Stella Dimoko This Is Unbelievable!


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Monday, June 05, 2017

This Is Unbelievable!


  1. Replies
    1. My prayers are with her

  2. Haaaaaaa She needs help. I pray she seeks it

  3. Ok o... Just passing by... 👣👣👣

  4. Vice and Virtue5 June 2017 at 10:25

    I would like to meet this woman.

  5. idonbelivedis is she ok or mentally deranged

  6. Really unbelievable, she's supposed to be given an award.

    God Bless Everyone.

  7. Weirdo. This syndrome should have a name. Let's call it social phobic.

  8. Replies
    1. It's hard to understand her unless you are her kind,it is not madness. Some people just enjoy their company more than other people's company and can go any length to protect it. I admit this is extreme,pretending to be blind for that long but it is still part of what it is.

  9. This is serious o, na by force to greet person??

  10. Lol....
    Iranu.. Abacha...

    (I hope say e enter sha)

  11. I used to be like her. I will rather sleep than talk with anybody. If cousins or family friends visit me for any reason,I will pretend to be asleep for hours just so that I cannot talk with them. My mother complained,my father complained,my sisters forced themselves on me yet to no avail.
    I remembered that I have to create a space under the bed,so that it will be my own resting place where no one will find me to disturb me. One day,my whole family decided to get me out of this problem,they all gathered around 7pm and was trying to chat me up,I couldn't take it anymore,I told them to put off the light that it was disturbing me,I hated to stay in the room where there is light; alone yes but not when I am with someone,you have to switch it off the light so that intruder as I call them them will get uncomfortable without light. So my family refused to put off the light,I cried so much that my father who couldn't endure my tears asked them to leave me alone.
    I later went to boarding school,had only few friends,when I finished Sec.sch,I became even worse.
    But thank God,I am better now. Even though some of my friends now still complain but not much anymore. I am one person you can share your secret with and you will be sure no person in this world will hear it till I die.
    Though my hubby still complains a little about it but my father will always tell him to give God praise that I have changed.
    I like extroverts a lot but from afar,when they come close,I start to complain about them being loud.

    1. You have a personality disorder I mean psychiatry problem just like that woman up there.

    2. I knew there was a reason I liked you here..
      Almost like me.👆
      Unlike you though,I loved rooms with light so I can bury my nose in books..
      I even creep to the corridor with our lantern so I cab read.

      This woman's case is extreme though.. I can walk past without even blinking,but would never tell a sick lie like that..

    3. My dear, dunno why but I like you the way you are. Personally, I avoid in your face people. People who like to crowd my space.

    4. Ola:personality problem you said,no dear, every human is entitled to their own way of life,I am not just a loud person. I just enjoy my company alone.

      IPhie dearie, the truth is that I love you too because I knew from day one on this blog that you are my kind of person. So you are someone I have always admired secretly. The same way I love TGW who is the opposite of you.
      As for the light thing,I switch it on when I am alone and reading and has no fear that someone will come and invade my privacy. But if I am not home alone,I switch off because I know that one of my sisters or brothers might want to come in for a little chat which I don't like.
      Life of an introvert. I really thank God,I am better now but still terrible with secrets.

    5. You have autism at TZ and it's not a bad thing

  12. The blind ones are looking for eyes(sight) while a normal person pretended to be blind for years.What an irony of life.

    1. I can't judge her. She knows why she had to go to such lengths. Till you walk in someone elses shoes, leave them be.


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