Stella Dimoko Federal Govt Raises $300m From Diaspora Bond


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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Federal Govt Raises $300m From Diaspora Bond

The Federal Government yesterday raised $300 million from its first Diaspora Bond issued in the International Capital Market .

 The fund was raised at the rate of 5.625 per cent for a tenor of five years, Debt Management Office (DMO) Director-General Abraham Nwankwo said.

He said the Diaspora Bond was targeted at Nigerians in the Diaspora to enable them contribute to national development. The bond, he said, was structured as a retail instrument to appeal to a wide base of investors, adding that it was offered through private banks and wealth managers, rather than the institutional investors that deal in large volume transactions.

Nwankwo said the Diaspora bond had opened a new source of financing for projects for the country’s development. This new window, he said, would enhance the funding liquidity and flexibility of the economy, which are necessary characteristics as the country gathers momentum towards the attainment of advanced economy status.

The DMO boss said the bond issuance would attract foreign exchange into the country, serve as a viable way of diversifying government sources of funding, and a means of obtaining cheaper external financing.

It will equally open a new and parallel source of liquidity for the country in the commercial window of the International Capital Market relative to the Eurobond, since this will be targeting different classes of investors.

More than 50 per cent of the N2.21 trillion deficits in this year’s N7.44 trillion budget will be funded through external borrowing.

Finance Minister Mrs. Kemi Adeosun said Nigeria is the first African country to issue a bond targeted at retail investors in the United States, a market highly regulated by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC). The only previous US SEC registration for an African country was targeted at institutional investors.

She said the issuance of a bond registered by the US SEC provides an opportunity to access a wide range of investors. In addition, Nigeria can now routinely access funds from private banks and wealth managers in the US and European markets: this opportunity is not available to other developing countries that have only issued Eurobonds. To have received the approval of the US SEC indicates that the highest level of transparency and accountability in the economic process has been attained.

She said the bond would impact the country’s credit, transparency and financial market development index rating. The Diaspora Bond is the first bond issued by an African sovereign registered with both the US SEC and the United Kingdom Listing Authority (UKLA) and targeted at retail investors.

In 2013, the country unveiled plans to sell diaspora bonds worth between $100 million and $300 million to Nigerians living abroad. But the government did not appoint a book runner to actualise the plan.

According to the bond issuance plan, a road show was led by Nwankwo. The DMO boss led the government’s delegation to the roadshow because the Finance minister stayed home to deal with the newly signed N7.44trillion 2017 budget. The budget was signed by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo on June 12.

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  1. I think that's a good step in the right direction.

  2. Honestly I read every word but I have no clue what this means lol

  3. I just hope they are focusing, and prioritizing on key issues to help build the economy to further attract and reach a large foreign-based investors, in other to build more profit to further boost our sink-hole economy.

    We also need to, think outside the box on how we can be large exporters, and not just big consumers of foreign goods.

    We need to start split and allocate budgets into various structures, like agriculture, renewal energy/solar energy (Energy sector mainly as steady light, attracts investors), commercial industries, automotive industry (we have intelligent youths with great designs), textile industry, etc.

    Why aren't there shows for youths with technological, or architectural advances/ideas to build and setup various plans for the economy or states been done?
    Rather we invest in all these unrealistic pageants, and unproductive reality shows that add no production to the economy.

    We can manufacture, and export our very own made in Nigeria products, to other countries.
    There should be investments in pharmaceutical companies, creation of standard healthcare facilities, and public safety. More importantly, invest in the people.

    There should be a reconstruction/remodel of Murtala Mohammed International Airport as that is an eyesore (😡💔) to any standardized international airport globally, likewise in a whole(exaggeratively) 'mega city', like Lagos. All other airports in the country should be remodeled as well, and new ones created.

    At times, I ponder on if the government, have an idea that an airport, is the first soil/place any foreign individual sets foot on that gives that impression as to what the country/state will look like!!
    Sad, but the truth. Maybe, that might be one of the reasons we lack a high rate of foreign investors. Just my two cents.. Hoping for the best

  4. Abraham Nwankwo. This man that has refused to leave DMO. He sees that office as his fathers property after 10years as a DG.he has cleaned the place dry.nnmch


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