Stella Dimoko Inside Abia - Gov Ikpeazu's Transformation Of The Industry And Commerce, Agriculture, Education,And Health Sectors


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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Inside Abia - Gov Ikpeazu's Transformation Of The Industry And Commerce, Agriculture, Education,And Health Sectors

This documentary series is crafted to provide viewers with a glimpse of potential business opportunities available in Abia State. "Inside Abia" reveals the pillars of development set by the State Governor, Okezie Victor Ikpeazu.

Abia State which is located in the South Eastern part of Nigeria occupies over 6,320 square kilometres. The southern part of the State lies within the riverine part of Nigeria resulting to its viability in Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Education, Industry and Commerce. 

Oil and gas production contributes over 39% of Abia State's GDP while Agriculture contributes 27% and employs 70% of its workforce. With its adequate seasonal heavy rainfall, precisely about 2,400 millimetres (94 in) per year, especially between the months of April and October, Abia has much arable land that produces yams, maize, potatoes, rice, cashews, plantains, taro, and cassava. Oil palm, however, remains the most important cash crop produced in Abia State.

Albeit the viability of these sectors, Abia state remains known for its skills in trade and commerce. One million pairs of shoes leave Aba, the SME hub of Abia State, to neighbouring African countries every single day.

This is impressive! Abia State is really moving forward!

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*I will keep saying it,this man is my Boo favourite governor,working with proof that all can see....His foot steps should make the previous administration hide it's head in shame.....


  1. His Excellency I now love what you are doing in Abia state.How do I work with you?

  2. Stella I wonder how much they pay you for this advert. Because of this praises, I have no respect for you again. Forget this show off, let his work speak for him, and not to be pating people for advert, ask Abia people or investigate very well before making conclusions. Stella I can see your too much love for money is making you to call Black clothe white. He is owing salaries for God sake, people are suffering bcos of his none payment of salary. Kidnapping is on the roll everyday, no security. He is doing account for his Oga T. A. Orji that's why he can't probe him. Stella investigate well. I wish your state this kind of Governor, Amen!!! Your Boot my foot!!!

    1. Thank you,God bless you.

  3. Stella, it is obvious you are allowing picture to deceive you.
    I live in Abia and I can tell you better.
    Are you aware that he bought brand new vehicles for judges in Abia yet he is owing 5 months salary and pensioners 8months.
    Don't tell me Buhari because he collects his monthly allocation.
    Stop this media propaganda.
    I love you but journalist are known to speak the truth and not the other way round
    Tell him the truth.
    You are too enlightened to be deceived this way.

    1. Stella continue supporting bad thingoooo.

  4. Salaries should be paid plsssss, charity begins at home.

  5. Stella you're a woman that says things as it is. No sugarcoating. I don't know who is doing this advert. It's not fair, maybe he/she is related to gov. Ikpeazu and enjoying. Stella ask a neutral person, how is Aba. That place is nothing to write home about. Masses are suffering.

  6. Can they use a narrator next time? I couldn't handle his voice.


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