Stella Dimoko The Last Abduction That Nailed Notorious Kidnapper Evans....


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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Last Abduction That Nailed Notorious Kidnapper Evans....

For seven years, dare-devil kidnapper, Chukwudemeje George Onwamadike aka Evans, escaped the police dragnet and justice.

 But thank God he has been caught...

These are Details of the last abduction carried out by his gang on February 14 this year that paved way for his demystification and subsequent arrest  .

Read below as narrated by TheNationonline:

On that day, which coincidentally was celebrated all over the world as St. Valentine’s Day otherwise known as lovers day, a pharmacist and the owner of Maydon Pharmaceutical Company, Ilupeju, Lagos, Mr. Donatus Dunu, was abducted by Evans’ gang.

Dunu had barely left his office in the evening when he was blocked by a vehicle. Before he knew it, Evans’ gun-wielding men had stepped out of the vehicle and bundled the pharmacist into their vehicle and sped off to No 21, Prophet Asaye Close, New Igando, a Lagos suburb where he was kept for three months.

Evans subsequently demanded the payment of a sum of one million euros as ransom. Despite efforts to make Evans see reason and reduce the money, he would have none of it, even after a sum of N100 million had been paid to him. It was either the money was paid or Dunu paid with his life.

While looking for the money, Dunu’s wife, who is also a director of the company, staff members organized prayers for the safe return of their boss. One of the workers said:
“We did not only pray but engaged in fasting too. Who will not pray and fast if his or her boss was in such condition? It was really traumatic for us.”

Unknown to Dunu’s wife and his workers, the person who gave the information leading to Dunu’s abduction was one of the staff members of the company, identified as Emeka, who was employed about five years ago.

At the gang’s den in New Igando, where Dunu was kept, he had given up hope on the possibility of regaining his freedom.
But he had a big break in the early hours of Friday, May 12, 2017, while his captors were deep in sleep. Despite losing his weight, Dunu managed to wriggle out of the leg-cuff he was held with. He was only wearing a pair of short and white singlet. 

A perimeter fence with broken bottles was to become a major obstacle to his escape, but the victim used his bare hand to manoeuvre the shattered bottles and climbed his way to freedom.

It was learnt that when he landed into an adjoining building, he was mistaken for a fleeing robber or cultist. Security guards raised the alarm which attracted neighbours to the scene and it was providence that saved him from being lynched by a mob.
One of the security guards who asked not to be named said:
“I just came to my duty post that day when I started hearing the shout of ‘thief! Thief!’ 

I came out and saw this fair-complexioned man running towards me. I stopped him near that mini- tanker (he pointed at a decrepit stationary tanker).

He was wearing only his boxer with his white singlet placed on his shoulder. There was fear in his eyes and he looked sick and traumatised. His body was blood-stained and there were injuries on his legs probably because he had been cuffed on his legs for a long time.

“Some people were unwilling to listen to him and they wanted to take him away. I said no, they should leave him here and instead call the elders of the community.

I took him to the front of that Foursquare Church and told him to sit at the entrance of the church. I then asked how much the kidnappers were demanding from him and how much he had paid and he said they were demanding N500m and he had paid about N100m. I was shocked.

We then took him to the Igando Divisional Police Station. Later that afternoon, the operatives of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) returned with him to the street, but he was so tired and sick; he did not even come out of the vehicle. They broke into the compound but the kidnappers had escaped. So many things were discovered in the compound, including guns, a white bus and a power bike. I had never seen any power bike on this street before then.”

Home of the alleged kidnappers’ informant

Abductors’ den Number 21 Prophet Asaye Close, where Dunu was kept, is at the end of a close facing the entrance to the street. The compound has only a single bungalow. The compound is covered with interlocking stones. It is a study in irony.

Carved on the gate is the sentence ‘Jesus is Alive.’ There is a doorbell on the left side of the gate. Observing the building closely, it is easy to see why the kidnappers settled for it.
It is a single bungalow, so no noisy neighbour or neighbour to snoop into their business. It has coconut trees at the back, but there were no high rise buildings from where anybody could monitor what they were doing.

Asked about the activities in the compound, our source said:
“They (abductors) kept to themselves. The guy there, whenever he was driving in from outside, the gate would have been opened before he got to the gate. In addition, loud music was always wafting from the bungalow. 

