Stella Dimoko Badoo Shrine Reportedly Uncovered In Ikorodu


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Monday, July 31, 2017

Badoo Shrine Reportedly Uncovered In Ikorodu

The Lagos state police command has reportedly uncovered a shrine used by members of the Badoo secret cult in Ikorodu. The force public relations officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole shared the video online this afternoon ..
Watch the video quick before they bring it down...

 The owner of the shrine is allegedly one Alhaji Alaka Aboyomi, who is seen in the video leading the police team into the shrine in a hidden location where unmarked graves were seen...

This is developing....


  1. I just hope they won't go and hide the juju man like they have decided to hide Evans.

    They should persecute him to the full extent of the law

    1. "Persecute?"
      Eating pussy has scattered your brain.
      You will soon be prosecuted for this crime of murdering English.

    2. Pussy eater, are you sure you are not a badoo member.
      You sef carry English confuse lawyers.
      Oyibo wu ncha.

    3. Let the whole badoo thing just be over I feel for ikorodu residents

    4. *Prosecute*

    5. Hmmm such a small world, his mother in law lives on aderibigbe street in surulere no wonder they bought almost half of the houses in that street. His wife who is called Alayo lives on Zamba street her house is the finest on that street too. Everyone kept wondering their source of wealth. God will punish them all for making innocent pple die n others cry over loved ones. Learnt he's building a massive hotel in magodo too can u imagine? The wife has deleted her Facebook account ( Alayo Aduragbemi Bally Abayomi). They are a useless family living on pple cries n blood. I'm surprised she didn't allow him use her own little children. Wicked world

  2. they should be sure it's badoo shrine and not just one fake ass shrine. And after being sure they shouldn't just sit their ass down thinking they've unravelled a mystery rather they should work more. that said I hail the tireless effort of the police on this

  3. This horrible man would have a family that he would protect with all he has yet you do this to others.
    The heart of man is desperately wicked. Human beings like you oh, not goats or chickens! Christ.

  4. The weird thing with this badoo cult is the one of when they murder the victims, they wipe their blood with white handkerchief and then pocket it. Each handerkerchief with stained blood fetches them so much money. Very bad.

  5. Everything evil in Ikoro du is now being linked to baddoo. And I have an event there. Can't even mention it to hubby.

  6. Quite a pity that human beings are sacrificed to some lifeless things. You see what I said about the devil being powerless but deceitful. He deceived human beings to kill themselves for something that can be all theirs if they ask God.

  7. OMG guys!!
    The EX EFCC handler has a screen shot of our comments😭😭😭😭
    I cant breathe!!
    Sandy yo tou were sighted.
    I want to faintπŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

    Oh boy... wrong post to drop this. Badoo? God will keep exposing their evil hangouts (I didn't even read everything)

  8. prince charles : u no what badooo plple don change site so dy cum go open police them eyes the go fr dy old site..........thiefs.......abeg make una search fr the new site abeg ......police

  9. Can this badoo cult just stop all this *sad*

    for example, check out this video I saw online, somewhere in the North where some guys were raping a girl and everyone was watching click here to watch the video lets make this viral till the government intervene.

  10. As long as poor Nigerians continue to breed like rabbits, we r just starting with these crimes. Do you see some of the houses in Ikorodu?? Unfit for goats sef. We need to have a serious talk about our exploding population, in Lagos alone, more than half are miscreants, go to a garage, area boys pass passengers.


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