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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

End Time Situation

THE Niger State Police Command has arrested a 14-year-old wife from Lifari Village in the Mashegu Local Government Area of the state for allegedly killing her 40-year-old husband, Isiaka Usman.

It was learnt that the suspect, Aisha Isah, and the late Usman, to whom she got married five months ago, were cousins.

Northern City News gathered that Isah had been complaining of starvation and maltreatment since she started living with Usman, who already had two wives.

One of the two wives was said to have left on account of the failure of Usman to meet up with his responsibilities to his family.

The teenage wife told our correspondent on Tuesday that her late husband failed to provide for her for two days.

“And when I confronted him, he slapped me and out of anger, I hit him on the forehead with a pestle and he collapsed and died,” she explained.

Isah added, “My husband had the habit of not giving us money for food and each time we (the wives) confront him, he would tell us to go to our parents’ home and eat. He never cared about us; he beat us every time we demanded money for food.”

Asked if the other wife was at home at the time of the incident, she stated that the other wife went to the hospital with her baby.

“My mate was not around; it was only me and my late husband that were in the house at the time of the incident. I picked a pestle and hit him, he fell on the ground and I ran to my mother’s house at Kahigu Village in Mashegu council,” Isah said.

Isah said she inadvertently killed her husband out of anger and pleaded for forgiveness.

“I am sorry for what happened, it is the devil’s work and I pray my parents will forgive me; I never knew that he would die, I regretted all my actions,” she stated.

The police spokesman, Bala Elkana, explained that the victim died at Mashegu Hospital where he was taken for treatment.

Elkana described the incident as unfortunate, but added that the suspect would nevertheless be prosecuted as a juvenile offender.

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  1. what rubbish, I can never understand the hausas. married to her cousin at fourteen
    ? na was oooo

  2. 14 years child bride.... when will this stop biko...

    Glowyshoes's blog

  3. Na wetin good for the man. In his next life he will carry his dick go meet his age mate.
    Ndi ugwu no get sense.

  4. Niger state men are so irresponsible. God deliver my sister, i dont know how she got sunked in but hers is a horrible marriage. I feel sorry for this gir. The man's corpse should be tried as a paedophile and her parents should be persecuted for marrying off an under aged child.

  5. These devil!!! He might make heaven. Just saying.

  6. Hungry man with three wives .

  7. 14 years old wife? When she should be in school.. You forced her into marriage

    Abeg, make una free the girl joor.. .She is still a juvenile. ..

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  8. See this rubbish now. Why was she married off to the man in the first place, seeing as the man couldn't take care of his family? They've turned this small girl to a murderer when she should have been reading her books and developing her intellect. Let's hope it's not sharia law that will be used. Lawyers, how many years will she get for this-self defense?

  9. His greed and wickedness killed him! He already had two wives, he still went ahead and married his cousin.

    Rest in hell Usman.

  10. Hausa is a very useless tribe. They contributed 80% of Nigeria problem.
    Wicked cows in human skin.

    1. What a big fool. Condemning all Hausas when you don't know 1% of them personally.
      Foolish tribalistic, sexist, bigot who thinks he's smarter than his peers from other parts of Nigeria. If you're so smart you won't have so much free time to spend on blogs.

      But why are Igbos typically bigots, racist, sexist, tribalistic, proud and divisive?
      A good Igbo friend of mine looks down on another Igbo friend because she's from a different state! And you guys think you can make Biafra work.
      Only fools like you Chike, comfortable in ignorance will believe so.

    2. You are the useless one.goat.who told you niger people are hausa??bastard

    3. anonymous gangster26 July 2017 at 12:03

      Stella Dimoko Korkus, shame on you.

    4. Jobless nincompoop. Little wonder you were disgraced here ,sometimes ago. Such a hateful and hate filled mother fucker.

  11. Useless pedophile! May u rot in he'll! Eleribu oshi!

  12. The poor girl should be rehabilitated and educated. I'm not happy she killed him but I'm glad she has escaped from such slavery.

  13. There's a reason why marriage is preserved for the mature. Some ppl really don't seem to get it.


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