Stella Dimoko Nigerian Police Allegedly Sell Firearms To US Returnee And Then Arrest Him For Illegal Possession Of The Firearms..


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nigerian Police Allegedly Sell Firearms To US Returnee And Then Arrest Him For Illegal Possession Of The Firearms..

A middle-aged man, Ailabogie Aikpaojie, arrested by the Lagos State Police Command for unlawful possession of firearms – three pump action single barrelled guns and 250 live cartridges – has said that he bought the arms and ammunition from the state police command.

Speaking to journalists after he and several others were paraded for different offences by the Acting Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Deputy Commissioner of Police Dasuki Galadanchi, on Friday, Aikpaojie, who also had a pistol with 9mm live ammunition on him when he was arrested, said he had done nothing wrong.

“I’m not a criminal, I wonder why I was being paraded,” he exclaimed.

In a chilling revelation that turned out to be an interesting one, the suspect said he bought the firearms from the Lagos State Police Command sometime in 2002 when he needed protection.

He said when he arrived the country then from the United States, where he has residency permit, he had security challenge, thus, he approached the then Police Commissioner, who helped him to arrange for the guns. He said he also had a function to attend in his village during the period, hence, he had to fortify himself.

He explained, “I had security challenge then, so I approached the police commissioner at that time. I told him I had a function in my village and I needed to be protected. I purchased the guns here in this Lagos State Police Command (Ikeja). I purchased the three pump action guns here.

“That place (pointing at the armoury) was where they sold the guns to me and this (pointing) box of cartridges. That other building (pointing) was where I did the licences for the three guns and I was given. But the licences are now with the Area Commander; they have seized them.

“Each of these (pump action) guns cost me N150,000, but I can’t remember how much I paid for the cartridges. Can anyone prove that I used it to commit crime? I need the guns for security.”

He queried why he should be arrested by the police that sold the guns to him.

He added, “If the police know I’m not supposed to have these pump action guns, why sell them to me? They brought someone who sold them to me right here on this police ground. In fact, I couldn’t take them out after they sold them to me until the licences were ready.”

As if that was not enough, Aikpaojie explained that as a businessman who has trucks that lift petroleum products, there were times his trucks would break down and he would need to send someone to the spot, saying he needed protection given his kind of business.

He said, “At times, the police provided me with policemen that travel with me, but sometimes when I come here (Command) to get approval for policemen, they hand the policemen to me without rifles, so I tell the policemen to use mine; the ones I bought here. I tell them that although it might not be as good as the ones they use, but they can manage them.”

He maintained that he was licenced to carry the guns, thus he had committed no crime.

Speaking about the pistol, he explained that he bought the pistol while he was in the US. When asked how he brought it in without being accosted whether at the seaport or the airport, he said, “I shipped the pistol around 2002. The gun mistakenly found its way to my luggage.”

When pressed further to know which of the ports, he said it was through the Tin Can Island Port in Apapa, Lagos State. “The pistol was not discovered at the port,” he said.

Explaining how he was arrested, he said that the gun had been in the country since 2002 but that it was when his family members saw the pistol somewhere in his house and showed him that he decided to take the gun to the Police Command to do the licence. According to him, he was arrested on the way.

He added, “I came to Nigeria on June 19. I was on my way to the office, driving, and I reversed to buy plantain when I was stopped. During their search, they asked where I got the gun on me and I told them I was taking the gun to the Command for licencing because it mistakenly came with my personal effect to this country. I expected the policeman to tell me how to go about it but instead he locked me up.

“Yes, I have a pistol. Illegal possession? Yes, but with an explanation. Can anyone prove that I use it to commit crime?”

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Officer of Lagos State Police Command, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, dismissed the claim that the suspect bought the guns from the command, saying there was no such thing. He added that the suspect had no licence for the guns.

Earlier, the acting commissioner had said the suspect was arrested on June 22 about 3pm by police operatives, saying he would be charged to court for unlawful possession.

He added, “He could not give a satisfactory account of where he got the Parabellum Baretta Pistol with 9mm live ammunition. Another search in his house led to recovery of three long single-barrelled pump action rifles with 250 cartridges.”
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*Nigerian Police repent and change your ways!!!


  1. Hmmmm....God help us and protect us.

    1. Nigerian Police? Haaaa no be today na.

  2. Seriously @sdk, I don't understand this your comment this morning. If this man cannot give account of the pistol how can you believe him about the other pump actions. He is just lying and hoping to capitalize on the incompetence of the Nigerian Police force. Since 2002 he's been with this pistol and got license for the pump actions and forgot about getting license for the pistol until this year.

  3. LMAO......... This is laughable. NPF is a joke.

  4. He can't outrun the long arm of the law.

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  5. Nigeria police can't be trusted now

  6. That's Naija police for you..
    But why did he release the original copy of his license?
    You need a lawyer fast mister.

  7. Stella don't always jump into conclusion, so are you buying the explanation from this man that a pistol "mistakenly jumped into his bag and was shipped to Nigeria. After how many years, he was caught with the pistol, "while going to the command to get a licence". He is full of Bullshit.

  8. The guy is not mentally ok going by his statement like Nigeria is America. He think, it' is his right to carry guns here like America. The guy might be renting to fund out go criminals. What is he doing with 250live ammunition and 3guns if not crime.

    Our police seem to be a joke, they truly need REAL reform. Nigeria police is a disgrace and a nightmare.

  9. He's not a criminal! My husband was also sold a gun by the police but it was made easier because he's cousin was one of the authority in the command where he did his licence. We just returned home and needed it for protection around 2006. These police people are very wicked and send a lot of people in jail who are innocent while the same police men are criminals.

    Ikorodu is in danger, the Badoo guys have been killing people around the clock but they are busy parading eva up and down, but common cultists who uses grounding stone to kill can't be apprehended but they are celebrating Eva who takes Money from his victims and haven't probably kill as many as Badoo guys have.
    Shame on you Nigerian police, very sick people we have in the force with dead brain.

    1. My dear he shouldn't have given them the original copies of purchase so as to make his case more believable, now he has no prove he bought it from them. It has gotten to a stage you have to protect yourself in naija if you can. Call them that there is robbery going on they come 1-2 hrs later with loud siren, but rub their palms with money and drinks steady you see them come within 5 mins of your call. We no get choice but to keep doing so cos these boys that come to our area no dey smile. 4 times try of breaking in but God pass them. Our dogs no dey kukuma smile this time.the Truman is on another level. Suffer make money too you no go enjoy your sweat in peace.

  10. This is so sad and annoying. u sold the guns to the man. has he committed any crime. d ones who commits d crime with d guns u people sold to them u dont CATCH.I HATE THE NIGERIAN POLICE. see those boys whom dey arrested in ph nd framed. d boys were willing to be shot dead than paraded as criminals. this is just sad

  11. They'll take u in first, answer all d questions, if u don't grease their palm, u'll be sent to goal.

  12. Think Evil Think Nigeria Police Force.

  13. 3guns?as in 3?that's much plus a pistol?does he want to have a police station in his house?smh

  14. If he has copies of the license, then this shouldn't be a problem.

    He needs a good lawyer asap or he will rot in prison.

  15. NPF with their shady deals...


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