Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - The Interview.


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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday In House Gists - The Interview.

There are some interview questions that if you see them,you will know a Nigerian Journalist interviewed the person...Like the ones we see year in year out done on our Celebs...

If you are a Journalist and you had the Opportunity to Interview anyone (celeb or not) who would you interview and what would you ask?

You are allowed to ask two questions that you have been meaning to ask and that you deem really important.

And then which one question do you always see asked Nigerian Celebs?

I see ''When was the first time you kissed and how was it'' -LMAO! #sameoldsameoldquestions

I am not allowed to take part in this interview because I shaded myself up there along with other Nigerian Journalists..LOL


  1. iam not a journalist

    reading comments on ghost mood

    1. I will to ask Stella, how she got her oyibo husband

      Davido,,, why he's spreading his semen

      Wizkid,,,, what inspired that hairstyle

      Oge okoye,,,, what was she thinking when she posted those dogs

      Omotola,,, the magic that kept her home.

  2. "Who are you wearing/who styled you?-frequently asked on the red carpet.

    If I were to interview Genevieve I would ask: 1)How do you manage to keep your life so private,you are so coded.

    2)Pls (I go even kneel down ,hands up join) who are you dating?? just a name

    I always imagine what her relationship is like.If she is lovey dovey or always serious.Heard she is a shy girl abi woman but I love her like that.

    1. Madam small chops 70% of May 3rd born women r highly coded

  3. Please let me divert from the post. I need to rant here.. no genuine froend that cares and understand guys... I'm 22 yrs old and hasn't dated before.... infact ehh I'm that good girl picture and yes.. life has been boring. I was made like that by God. I have lived my life on principles bla blah blah. But right now? ... I'm dangerously confused and I need advice please. I did OND in poly but decided to pursue my passion by going into uni to study dramatic art/ performing art. I have been writing jamb and luckily for me I passed last year but didn't get admission.. this year I got 235 (pray for me to get admitted). I planned to finish school, get started and take care of my mum since my dad died late last year before getting married. It's not happening real quick but I know i will get there. Then I was talking to my friend that married last year and she finished me well. That I should get married before I get old... listed people that has same mindset as me that got married at 35 and above and yet didn't achieve anything. Said by the time I will finish the 4yr course.. her children will be all grown up. I told her apart from my schooling.. I'm not mentally, emotionally and financially free for marriage but she said I'm just deceiving myself. I just want to build myself, develop myself. All my life I seems to be the last person, like Things don't always come to me cheap.. i always work, pray and cry for it. And I have decided to take baby steps with God. To allow myself make mistakes and build myself. I don't even love God very well or love myself very well and I'm expected to marry another person join?. There are some certain things I learn everyday that surprises me and in my heart of heart.. i know it's not time to settle down. And honestly I'm looking at 28.. 29 yrs. Right now I'm so scared about relationships.. I'm easily bored by people and I know i might not e lasting till I meet the soul mate my heart is wanting on. And I don't want to date somebody and confuse lust as love and then end up losing my V to somebody that don't worth it. But I'm thinking of keeping male friends to get tp know guys more when God hear my prayers and grant me admission. Plus when I start getting movie roles, i will use it to meet and interact with different personalities. Bvs.. am I wrong?.. is my mindset weird?.... should I start giving in to her proposal (her hubby friend) and honestly I don't feel that proposal. please drop ypur opinion for me. I'm scared of reaching the 28.. 29 and found out I might not get married or that I made a mistake waiting that long. And I want to marry for love not money. Am I making a huge mistake? .... please I need a good genuine friend that cares.....

    1. So what exactly is your problem now?!

    2. No darling, you're not making a mistake at all. As a matter of fact, you're on the right path. Go get that admission, study hard, graduate in flying colours, serve God faithfully and all things will fall into place for you. At 22, life is just starting, and the fact that you still have plans you've not met. Forget about marriage proposals for now else you will be miserable in that marriage. And one other thing, stay away from toxic friends who try to shove their own opinions at you. You will be alright dear.

