Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 178


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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Labour Room Drama 178

This Labour room drama is from the TTC testimony post...

My darling sis Stella I greet may God continue to bless you.
This is my labour room experience from TTC testimony post 35. Long small but please permit me.

My pregnancy was sickness free, Satan wanted to cut it short at 12 weeks but God proved himself. 

So at 39weeks+ 5days I was already tired of being pregnant and couldn't wait to meet my baby, I got home from work that faithful Friday went to the bathroom to shower before I could open the shower I just saw water flowing down, na so my mind skip oo, told hubby and we set for hospital.

 A week prior to that time i had contractions and went to the hospital and the gynae asked me to come into labor room to be checked na so I saw one woman who just born finish and she was been stitched, me seeing her blood na so fear grip me o had to cover my face come see the way the nurses were laughing at me.

 When I got home I pray to baba God to give the courage to bear the pain.

Back to my story, we got to the hospital,the gynae checked me and told me its not yet time that I should go back home, I told the gynae am not leaving without my baby that was when he said let's induce you then. Na so we start, he inserted one drug in my veejay that my 2am labor should start, by 2am nothing happened and another one was inserted. 

By 12noon my water broke when I was enjoying my sleep, na so dem bring and pass the hot drip na so labor start. I read here that shouting will not help but breathing in and out na so I start o, hubby was with me rubbing my back and saying sorry. 

Hours pass I was waiting for that moment when I will start shouting from the hot drip the time no come o but the handle of the bed suffer, how the tin no remove I don't know. The nurse just came in twice to check me. By 6:30 i felt the urge to poo, told hubby na so he rush to call the gynae, the gynae checked me and said am fully dilated, was asked to hold my leg and push whenever I feel the urge to poo again but told the nurse I can't hold my leg and push o that one nurse should come and hold it for me , the nurse said when its time I will hold it myself, true true when the time reach I held my leg and push like 4 times no show then i was given a cut before my prince charming came out 7:05pm.

 The boy came out and he didn't cry I told God the devil must not win over my case, one, two beating that sweet melody came out. The placenta came out and was stitched up, went to have my bath and I waka go recovery room.

My hubby was with me all through the process but when it was time for the baby to come out my guy ran out. Later he said he left because the labor room was too full, only a gynaecologist, two nurses and a pediatrician were his own definition of crowd.

When I got to the recovery room the two women I shared the room with asked me how I did it without shouting being a first mum na so I begin gist dem that I got my experience through Stella dimoko blog the labor room drama segment. Right there dem open it and bookmark it. My baby is 6 weeks today. Sorry for my errors and hope you enjoyed my story. 

To all TTC the Lord that did mine will remember you speedily IJN.

WOW!...Congratulations Babe!


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats to you madam, I love you and your baby already

      *Larry was here*

    2. Congrats your story was so nice and straight to the point. I could imagine your husband running for cover lol

    3. Enya. Beautiful story. Make the other ladies come talk their own

  2. Amen to ur prayer, congratulations madam

  3. God bless you and your baby n hubby

  4. Wow
    Amen ijn,can't wait to meet my baby

  5. Amen and congrats

  6. Strong woman. God bless your family. I love your story. A woman on my street is 10 months pregnant and has refused to be induced that she heard it makes women bleed. Its not her 1st pregnancy ohhh. Hmmm whhat do I know.

    1. May God save her ooo, my mum carried me 11months

    2. It's dangerous o. The baby could die coz with time she begins to separate from the placenta. My mom had me for 10 months. She had to be induced.

  7. Amen to your prayers,congrats to you my dear. May the arrival of your Prince bring more joy, blessing & breakthrough to your home. Amen.

    God Bless Everyone.

  8. #Admire people who choose to smile after all the things they’ve been through*

  9. Congrats. Just smiling when I was reading how u were spreading the gospel of St SDK.

  10. The way I dodge this segment ehen, just so I don't ready any dreadful stuff. I don't even know what made me read it today. I'm encouraged to keep reading and learning.

  11. Congratulations

  12. Congratulation.amen i receive my miracle baboea this june 2017. Amen

  13. Congratulations to u poster. More babies to come.

  14. Amen


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