This always muffled every noise coming from there. This happened mostly in the day time. In the night, of course, the generating set would take over. So, we (neighbours) could never have known what went on there”.

With the escape of Dunu, he was able to make useful statements to the police about his kidnap. The next day, May 13, SARS operatives in four patrol vans stormed Franzaki Street, Bucknor Estate, off Isheri Osun Road.

It was the rented home of one of the workers of Maydon Pharmaceutical, identified as Emeka, a pharmacist. He is from Oguta, Imo State, and in his late 30s or early 40’s; he has a wife and a child, according to the residents, who were rattled by the early morning raid.

Emeka was whisked away from his house by the police. Since then, the residents said he has not returned.
It was on the basis of this breakthrough that the Lagos Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, four days after Emeka’s arrest on May 16 declared a certain faceless Evans wanted. He said:

“We are encouraging Nigerians to blow the whistle on this kidnapper. Whoever blows the whistle will get N30 million rewards as stated by the Inspector General of Police…Evans has been on the wanted list of the Police in Anambra, Edo and Lagos states for years. The suspects arrested have given us valuable information, which the command is working on to ensure that he is apprehended by all means.”

Operatives of the Inspector General of Police’s anti-kidnapping team went into action and with the aid of high tech equipment, they were able to track key members of the kidnap syndicate, rounded them up and then set the stage for the final arrest of Evans. This came last Saturday when Evans was demystified by the police.

At the headquarters of Maydon Pharmaceutical Company Limited at 15 Wilmer Street, Ilupeju, Lagos, the atmosphere was subdued. The workers discussed in low tone. There were several innuendoes about a certain Emeka from Oguta. Both Mr. Donatus Dunu, the chairman of the company, and his wife, the managing director, were not on seat.

However, one of the male workers said they had been warned not to discuss their boss’ harrowing experience with pressmen and that it was only the boss or his wife that can speak on the matter.

Pressed further, he described his boss’ escape as miraculous. When shown the picture of the compound where Dunu was kept with the inscription ‘Jesus is alive’, he exclaimed ‘indeed, Jesus is alive!’


  1. They should kill this man already, he has done more harm already, he's so wicked

    *Larry was here*

    1. This Evans guys should face the firing squad along with his team.

    2. He's heartless, ransome of 500m n a whole 100m was paid to n u refused to release d man, and am here looking for just 400naira to buy pad.. God go punish Evans!!!!!!!

    3. My sister, reading this alone scare the shit outta me.

  2. Thank God dat man was not lynched when he escaped.

  3. And some people are campaigning #freeEvans!
    It's very sad, may God strike down whoever supports dis evil man

    1. Those supporting that campaign need a mental check or at least common sense. Amen to your prayer including his accomplices.

  4. Can this demon called Evans be tried and sentenced already?
    I have heard enough of the blood curdling stories.
    What's the end game here?

  5. Send him to the electric chair already, kill this bastard before he escapes.

    1. No he should face firing squad and the police should televized it to serve as deterrent to other kidnappers

  6. When it's your time, not even leg cuffs can stop you. I remember the story of a kidnapped victim that escaped but was saved by a man living in the area, who then said he had to move out because of threats to his life by the kidnappers

  7. Mind how you accept people into your life, stop exposing your secret and success all in a bid to do pepperdemgang, most people close to us are only around for monitoring and can't wait to see your downfall.
    In every kidnap attempt, there is a close pal who gives information to these dare devils. See the Evans some people are doing hash tag for, I pray you all supporting him experience same fate in the likes of Evans still lurking out there

    1. U don't mean it. So ,some people are campaigning for his release or what???
      Mat amadiiha strike everyone that want the law to tamper justice with mercy for that he-devil

    2. What you are chatting is very illogical. You Nigerians with your obsession with haters, enemies , superstitions and secret existence. This man hired an employee. An employee who worked for him for 5 years, are you saying he shouldn't hire an employee again. Or how will an employee who work in a company for 5 years not know the inside out of the gross profit the company makes and guesstimate how wealthy his boss is. When an average Nigerian believes company/business money means Oga's money. Forgetting that such money is needed for tax payment, the payment of staff, maintenance of business and restock goods.