    3. Let me say no two people walk the same path in life and that's what makes us special and unique. What works for someone might not just work for the other. First lesson is life is always have YOUR plan but it doesn't always work the way you plan it but atleast you have a focus and something guiding you. Most people think marriage is a path through life but it's actually a growth through life if properly attained. Don't let people plan you life for you cause it's your shoe and you alone knows where it pinches. At 22 you need a life,a career that will lead to you having a means of livelihood and a friend that will join you later to help complete you as a person. Most ladies or babes don't realize that the will spend more years in their matrimonial home than they will spend at their parents house if God gives you the grace of old age which we all pray for. Even if you marry late a woman is expected to have started fending for her self by her later 20s so what's all this rush to crash in a man's house without bringing anything to the table. Your friend is making money or getting some gains by fixing you up for her husband's friend. Who says or what guarantee that your relationship will work out fine with him and am sorry but most times it does not. Focus on your schooling,get a career and who says you can have a relationship but you must take it steady. At 22 if the guy is in a rush you can pass and wait for someone who is willing to support your decision. Tell him you don't intend settling down until another 6 years but like I always say it's a plan and its not cast on stone and you can change your mind if the right person comes and settle down in 3 or 4 years. All that is important is make sure you are an asset not a liability. Wish you the best in your decisions.

    4. Hey dear, I do understand what you are passing through... I'd like to tell you that this world is tough and not always fair. I want you to stop your pity party and take the bull by the horns, don't be too hard on yourself also, don't be intimidated and don't let one person's opinion make you do what you don't want to. I would advice that you work on your self esteem and the way you carry yourself... don't let your circumstances determine your personality. I would also advice you to let God love you, if only you would open up to Him and continue to tell him the desires of your heart.. I want you to brace up yourself, apply for that admission and be positive about it. Continue to take those baby steps, it will all be alright in the end. Ask God to renew your thinking and remember, we always attract our kinds. Say no to negative vibes always, smile more and try your best to always look good. God cares for you, look up to the author and finisher of our faith.πŸ˜™

    5. Lol. Your mindset isnt wrong. Your friend is the one with the wrong mindset, persuading everyone to think like her. Not all of us are on the same path. Some people are not wired to act and think like everyone else in their immediate society. Marrying after 27 is very ideal, to me. Because you would be abit more certain about what you want in life. Your friend has chosen her path, choose yours. Should i list women in their 30s who got it right in marriage? Should i list women i their 20s who are divorcees already? Abeg life isnt a one-way street. People's stories are different. Just stick with God and let him lead you on your OWN path. Not anyone else's, but YOURS.

      A friend of mine married ASAP after uni for fear of being single in her late 20s. The other day i was out of the country and i posted a picture on bbm. she sent me a message telling me she feels like she missed out on her 20s (she's 30 now and married with a kids and even has a good job), that see how her mates can jack bag and waka anyhow. I told her not to, cos she made her choices and I'm making mine. Simple. However it turns out, we will all be responsible for our choices abi? But at the time she was getting married, she made me feel like i was a fool for not rushing things up. She don enter see say life no be who first to do, e no be competition. Stay on your lane biko. Let your friend do what is scratching her belle.

      In my opinion, people always advice you based on their own limitations. Your friend most likely doesn't have a BSc because she's focused on the negatives of taking such a bold step. I advice you to cut her off the details of your plans, stay prayerful and let God lead YOU. In the end, we will know who was right or wrong or not, abi??

    6. Chikito m, ugegbe oyibo m 1 worldwide. I don't know if I love your stories more than you, but one thing is certain. The love I have for you and your stories is uncountable like Atlantic Ocean.
      Always gist me Nwa oma eji eje mba.

    7. *Phew!* I have been holding my breath through out today and too scared to open this post to find out I might be wrong. But I'm so calm and feel peace now learning from your responses. Thank you and God bless you guys a hundred folds ; Dainty T, Anonymous, I'm noble and Chikito( was actually praying you will advice me too and you did. Plus we're namesake) thank you very much all of you. May you God meet you at your point of needs.. Amen.

    8. Awwwww.... my chike love ❤❤❤ thanks again πŸ˜™

    9. That friend is not good for you.

      What kind of advice is that?

