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Thursday, June 01, 2017


There are many misconceptions about mobile device batteries, with some causing people to do outrageous things in the name of maintaining their device battery. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 4 common misconceptions about mobile device batteries.

Don’t Use Your Device While It’s Charging

Using a device while it charges is very unlikely to have a negative impact on your device. It has virtually no impact on the quality of charge the battery of your device gets, unless of course you’re using a low quality knock off charger (in that case, the bad charger is the one most likely to negatively impact the quality of charge your device’s battery gets).

Turning Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS Will Prolong Battery Life

The only time these services drain your battery is when they are in use. Having your Bluetooth turned on when you’re not using a Bluetooth device, or having your Wi-Fi on when you’re not accessing the network or surfing the net, is hardly going to drain your battery. It just pulls an insignificant amount of energy from your device, which isn’t enough to drain it over the course of the day. One of the things that does help in prolonging your device battery is reducing your screen’s brightness.

Surfing the Net Will Drain Your Battery Faster Than Anything

This isn’t the complete truth. Though surfing the net can in fact drain your battery over time especially if your internet activity involves watching online videos or doing graphic-intensive activities, gaming is actually what drains your device battery faster than anything else. The graphic engine for most games is a massive ‘energy drainer’ and if you play games on your device a lot, it’s advisable to dim the screen of your device.

You Should Always Charge Your Device Till It Is Full Before First Using It

When mobile phones and devices were still using NiMH and NiCd batteries, it was necessary to fully charge them before first using them (this was known as the memory effect). Modern batteries are Li-ion and actually perform better when they are not fully discharged (though you should avoid letting them deplete completely). As a result, the best percentage for your device battery is between 50 to 80 percent (which is considered the sweet spot for your battery’s charge cycle that helps to avoid high number of charge cycles, which can over time degrade battery performance). Most new devices are sold with battery percentages within this range, so it’s unnecessary to charge it till it’s full.

*I hear if you dont charge your new phone before using it,it will never fully charge until its battery life is over!..


  1. Wow!What an interesting info.

  2. What about having the battery exploding whilst charging the phone and answering a call at the same time.

    1. Lolz, my question exactly! My mom is always screaming " do you want to kill yourself"! All because I use phone under charge!

      ... Jesus is my worth!

  3. What is now d function of d phone then??😕😕😕
    If not for all that is listed up there.

    Instead of us to pray that we should not use a phone for more than a year, they are telling us bla Bla bla sheep, have u any wood...

    That's how one man came to tell me that if I press my phone n @d same time listen to music with my loudspeaker that my phone's battery will get drain easily.. Ewoo.. E fii phoni mi sile!! Ki olorun maa shey wa ni talika.. Make una shout Amen ooo.

    Chai I am hungry dz afternoon, i don't like this bachelor life ooo😲😲😲😲

    1. 'you don't like bachelor life' abi? Are you paralyzed? Or you are a cripple? Or penis will reduce if you cook your own food.
      Wait, the woman who is being groomed to be your cook is coming, you here?

  4. Hmmmm. So I can buy a phone and immediately start using it without charging for four hours or till battery is fully charged? Gotta confirm this

  5. Surfing the net will drain my phone battery faster

    Eya..... ...

    Dry well well

    Faster faster

    I careth not

    What about those that sleep with their phone after watching blue film, Dem forget their phone untop their breast? ....any remedy?


    1. @Pipi... Abi you too dey use your phone download and watch that thing... .Smile ☺


  6. I can use my phone while charging. I think i should stop that especially when i want to open stella's blog to comment

    1. You may use it while charging... But please don't receive calls while charging. .it's risky

      I listened to @Fade of beatFm years ago, and she talked about how her mum's friend's daughter died whilst charging phone or something

      OK.. I Remebered. .what happened was, the said woman was in the bathroom, then she received call, I think she was electrocuted.. She died on the spot

      God go help us

      I miss my @Fade on Radio


  7. Thanks for the information

  8. Very informative! Many thanks SDK.

  9. I don't agree with almost all. I know for a fact that ur battery charges faster when you are not using it than when u are using it.

    I know that when my WiFi is on, my battery drops faster than when it's off.

    Surfing the Internet also actually drains ur battery faster than normal

  10. Jumia Travel definite needs to talk with a technology expert before churning out advice. Advice 2 is clearly VERY WRONG. Your phone will drain more battery if your WiFi and Bluetooth are ON even when you ain't using them.

    These technologies are always ON, therefore even when nothing is connected, they are SEARCHING for something to connect to and this utilizes battery power.

    One should turn off any connectivity function that one is not using to conserve battery power.

  11. Hope i have created a blog ID

  12. Don't use your phone while charging... Nor be naija oooh. No light


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