Stella Dimoko President Buhari ALLEGEDLY Suffers Speech Impairment In London


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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

President Buhari ALLEGEDLY Suffers Speech Impairment In London

This is a sad report to read concerning Nigeria's President...

According to Sahara reporters President Muhammad Buhari, who left Nigeria 45 days ago to resume treatment for an undisclosed medical condition believed to be cancer, has developed speech difficulties, presidency sources said today.

Previously, Mr. Buhari was also said to be suffering memory lapses. The latest revelation stems from recent attempts to return the President to Nigeria by members of a cabal managing his health and using it to deceive Nigerians.

Several of President Buhari’s aides who traveled with him are reportedly not in touch with him, reports say, while others were ordered to return to Nigeria, with nobody having any certainty about the prospects of Mr. Buhari’s date of return.

During his last trip Saharareporters revealed that his London doctors rejected the idea of his returning to work. They asked that he remained in London for four months to see how best they could treat his illness. Nonetheless, the cabal managing the president brought him back to enable him to undertake a number of acts including military postings and appointments that would have been impossible with an acting President on seat.

At that time, Buhari revealed he had been very ill and had received blood transfusion, and indicated he would soon return to the UK for further treatment. During the period he was in Nigeria, he was rarely seen outside, but managed to attend a few Federal Executive Council meetings which he left as soon as the photo opportunities were done with. Two weeks after that return, his condition deteriorated and doctors had to be flown in from the UK to embark on treatment, but that phase lasted only for a few weeks. 

The president then stopped attending the weekly FEC altogether, but to maintain the ruse that he was healthy, members of the cabal would shepherd him to the mosque on Fridays hoping to generate sentiments within the core Muslim north where a rumor had circulated that the president had been “poisoned”.

Buhari eventually left for the UK abruptly on the evening of May 7, shortly after meeting with some Chibok girls who had been released the previous day by Boko Haram. Although Buhari spoke at the event, his voice was barely audible, as he had lost a lot of weight, his condition reportedly complicated by Crohn’s Disease.

When the President was leaving for the airport, he shocked his aides when he asked if they were going to Sokoto, perhaps one of the first signs of his deteriorating memory.

It has now been learnt that President Buhari has not spoken to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo by telephone since his departure. Only last week, the Acting President was asked to await a phone call from Mr. Buhari but when a call eventually came in, nothing coherent was heard from Mr. Buhari, despite the cabal having kept telling people of his “tremendous” improvement.

The cabal is also reportedly behind the rumors of a possible coup by some military officers a couple of weeks ago, as well as the recent quit notice by some Northern youths to the Igbos in that area, which they figured would make western countries view such an attempt with understanding if they thought the action would protect Nigeria as an indivisible entity.

Meanwhile, several top western diplomats including the Ambassadors of the US and the UK, are scheduled to meet with Acting President Osinbajo in the coming days. It is unclear if at that meeting the UK will brief Osinbajo regarding Buhari’s exact condition, but a State Department official told Saharareporters that they are more concerned about Nigeria’s indivisibility than the question of Buhari’s health. A source at the British Embassy told this website they don’t think Buhari could continue to govern in the condition he is in London.

President Buhari left Nigeria flew into Luton airport on a Presidential jet with registration number 5N-FGT in the first week of May. The jet was then flown on a 17-minute ride from Luton to London Stansted Airport, where it remains parked for over a month.


  1. Replies
    1. Good health I pray for u
      Notwithstanding as a disciplinarian man that our Bubu is, it will be more honour if he resign,
      This Drs and treatment ain't free
      The wife should be beside him na and forget about anything happening
      Abi the Cabals don't want the wife to be with him?

      Get well soon President Bubu

    2. Let ur will be done oh lord.

    3. Hmmmm God heal mr President 😣

  2. They will still deny this.

  3. Eeyah, maybe he's had a stroke. Wishing him well.

  4. These are all diseases that come with old age. Baba is simply old and no longer fit to rule...
    Unto the next one.

    1. You just hit the nail on the head. The man is just being a typical African who is power intoxicated. Resign and face your health. MBA.
      They have turned him to "MARIO" ibi no mo ma kusi.

    2. Yeah!..(old age illness). He should just resign and take care of himself properly.

    3. Kwakwaakwaaakwaaa, @ Wide Rose boya lon ma dele! True talk, he should resign & face his health squarely!!!

      ... Jesus is my worth!

  5. Replies
    1. Symptoms of being @90 years old and claiming @72 Abi wetin bin d age sef?

      You all relax.. old age sickness dey do @Say Baba

      @Baba should resign... There is no crime in resigning

      Life too sweet than to die because of Nigeria


  6. Who are the cabals?do they not have names?sounds like a secret cult each time I hear this cabal thing.They should keep wasting Nigeria money abroad to treat Buhari,wicked politicians and I bet it they are all busy stealing money to hide as well as this is an opportunity for them,that's why they keep lying that buhari is getting better cos they need time to siphon money in their foreign accounts.

  7. Eya. The so called cabal should allow him resign in peace and take care of himself. Na wa oh

  8. Speechless! May God heal our Land!

  9. Well done ndi cabal! They will soon deny this report as well. God help our country.

  10. Na dem sabi. Cabal make una kwontinue.

    It is just a pity that our President is suffering. he should please ask God to forgive him for coming to become a president when he knows he is not feeling fine.

    Anyway wetin concern me. I dont like hearing about sickness and i pray he recovers well

  11. The cabal, the cabal, the cabal...hmmm

  12. May Allah restore his health... But I think he should step down. Abi?

    1. Honestly I think so too. The whala is too much

  13. eyahhh...the man needs to rest, completely away from national issues.. he is old already. it won't be nice & fair to have a yar'adua repetition. God help us

  14. Nobody's father should go thru this .
    I pray for his healings ijn

  15. May the Lord heal him. He has suffered too much.

  16. Issorait, can he resign already and go take care of his health privately......hian

  17. God is punishing Buhari. Severely.

  18. Get well Mr President.
    The so called cabal should allow due diligence do the needful.

  19. Why park the Jet in a london airport for over a month and pay hundreds of thousands of pounds instead of bringing it home and going to pick the president when he needs to come home?
    As for GMB may God's will be done.

  20. Even though he is wicked , I pray he recovers.

  21. God I'd punishing him for pulling down the church in Aso rock, the church has been there from time but he decided on his own to pull it down, God has also pulled him down, nothing can save him.

  22. Same thing they did with y'ardua. I see a pattern here. Fingers crossed.

  23. Perhaps, it's time for sign language instruction for our dear PMB. NMTA


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