      My dear, 22 is still too young for you to be thinking about marriage when you've not achieved anything. This is not 1935. Live, learn, make money, develop yourself.

      She's probably suffering from a case of sour grapes. Do not rush into marriage especially if your instincts are screaming no.

      And who knows, her husband's friend might be pressuring her to pressure you in turn.

      Say no to marital pressure. At the right time, you would get married. You do not even need to chase it.


  4. I would love to interview Genny. Probably ask her how she is holding up.

    Dbanj.... Whats happening bro?

    Tuface.... How do you settle beefs?

    Tboss...... Is the nose ring part of your brand?

    Don Jazzy..... When you go discover mongopark?

    Buhari.... You no go for like show face for video to debunk the debunkables?

    Timaya.....You never charge finish? #lienus.

    Dare Art Alade.... So what? After bringing Kim to call them monkey, What?

    Bobrisky....look. Look. Look at Green veins on your skin.

    Eva.... I thank the Lord for you. Can you kindly get your arse to the studio and gimme music. #RejecterOfTheRings.

    Funkebaiby.... when is the next skoi skoi drama? What should we expect?.


    To SDK blog celebrities.

    The Queen.... When last did you knack pigeon? BTW, I like your dp. Any hope of seeing the full pics?

    Tet darling....Ghana or Nigerian Jollof.

    TGW.... Do General have a single junior brother?πŸ˜‚

    Bloggie..... For Christ sake! Take this 😘 don't forget to change.

    Cookie.... Now that you have a boyfriend, you think you are doing me. Better knack o. Don't forget the meeting.

    Ideato..... I am sorry you drove to work. What happened to the airstrip at your workplace?

    Pastors daughter..... I am glad you returned your mom's car in one piece.

    Sexy daddy and mommy.... Congrats on the bloglication. So when will sexy children start commenting?

    Galore.....Shush! Mosquitoes make meaningful sounds than you.

    Rhoda....ordinary fight you cannot fight.

    Lagos babe.... Food business without Sugar tasting it, is that one.... Ologbeni farabale send my parcel oΓ³

    #I am tired of typing. To be continued.

    Ehn ehn beloved! I showed my grandpa your pics and he is interested... How much is your bride price?

    1. Lmaooooooooooooooooo....Knack Wetin??? Yeye child!!!

    2. Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha, Sugar 🀣. Your comment got me. I'll be back to answer 🀣😚

    3. You are requested to ask questions, not make comments or conclusions! Duh!!!

    4. Hahahhahaha🀣🀣🀣🀣

      SUGAR SUGAR!πŸ’‹
      I wish he had three. One would have bn for you,the other for Chi Exotic😍 And the third for Pipi or Cynthia or Ollie baby😍

      And I'm answering for Tet🀣 It's a mixture of both.In the same plateπŸ˜‚ Naija jollof on the right and Ghanaian jollof on the right πŸ˜‚

  5. I ll ask Bally and Efe,if truly,they have mouth odour.

  6. My follower on instagram,facebook and so and so and the one that i'm following pls if i may ask where are we heading to cos i don't just get it

  7. Nigerian journalist always asking Nigerian celebs, "so what's your advise to the up and coming that wants to be like you.
    Or, at what stage or age did you notice you have the talent and want to go professional.

    1. I so much hate that question about up and coming. And to think they all give the same answer over and over

  8. Business Tycoon Mrs Folorunsho Alakija, Owner of Famfa Oil Limited and Group Managing Director, The Rose of Sharon Group.
    She's rated Nigeria's Richest Woman by Forbes 2016.

    I got my eye on Enterpreneurship, so 2 questions for her.
    1)...Outside of your current businesses, what other business venture would you love to be an expert at?

    2)...what's that one painful miscomprehension of your personality by people that you wish to change?

    Commonest question journalists always ask Nigerian celebrities:
    How do you handle your opposite fans?

  9. Athiest.... Look atew? Ordinary love you cannot reciprocate... Stay there and be crushing on Arcadian Guy.

    Priya and Eze.... What is This I am hearing? From what I was told, Eze is Man(If you understand what I mean)

    Oh Chikito.... Armpit or pussy hair, which do you shave first? (Celebrity question)

    JHW.... When will you stop tearing?

