Stella Dimoko Woman Arrested For Selling Off Four Of Her Five Children


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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Woman Arrested For Selling Off Four Of Her Five Children

The police have arrested a housewife and detained her at Area M Command, Idimu for allegedly selling four out of her five children to different buyers as goods without the knowledge of her husband in Lagos.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the woman simply identified as Vicky was arrested following a petition by her husband to the Area Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, ACP Austines Akika.

Police sources said the suspect was selling the children one after the other and successfully sold four remaining a child.
It was learnt that she lied to her husband that she took the kids to their relation until the husband later discover she has sold them to some undisclosed buyers.

The secret came to the open recently after she sold the last child for N400,000 and her husband was tipped by their neighbour who knew about it.
Thus, the husband reported to the police and she was arrested and detained at the Command Cell.

She was said to have already confessed to the police while efforts were already being made to rescue the children and arrest the buyers.
However, P.M.EXPRESS investigations about how the woman has successful carried out the illegal sales without her husband knowing revealed that the husband, who rented an apartment in Idimu area of Alimosho local government, was working outside Lagos, where he stays during the week and only return home weekend or monthly.

It was gathered while the husband was away, the woman plotted to be selling those children and deceived her husband they were taken to their relations.
Our correspondent learnt that the husband on his own tried to locate the relations where the wife claimed she took those children to was fruitless.

This makes the man to be suspicious before it was finally exposed.
When our correspondent visited Area M Command, Idimu, the suspect was still detained at the cell.

However, the Area Commander, ACP Akika was not around to comment on the matter.

All efforts to speak with the suspect and for more details was unsuccessful as the police declined to disclose any information.
However, it was gathered at the Command that the police was unwilling to give any information pending the arrest of the buyers and conclusion of investigation.


  1. What on earth would she do such a thing, what wickedness is this? Your own children!

  2. Who else has noticed the kind of strange stories that originate from Idimu Egbeda-Ikotun-Iyana Ipaja-Igando axis of Lagos state?

  3. I did not read it

    Did it happen in Nigeria? It yes!

    @Buahari is the "Causer "


  4. This type of people shouldn't be called MOTHER you got pregnant,went through a difficult journey of 9 months,a painful and tough child labour and you have that devilish mind to sell your children without considering if they will be use for money ritual or not are cruel and heartless,wetin some people they fast and pray,climb mountain for

  5. Lord, have mercy some people no get conscience ooo walai!!

  6. hahahhahaha funny but not funny

    hope she sold them to wealthy people that really need children .

  7. Tell me how buhari is the causer

  8. Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa

    This is funny and not funny at the same time. When you tell them to have the number of kids they can take care of, they will tell you that its God who takes care of kids. Will God come down from heaven to take care of your kids?

    The economic situation in this country is not favourable to low income earners with many kids. One or two is enough these days. With only one kid, I know how much I spend every month. School alone takes so much that I wonder how those with three, four kids cope. Food nko? Oh my God! She takes light food like custard or GoldenMorn with milk before leaving home, I now package the main breakfast together with snacks and juice for her in her lunch bag. When she comes back home in the afternoon she eats, before night, she will eat little things like ice cream, mango, apple, e.t.c.(Their mouth no dey stay one place na) Then at night, she eats dinner before going to bed. This does not include school fees, books, party money, school escortion money, drugs, clothes, shoes, cosmetics, e.t.c. It is not a small something o. May God help us in Nigeria.

  9. This is not poverty but wickedness of the highest order

    Madam, go to ceke let them wash ur head

    Destined 2b great
    Mc pinky

  10. Hmmmn. I dont even want to believe this story

  11. On a second thought, she might have given the kids out as maids and collected payment up front. I've seen some little girls work as maids and when asked if their mum knows what they do, they said yes, that it was their mum that handed them over to the madam.

  12. From Igando to Idimu 👍

  13. Seriously, who know If they were truly been sold, because I don't really understand this story

  14. #Think big, dream big, believe big, and the results will be big*

  15. The woman must be sick 😷

  16. See who recession is doing to people, that woman is heartless.

  17. Shebi this one is the physical one that ypu can all see and shout about. Do you know that some mothers do spiritual trade by barter with their children?


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