Stella Dimoko London tatafo season 73


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Sunday, June 18, 2017

London tatafo season 73

Knock Knock!! 

Who dey house? 

It's gist nuggets today. Two short amebo na hin I bring come.

Remember Tatafo hinted here that a certain popular lyrical musician in London was expecting a baby from his mistress who lives somewhere in East London? Which was discovered after his marriage started experiencing hiccups due to infidelity brouhaha from ermmm......? ok now.


The latest tory be say.. ......mistress don born the pikin oooo.. yes she don born for homerton hospital. Na so pandimonium come dey for their side. Chai!! I'm still lobbying to interview the mistress and to attend their baby christening this coming week.

How far with Oga and hin original yellow yori yori?


Ok the second amebo trending in London now. As Tatafo brought the initial gist here so it is only fair to balance the report with an update.

Una remember one area father gist wen we bring here, the man that was tagged a pimp in london, who publishes magazines scarcely, and who once had issues with his friends on social media? Una Remember? That yellow man that likes wearing a hat and loves very loud colours...?


Na so we come hear say this man was taken to court by the friends he had issues with. He was charged for defamation of character and slandery.

But my people, it was with great shock when London residents heard during the week that this yellow man has been found not guilty of all the charges levelled against him. In fact, Tatafo informant talk say the judge troway the matter from court because his accusers had no substantial evidences against him. So the man took to his Facebook to celebrate his victory.

Whosai?? How come?

Wetin come surprise most people in London is that a lot of people were happy for this man and are now celebrating him all over social media. Although many admitted the man did some wrongs, but that he had suffered enough and shouldnt be condemned any further.

Na so the man matter take end in praise o. We wonder how his erstwhile Friends are feeling about his victory... when they were so sure this man would be jailed for what he did to them.

But the winner man, I mean the alleged pimp..
should not take his victory to mean license to continue to use the social media to slander or bully anyone. The fact that his accusers couldn't get enough evidence against him this time does not mean that he will get away with it next time. So oga yellow, congratulations but be warned and tread carefully henceforth.

This is as far as the ofofo for this week. Tatafo will be back!


Stella my baby, next week I will include an email address for anyone with stories in London to contact tatafo. But be reminded that tatafo will scrutinise all stories to the letter before bringing it here. So your stories had better be real and true. Thank you.

*Are you trying to say the an was guilty?if he was how come they couldnt provide evidence of slandery on the social media?google never forgets remember?


  1. Replies
    1. God don shame Esabod and Banke Adetoro,infinity God is by your side.

    2. Chineke meehhh!!! So d bororo man was found not guilty? After all d noise wen these people nor gree us hia word chaiii aye o. Buh dat woman in Dublin spoil dis matter for Dem. Dey should av settled dis matter without trying to fight back tru d old woman. She talk too much for ma liking. See now as infinity haf win d adetoro. Omase laye o

    3. Toor I think I remember this gist vaguely. Na wa😀

  2. Early morning Tats, beeefeees where are you o? Will come back and read comments...........keeping the sabbath day holy.

  3. Congrats to Solek baba ikoko and Omo baba sobata AKA Infinity broda bororo of Peckham

    1. Yeepaa is it solek??? Leme read again mogbe oo

    2. One can only imagine how outlandish and uncouth such people will be in person. I shudder at the thought from the comfort of Totteridge. **continues with posh tea and boscuits

    3. 😂😂😂

  4. Number 2 is that bleached yellow man infinity and the friends who took him 2 court are the Adetoro's.
    Stella pls retire this tatafo abeg. Since March all her stories revolve round the Esabod/Aj Facebook saga. We Don try 2 de wait for better gist abeg....and see how she reported the 2 faced man's story sef, so obvious she's an AJ camper

    1. As in eh! It's beginning to taste like puke.

    2. Gerrahere eyin onisokuso. Y is it dat when news is not in favour of ur camp u get angry? I rembr wen d man story was ere did u say dis? Park well jere.

  5. Tafofo news getting razer by the day. Bring better gist Jare we are tired of all these Esabod related stories.

  6. Leme tell some of u, u can't come n manipulate us here like u do in all ya fucked up groups on fbk. Dis is sdk blog n we don't give multiple fucks bout y'all fighting dirty. I rembr stories in favour of ur mini gods Esabod n adetoros av been brought ere before n it favoured Dem. Y'all were happy n hailing Dem buh now d table turned y'all r complaining she's one sided. Truth is I was angry when she first brought Esabod, adetoro, infinity n Abike gist cos I dont like all of Dem. Buh now infinity won y won't she inform y'all? E ko oshi lo mehn. Fuck y'all n ur Abosi. Infinity won d adetoro goan kii yasef now Lobafinish katikati.

    1. These people and fight.😂😂😂


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