    OlaWealth...Tautology. Did you pass English at all?

    XP calm your tities down.... I read your rants? Are you menstruating?.

    Essah.... I heard you...

    Isaac... Anambra girls don't like short guys, is there any possibility of increasing your height?

    Omotola....why did you bleach your skin?

    Krix..... Remember I told you I like yoourrr... OK lemme say it. I like your boobs.

    Rolex chic... I am sorry you lost millions to MMM. Come let 'US' contribute for you.

    Gentleman Quarterly.... My new crush. Do you have 6pacs and a very long D?

    1. sugar Hahahahahajahahaha thats how we roll.
      This is 2017 everything don change.
      If you want something for it. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

    2. ......too funny! Sugssss ❤

  10. I will ask Miss Priya...

    Me: When was the 1st time you kissed I'm the King EZE?

    How did you feel?

    How do you feel when other female BVs are toasting him?


    1. Chike: When was the 1st time you kissed I'm the King EZE

      Answer :last weekend

      How did you feel?

      Answer: Nothing. It was his first and my first so it was a bit weird.

      We both had our eyes open, got close, and suddenly the world turned into a void and we kissed...? I was confused because my mind went totally blank, and so abruptly, it was over. It was gross. It wasn't magical. I wanted more. Blankness, and then an explosion of feelings. I weirded myself out wow.

      I love you I am king Eze

      Chike:How do you feel when other female BVs are toasting him?

      Answer: hmmmm I feel jealous, I Sha don't want to share my man with anyone, πŸ˜” πŸ˜” πŸ˜” πŸ˜”

      Thank you chike

    2. Lmao.

      Sincere it's the 1st time for you guys I expected to hear something like "butterfly movement in your belly"

      I'm the King EZE abeg wetin you give Miss Priya Pretty wey she chop?
      The Baba do well for you.

  11. @Vict. Ehis thanks on the receip of palm oil stew, pls does it means i will not fry the tomato with the red oil, wont it taste somehow.

    1. Please where did she share the recipe??

  12. Jennex..... Happy birthday to Gift.

    Ehcuse me Suwan wen... Stay ston darling.. But aunty no vex o. 14 or 4?. You should have gone back to primary school get another FSLC and secondary school for a new waec. I am glad you are doing fine.

    Lagos shopper... Showapa?.

    Cynthia Iyede....😯😯😯😯

    Fan Emmanuel... What is it with people calling you Fan Goat?


    1. Sugar ur head dey shakeπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜

    2. Sugar you funny o
      Yes dear not 4 but 14 years.

    3. 🀣🀣🀣🀣


  13. #Be grateful for the good times and keep the faith during the bad times*

  14. I will ask Stella, when are u going to remember me?

  15. Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote- please sir may I be employed by you?

  16. I would love to interview Rita Dominic.
    I would ask her why she didn't want to have a child outside marriage if marriage is not coming her way
    I would like to ask Rita her best role ever.....

  17. Lmao @ sugar "IDEATO sorry you drove to work, what happened to the airstrip at your workplace ?" love you sugs baby.

  18. Lmao @ sugar "IDEATO sorry you drove to work, what happened to the airstrip at your workplace ?" love you sugs baby.

  19. Will ask Stella, dey use hastag swear for you? That's the only important question.
    Then I'll ask Muhammadu Buhari when he think will be the best time for him to resign as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  20. Martins Aboy pls Hw do I get a blog I D?

  21. I love this Stellz.....

    I would love to interview Nedu of Wazobia Fm.
    First question I would ask him is how he gets inspiration for that special vocabulary that he uses. OMG! Remembering some of them now, I'm just laughing like an idiot here...


    The second question I would ask him is what motivated him to take that job that he does so well....

    One common question that celebrities are always asked during an interview is "what would you love to change about yourself?"

  22. Tiwa savage
    Is she really sleeping with all the men her husband accused her.

    1. Can I answer for her?πŸ˜‚

      Just The way beauty is in the eye of the beholder,The accusations are just in the mind of the accuser.


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