Stella Dimoko Former Gov Uduaghan Explodes ''Pat Utomi Knows Nothing,He Should First Run For Councillor


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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Former Gov Uduaghan Explodes ''Pat Utomi Knows Nothing,He Should First Run For Councillor

​Immediate past Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan​​ has ​lambasted Prof. Pat Utomi, describing him as a man who knows nothing about governance.

He debunked ​Utomi’s ​allegations of financial mismanagement against the state government​,​ ​advising the Director of Lagos Business School (LBS) to​ first run for Councillorship position to ​understand issues affecting governance ​in Delta.

The former governor said Utomi and others aspiring for political offices ​should ​not to be blinded by their political ambitions as to resort to peddling falsehood against government but should rather concentrate on facts​.

Uduaghan spoke in Asaba on Friday at a stakeholders’ meeting of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Delta State​.

His words, ​“​E​very man has a right to aspire to any political office in the country but such person must not tell lies about government to achieve his aspiration. Tell the people what you can do for them, do not spread lies.”

​Uduaghan said his experience with Prof. Utomi ​showed he was someone with bogus ideas ​who ​does not have the frame of mind for execution.

He disclosed that as Governor, his administration made Utomi chairman and member of several committees as opportunities for the Lagos-based lecturer to contribute to the development of the state​, lamenting that there was nothing to show for the appointments.

​”​He bragged about his reach internationally, how he was going to bring international investors and we had to partner with him to organize a business forum outside the country with Nigerians in Diaspora for us to get the investors, but he did not spend 5 minutes before he left us​;​ no investor came to the state through him.‎

“You people should ask Prof, where is the Silicon Valley? He took us to his home town, Ibusa for the foundation laying ceremony of Silicon Valley, till date, there is nothing to show that the project has commenced​.

“He has contested for the Presidency, he now wants to be the Governor but, I think he should start from his Ward, he should contest for Councillor​.​

“It is not good to condemn what the incumbent Governor is doing because of your ambition, rather, you should bring out your programmes and sell to the people​. ​Governor Okowa has done excellently well and we should join hands with him to develop the state.”‎

​Uduaghan advised members of the PDP to remain united and urged those in elective or appointive positions to empower Deltans through the spread of democratic dividends.

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  1. Clash of the titans, una kwotinue.

  2. My friend will u kee Quiet? You that know so much about governance what did u do with d knowledge? You're all one and the same.

  3. That's the thing with Nigerians politicians, always thaking things personal. No one can take constructive corrections. All they want is for people to constantly blow smoke up their you know what.

  4. U that started from the scratch, what where u able to do for delta state?just shut that ur big flabby mouth Short man devil!

  5. Hmmm I am tempted to agree sha

  6. Fayose Olusegun23 July 2017 at 12:59

    Uduaghan is d worst evil dt has ever befell Delta state. He couldn't even tar d road to his village in Koko. An excuse of a leader. Eight years witout anytin to show except enriching his pockets nd dt of his boy-boy. Many will wonder why James Ibori is still an hero in Delta state till date? It's bcos d difference btw Ibori nd Uduaghan's administration performance can b likened to light nd darkness. Dts y he was disgraced out of the Senate race in his constituency while Ibori's daughter nd candidates were winning elections with a landslide even wen Ibori ws held up in prison. Even d incumbent Okowa ws Ibori's candidate. My sincere advise for Uduaghan is to cover his big head in shame and kip quiet OR else EFCC dogs wld b let loose after is ass filled wit corruption.

  7. Dis uduaghan is just a big fool! Ds midget too is talking!after ur abysmal failure in 8yrs of governance,u still hv d effontery to spew rubbish?anyway I don't blame u!useless man dat all he knows hw to do is to sleep wit married women and tk dem out of dia matrimonial homes! Na God Go Judge u dis lilliputian! Stupid short man devil!

  8. He's very correct



  10. Uduaghan is the worst thing to ever happen to Delta state.
    He did nothing for the state.

    He was so bad that he was threatened out of senatorial seat by small boys in the state and no one came to his aid because he failed whorefully as a Governor.

    Okowa is failing as it stands and I believe that Pat utomi will do exceedingly well if allowed to governor delta state.

    Uduaghan shud shut his stupid mouth before we let Efcc loose on him 😠😠😠

  11. Cover your face you idiot. Shameless Uduaghan.



  13. I blame Ibori for choosing Uduaghan; GEJ and PMB for not having EFCC to roast his short ass.

  14. Sentiment aside, Uduaghan has a point. Pat Utomi blows a lot of hot air. When LBS published a caveat emptor on him some years back was when I knew the guy was 'the more you look the less you see'. He has risen to fame on perception.

    1. Anon pls, Utomi has been famous since being student body president at UNN!! Even in 1983 he was famous! When he was put in charge of Volkswagen in the mid 80s!! He was famous already!! Anyone who is at least 35 years old should understand but maybe you are too young to get it!! Perception indeed!!

    2. Abeg leave matter. A man that doesn't pay his staff. Famous my ass

  15. This big head wants to bring his ugly face out because they have not arrested them since. For the record DESOPADEC funds for over 8 years that accrue to a sum of over N200+ billion, he kept 50% of it for himself. Local govt councils, he kept care taker chairmen there for a period of 8 years and he defrauded the local govt councils to a tune of over N150+billion in allocation. Subsequent monies released for palatives during subsidy in billions entered his pocket, Independent Power Plant that they were suppose to put in Delta state, they clear land and told deltans that the ship bringing the equipment sank at sea, that project of over N200+billion was not executed.

    I know EFCC has eaten enough from this man, he also settled Obasanjo with piece of land and over N170million to start a farm in Delta North. He gave Tony Anenih money to help him settle EFCC, Magu and the EFCC are really not working, they are just arresting enemies of the presidency, if not for anything Uduaghan should have been in jail by now.

    We know all your atrocities, when the revolution starts, you will be plucked, no matter where you hide your fat head.


  16. See this one talking like a human being, you Don leave governance your eye don clear abi ?

  17. The psycho guy.24 July 2017 at 08:28

    Uduaghan is actual a funny midget. What did he actually do for delta state but tow the line of his predecessor? Looting and illegal enrichment. Why would anyone bring investment to a place with no institutional structure in place?


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