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Friday, June 16, 2017

Interesting Things About Abeokuta.....

Abeokuta, the state capital of Ogun State in southwest Nigeria, is one of Nigeria’s most industrious cities. It’s a large city which lies below the Olumo Rock and is home to several caves. There are several interesting things about the bustling city ....

Alake’s Palace

This palace is the home of the custodian of the culture and traditions of the Egba people, the Alake of Egba Land. It’s a unique and culturally rich destination that houses many statues, busts and figures that represent the deities, gods and different culturally relevant historical figures.

Olumo Rock

This is one of the Abeokuta’s most popular attractions and one of Nigeria’s major tourist attractions. The rock was used as a fortress for the Egba people during intertribal wars in the 19th century. The stairs of the rock are actually man-made and were carved into the rock by the Egba people to enable them climb the rock. On the journey to the top of the rock, you can see sights of carvings in the rock, cowrie-studded statues and the ancient abode of the priestesses who live in huts on the rock. On your back down, the beautiful sight of the Ogun river can be admired.

Abeokuta Museum

Yes Abeokuta indeed has a museum. The museum houses artifacts that tell of the town and its people’s ancient history. Lovers of archeology will find a lot to learn from this place as the museum is indeed a repository of the culture and tradition of the town and its people. The museum also houses the handcrafts and ancient weapons used by the early settlers of the town and its environs. It also displays the culture and heritage of the people in a revealing and educative way.

Hilltop Golf Resort

This resort has a large, beautiful and technical golf course that has hosted a number of national golf tournaments. The resort is a relaxing leisure spot and a safe location with breathtaking scenery and a luscious green landscape. It’s a delightful sight. The resort has a prestigious and highly sought club, the Abeokuta Golf Club, which you would have to be a member of to enjoy the resort’s golfing facilities. The club is one of the most prestigious and highly sought clubs in Abeokuta.

By Damilola Ojo....


  1. Replies
    1. Don't know if its my phone... Pictures would have made this more interesting.

      All the same, thanks for sharing Damilola.

    2. Ale o or Enle o abi inn okun o
      oh ewe so o


    4. @Alake of Egba Land

      I greet you Sir @Oba Gbadebo

      I also love @Ijebu Garri

      I love my @Yoruba demons


  2. Egba meji kin jarawon niyon😂

  3. ABEOKUTA!!!!
    Secondary school days waas madt fun!
    Very cheap lifestyle!(food)
    Baptist girls' college idi aba mould me...
    Koleosho and my friends at Abeo grams taught me about friendship...
    I loveeeeeee ABEOKUTA die but d juju there no be beans!

    1. Abeokuta is a nice town.

      Your comment will be visible after approval.

    2. Abeokuta is no longer cheap since Lagos people are porting on one hand, and on another level cheap because of ignorance.
      However, I love the serenity.

  4. Abeokuta! My home for 5 years. I miss the ofada rice especially but there are so many funny bus stops like iyana mortuary etc

    1. Hahahaha. Thats funny mehn. Iyana mortuary...Lols. onikolobo, adigbe, funny names

    2. Lol, something I will be shy to call the names when am looking for taxi because it sound so local. Obantoko, oke aregba, paroro ake, ago ika etc

    3. Panseke.....only been there once and wouldn't forget panseke bus stop😂😂

  5. Proudly from Abeokuta👌👍👊

  6. Lori oke ati petele,
    Nibe lagbe bimisi o,
    Nibe lagbe Tomi dagba o,
    Ile ominira.

    Mayo mayo mayo o,
    Lori Olumo
    Mayo mayo mayo o,
    Lori Olumo.

    Abeokuta ilu Egba,
    Mi oni gbagbe re,
    Mo gbe o soke okan mi,
    Bi ilu odo Oya.

    Mayo mayo mayo o
    Lori Olumo,
    Mayo, mayo mayo o
    Lori Olumo.

    Proudly Egba girl.

    1. I swear, you head is there. Lol

    2. Osheyyy!!!!

      Emi o fi abeokuta shogo
      Ma duro lori olumo
      Mayo loruko egba o
      Emi omo lisabi

      Mayo mayo....

  7. The gateway state una Weldon

  8. Hopefully I'll be there one day

  9. The rock city with funny names of places like:
    Iyana mortuary
    Ita eko
    Oke sokoro
    Oke ilewo
    Iyana oloke
    Ita elega
    And many more
    Hahahhahahaha I love my state capital die.

    Motola and ibukun add yours if your sure you really know egba

    1. Panseke, oke mosan, mehn... I miss alaga porridge and their vegetable soup#Nysc days#

  10. I love adore and that stadium ofada is the truth.

    There is fun in egba but no good job just like Ilorin.
    Only ministries, banks and school.

    Am a proud omo Ogun iseya

  11. Oh Abeokuta reminds me of NYSC friend was got to Sapon and she kept telling the drivers " Pasan"...they just kept saying they dont know the place, till she called the house agent she wanted to meet up with.... i miss abeokuta sha

    1. This is officially the most hilarious comment I've read on this blog. But is it truly real? Hope you didn't fabricate it. Meeeen, absolutely hilarious.

  12. Omo egba to sure16 June 2017 at 23:55

    Awww,i love egba like kilode,prodully omo olumo...the only state with athem...thanks dammy.....anso ro abeokuta,ilu rere ilu olola.....many beautiful song for egba.omo alake ki yin oooo


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