Stella Dimoko Gov.Obiano Confronted By IPOB Members During Sunday Service Over Anambra Election


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Monday, July 31, 2017

Gov.Obiano Confronted By IPOB Members During Sunday Service Over Anambra Election

Members of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) took their call for a gubernatorial election boycott straight to one of the campaigners, Governor Willie Obiano, during Sunday service.

According to reports, IPOB members stormed St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Ekwulobia in Aguata local government area, just as the governor was settling into the service.

Vanguard mentioned eyewitness accounts which stated youths, including women, who were adorned in Biafra dresses and waving Biafra flags, besieged the gate of the church, chanting Biafra songs and shouting, “No election in Anambra State “, “We want referendum”, and “No referendum, no election”. A worshipper at the church said: 

“As these IPOB members continued their confrontation with the police, their numbers continued to increase. I think they were reinforcing from Onitsha and before we knew what was happening, the area was full of IPOB people.” 

The Governor was reportedly undeterred in the face of the opposition, and mounted the podium to reassure Anambrarians that there would indeed be elections in the State come November

“He said nobody can stop election in the state and observed that most of the anti- election protesters are not from Anambra State.” 

Garba Umar, the Anambra State Police Commissioner confirmed the events.

*No one has a right to stop the elections..SIMPLE!!!


  1. Mumu people been used as PAWNS while Nnamdi Kalu keeps scheming his way up the ladder.

    1. Stella, u r a fool. Keep away from Biafran issues.

  2. I said it.....there is something not right strongly not right about nnamdi Kanu.....he has a game plan he is not doing this because he loves Biafra or the does fighting our own help us...during Ojukwu's time he didn't force people into believing...He made us see the need for it and fight for it in unity...all these blind biafrans biko don't mess up my peaceful Anambra for me biko....and I swear to God if we get Biafra and make this Nnamdi Kanu the leader, that is when we will see true suffering...

  3. Rubbish and ingredients...blind sheeps...When it sets now he will jejely fly himself and family out of the country...When most of you don't even have t-fare from here to another state....i want Biafra and I want it peacefully...if it's going to lead to the kind of death we witnessed in the civil war...then it's not worth it

  4. I want to see the action of the igbo elites. This is a litmus test for you all.

  5. These ppl will soon find what they are looking for. E go over them

  6. Stella you are not from Anambra state. Your opinion is null and void!

  7. That was very unruly and aggressive conduct. So wrong

  8. No be all these Ebonyi people in Anambra causing havoc.

  9. Nnamdi kanu is too small to control the whole of Igbo land.That's why his noisemakers are illetrates and market men and women.


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