      Basically, this whole situation shows that whether you lead a secret live or not if the evil doers want to get you they will find a way. And more so it shows how corrupt and evil our society has become. I don't see anywhere where it is mentioned that the victim was showing off his wealth or doing pepper them gang. The only thing you can say is that those who show off make it easier for the evil doers. They don't have to put in as much work in trailing or getting info about secretive people. But if they want the info they will get it by all means, only God can stop them. At the end of the day it is God that's looking out for us.

      You said one should be careful who one let into one's life. Do they write their bad character on their forehead? Or we humans now have microscopic or telepathic abilities to see a man's heart and read his mind. When people keep to themselves and stay on their lane it is you Nigerians that will come out and say they are arrogant and not humble because they refused to be your friend. Yet you are here telling people to be careful as if we can all read minds or see hearts.

      My fellow countrymen, we need to work on ourselves individually. Nigeria is a sinking ship because there are so many people who are inhumane. They are so greedy, selfish and heartless. And we wonder why the country isn't progressing. Nigeria's problem is beyond the govt level. Even the citizens are a major headache on their own. May God help us all and guide us on how to grow and be a better person for our family, community, country, continent and globe.

    3. Anon 13:18 you are right though, a times one become so afraid of the unknown and tend to cross the limit. My prayer is that God should protect us from the eyes of evil ones

  8. Iya Oshoronga of Blogosphere18 June 2017 at 10:18

    Evans God will over punish you for your atrocities. God will strike all the people asking for evans to be set free with different afflictions and calamities. Yes! I am cursing you people on social media doing #free evans. Ko ni da fun yin.

  9. From $ to € and if he wasn't arrested,it would have gotten to £.
    All I see is greed greed.......

    1. Vanity........ What shall it profit a man that gains the..............

  10. OMG!!!!! So they have a " network"! God, Thank you for the life of Mr Dunu, that you saved. As for the kidnappers, let the wrath of God set in speedily.

  11. And some people somewhere are doing #freeEvans!May d thunder of kidnapping visit them IJN

  12. Wowza!! The heart of man is really wicked o...this evans guy is a beast in human clothing...omo!

  13. He changed to euro because price of dollars was crashing rapidly!

    Just Krix!

  14. Just imagine! If we get to read the others nko. This Evans and his wifey are not serious at all. How can she still even be pleading for someone she read did all these things because according to her, she didnt know about all the hubbys dirty deals. So is that she will have the mind to take him back as her beloveth hubby or what biko? Someone she claimed dosent equally care for her as such join when hes suppose to be a good riddance now. She was obviously lying sha. They should waste this evil genius asap pls.

  15. Wicked man, even after collecting 100M,he still kept his victim... Like he gave him money to keep for him.
    Jesus is alive indeed!!

    Wait,There is a free Evans hashtag? Or that is a joke?

  16. Anyone writing free Evans for this devil is equally a thief, this guy should nr jailed for life or death sentence, I have this strong feeling he will escape, Nigeria is a lawless country, where money can get anything done, he should never be free

  17. I just don't know what to say

  18. And to think some people are on the #FreeEvans thingy. May God give them what they deserve.

  19. This man should be sentenced already. Pure definition of wickedness!

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    1. He shouldn't even be put in prison, he might escape. This is Nigeria and that's the reality. Make dem just kill am

  24. Just speechless..
    Jesus is Alive for sure..

    The heart of ken are desperately wicked,after collecting 100m,you still not satisfied.
    Na wah.

  25. Thank God for the man's life, is the reason he made those kidnappers to fell asleep for him to escape, Evans matter done tire me, please maybe someone should tell me the reason the are still keeping this dude

  26. He collected the ransom in Euro?

    This guy is a bloody thief.

  27. Na real 'ken' @ Makason...well we have not heard anything... too many people have died or were killed from the orders of Evans...wait a minute, did u see the scars on his shoulder? didnt his wife made love to him and saw those scars?

  28. Wicked man!

    May anyone campaigning for this man's release, suffer worse fate than all his victims put together.



  29. He should face FIRING squad strrrrraight.

  30. And i didnt hear anybody talking about Emeka s wife ,and she knows her husband has a job ,legal one and his such evil ,just thinking out loud


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