Kom Kom!!...

  5. Bigger son is behaving like our own James aka peace maker hahahahaha

    Dont mind men that beat women. Anyway we always pray that when you beat your wife, you will receive beating from another man without knowing why

  6. Everybody Don turn preacher on top domestic violence mata.

  7. English language is in trouble with the way Nigerians maltreat it.
    My God, what kind of generation are we in. Everybody behaving and thinking like barbarians? What is happening to our children?

    1. Somebody should buy Josh_ibe queen premier

  8. Real men don't beat their wife's.Though some women will always push their husbands in the wall but na to work away sure past.#Saynotodomesticvoilence#

  9. My dear na true, an army officer will insult, harass and humiliate them in public and you see the so called macho man crying with catarrh like a child.Even without a gun, they can not fight a soldier oh, who born them?

    Our MD is female and you need to see how these so called mature men will be looking at the floor when she is telling them off.

    1. Soldier lounloun, dem go beat them like taata nau. They will even be saying yes sir yes sir to the soldiers like mumu.

    2. Stfu...can a woman talk to a soldier anyhow??? But if na her hubby or bf, she go insult shege enter im blood

  10. Na wa. Women are really suffering. See the wives beaters saying they would beat them if they don't brittle their tongue.

    And that josh- ibe English is wa.

  11. The love I have for this ma bros Peter just increased today*muah* you wouldnt have apologised to this tout of a boy biggerson that is 'otimpku' to flavour jare. He's truly not your level na. What happens to walking out or something when a woman begins to run her mouth like he's saying. See blab! Mscheeeew

  12. Who are all these stark illiterates following Peter?

    Spending all theit time on SM instead of improving themselves.

    How will these one pass any interview ? Na wah.

  13. IMO, women should walk away from an abusive man or a man who would bring out the worst in them, don't wait till he hits you, pack ur bags to your father's house.

  14. Omigosh... I saw my comment... "covers face" That Josh guy is crazily funny in an unattractive way. Someone said he hit his sister but FYI he has never hit a woman, his sister definitely isn't a woman. Thank for lending your voice to this cause and DV is not one sided

  15. Yea! beat @Anthony Joshua den u'll b called a real man. love dat talk.
    Anyways, me love for @peter ehhen,.

  16. Bvs didn't you people take note of josh_Ibe all over the post, calling peter an illiterate he can't event spell.foolish group

  17. @ d_osigwe.

    Who raised him?
    He must have grown up in a dysfunctional home.
    Just look at his comment.
    Look at his picture?
    One would see that one and call him a gentleman.
    Wolves in sheep clothing.

    Lord help all my single sisters searching for Mr Right never to fall for packaged monsters such as this.

    Good one Peter jare.

    1. My dear, only faulty foundation breeds such. I tire

  18. The exchange of words/ name calling is always uncalled for. I love me some psquare but Baboon? Hell nah

  19. Are you sure that josh is not Mercy's husband. I mean the English is just terrible.

  20. I pity the women that will end up with those baboonsπŸ˜‚πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

    Godbless you peter for this.

    At first it started with a slap, and he apologized, bought me an apple ipad, i forgave him and was watching him with gbejero eyesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    The day my ex finally beat me up enh, i saw stars, we broke his plasma, fell standing fridge, he scattered my samsung phone, we turned his room upside down, cos me sef no gree o, at 1st i was trying to shield myself, naim i reason say this guy can kill me hide o, cos he was hitting me in my stomach and head, slapping my eyes, pushing me against the wall; i even ran to the bathroom to hide, nigga broke the door and continued, chai i thought to myself this guy no too big o, i can stand up to him na. I fought him back(he beat me sha o I no go lie, my eyes coverπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).

    The relationship ended that day o, nobody believed I ended the relationship cos of the incidence. Nigga begged, cried, called his ancestors to beg, my reply was I NO DO AGAIN(even my friends were saying I was over reacting and I should forgive him) cos he now bought ring and proposed to his ancestors, OMO I dodge the ring, he got angry.

    He saw my heart was hardened, he now started to threaten me, that i should give him the gifts he bought me, I should return the iPad, the money he spent on me, perfumes he bought.

    I peacefully when to the police station to report him o, they give him a restricting order, not to get close to me.

    Till date he still calls me witch and says I over reacted, lol
    If I hear!?!
    Plus your money, minus your money......i wont wish domestic violence on my enemy sef.

    That shit is bloody.

    1. Thank God you dodged that bullet. Better to be single.

    2. Good thing you took off. Which refund e de find? All the beating plus the hospital bills have balanced the gifts you received from him, simple.

    3. Wow
      That one is a monster with a capital M.
      Inukwa return everything he bought you.
      Thank God you left him without looking back.
      And I like that you showed him 9:9 too. Oshisco somebody.

      How are you o'jare.?
      I trust you are in a very good place now?
      One love

  21. Too long and boring. The yeye English grammar alone up there no even help matters.

  22. Peter and his followers is the exact case of "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are "

  23. Hi guys,hubby got me a new phone 2 days back,and I suspect it's been hacked,he is an IT can I confirm my suspicion???.not that I cheat on him,God forbid I do that,over my dead body.i just want my privacy,can't i gossip in peace with my girls?Is it possible for him to know what goes on in my watsapp?and how do I uninstall what ever he must have done.Kindly help.
    Martins Aboy come out of ur hiding place ooo you are wanted.thanks.

  24. There is equality now,so if any woman do anyhow she go see anyhow.You do me i do you God no go vex

  25. Cause and effect.
    Verbal abuse leads to physical abuse.
    Prevention is better than cure.
    Stop verbal abuse to stop physical abuse.

    Sing it from now till kingdom come. If you cannot control your mouth, a volatile man may not be able to control his hands. Control! Control !! Control!!! To all parties involved.

  26. I don't see any ish here. Men should stop beating women. Women should stop abusing men if they don't want to be beaten.....odikwa simple

    1. Gbammest...the moment they start to preach stop to verbal abuse, physical abuse will reduce to its barest minimum...this talk of u shouldn't hit a woman no matter what is even worsening the case

  27. Sips Orijin** na una sabi! If you like John the bandwagon and be screaming DV, if you run your mouth and taunt me, I'll beat sense back into you. Next time your quote will become "real women don't taunt their men". Stupid devilish women that can't hold their tongues. Military officers do not go around taunting people and for the record the reason people do not fight them is cos they attack you in numbers. Slapped one stupid officer who happened to be alone, guy didnt even cough. Peter should swear he's never beat his wife

  28. Rubbish post from Peter Okoye. I didn't see the story of the woman that killed her husband with scissors in Aba. It is not here or on Linda Ikeji, maybe because a man was the victim. So Mr Omoyeni to respond to your foolish post, does women who verbally and sometimes physically abuse their husbands get provoked when police or army pull them over?
    Peter please go back to school!
    Any day a woman verbally abuse any man,she officially ceases to be a woman!


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