Stella Dimoko President Trump Announces US Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal


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Friday, June 02, 2017

President Trump Announces US Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal

President Trump announced Thursday afternoon that he is withdrawing the United States from the landmark Paris climate agreement , a move to honor a campaign pledge that jeopardizes America ’s alliances and stymies the global effort to address the warming planet.

Trump ’ s decision alarmed leaders around the world , drawing swift condemnation from foreign officials as well as top U. S . environmentalists and corporate titans, who decried the U. S . exit from the Paris accord as an irresponsible abdication of American leadership .

But Trump cast his decision as a “ reassertion of America ’ s sovereignty ,” arguing that the climate pact as negotiated under President Obama was grossly unfair to the U . S . workers and companies .

Trump said the Paris accord had negative ramifications for domestic manufacturing and other industries, and put the United States at a “ permanent disadvantage ” with China , India and other rising powers . He said the agreement’ s restrictions on future greenhouse gas emissions would be tantamount to putting America ’s vast energy resources “under lock and key . ”

“ I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh , not Paris , ” Trump proclaimed in a forceful , lengthy and at times rambling speech from the Rose Garden of the White House.

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*The minute he asked for some days to make up his mind,I knew this man was backing out....I am just shocked that he actually did though!


  1. I saw it coming. Trump is so predictable.

  2. Doesn't Mr "Covfefe" have adviser. This is just so lame.

    1. Must you talk?????
      Mumu like u l, read well and try to understand what he is saying before writing rubbish on dis blog..

      Villager like u

  3. That long speech though...of course I knew he was going to back out.

  4. sweet chocolate2 June 2017 at 08:05

    he also said he is ready to go back whenever they are ready to re-negotiate terms.. it's been a while I knew how it felt to have a president, this idea of a country tied to a sick man is irritating

  5. This is alarming!!!!
    I can't, I just can't help but imagine how this covfefe of a man reasons. This isn't about Paris Idiot!! It is about the world, the earth, the right path to sustainable development. This isn't even like kyoto protocol that is mandatory and legally bound, why pull out? Just because it is your predecessor that signed it? Jeeez!!!
    Someone hold this guy before he destroys the world,Climate change is real, the ozone layer is being depleted by the day and you say it isn't fair because it limits America from further depleting the ozone layer while it encourages India to continue (just negodu, no iota of morals at all). America can survive without burning fossil fuels, they have been and they keep researching relentlessly on other sources of green energy, but this man feels it is not necessary, if India(a 3rd world country) can be allowed to burn coal, why shouldn't America. #wehdonSah.

    1. If dem ask u now, u go say u sabi book. Brainless foool

      Na ur type vote for Buhari. See where we are now

      Hope u r happy

      Try to open it mind on every matter before jumping into conclusion. Ode

    2. Madam, go and read about the Paris agreement first... USA ain't the only country opposing the deal

    3. Anon you are the ode. Your odeson self dey smell like body odour.

      What is all the insults for? Why not counter what pipi Lee said with your arguments and state your opinion?

      This is not pipi Lee , I am only disgusted at your approach, elede.

  6. People in covfefe houses shouldn't throw covfefe.

    Hillary Clinton.


  7. Trumps brain has gone covfefe

  8. I think Trump is on the right track here... He's president of America not the world therefore the welfare of Americans should come first.

  9. I support him. If the treaty does not cover India and China then we are not interested. Why should America be disadvantaged? If others do not care about the world then we don't as well.


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