Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 185


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Friday, July 14, 2017

Labour Room Drama 185


Good day to the whole house. As a lover of labour room drama that i am , i have decided to send my drama.
I was a youth corper when i got pregnant for lee boo. 

We decided to formalise things since we were already engaged. So we fixed the wedding to April since i would have finish Nysc by then. My pregnancy drama started from the first month till delivery. I even got a job immediately after Nysc at a reputable company but the vomiting on that day wont let me resume work. 

I was always vomiting and i make this funny sounds while vomiting that when ever i want to go throw up my younger ones will say trailer is about to land. I cant control it. Immediately after the wedding, i move to the East with hubby because he his in the force . Fellow Bvs, that was when i hear am. I will throw up what ever i eat , even one of my husband senior asked him"Oboy, he be like say you don score madam" neighbours they always here by vomit in there apartment. It was that bad. And there was no help, was all by myself, still had to do all necessary chores. I was so weak. 

After numerous scans i knew my Edd. Few days to Edd , my water broke (on a Tuesday), but their was no labour pain had to call darling husband, he sent one of his junior to take me to the hospital, was told to go home and do exercise. I waka tire still no labour pain. Went back to the hospital on Wednesday , was still told to go exercise and water was dripping badly. I continue my exercise oooo and the next day a Thursday i went back to the hospital, was told to go and do a scan again. 

The result show water is almost totally drained , i was crying. Called DH and told him, the man was destabilised. I went to show the doctor the result and he referred me to another hospital. Then the driver of the ambulance to take me to the hospital started behaving like a mad man. That was when he remembered that there is no fuel in it. I called DH he left the office and came straight to the hospital, gave the driver the warning of his life. 

He quickly called his official driver to take me to the hospital and behold the doctor there said if i have used one more hour my baby might have died. I was immediately induced and i progressed. I didn't eat before going to the hospital, hubby just hastily dropped meat pie for me but i vomited everything in the labour room.

 I was in Labour for 8 good hours all by myself and a neighbour friend who stood by me in all this. DH now joined around 7pm and told the woman to go home and take care of her kid. I was so weak , then i birthed my baby girl after 8 hours of pain. All i could say was " Thank You Jesus".

 I birthed my baby 9:15pm but the second degree tear i got didnt let me leave the delivery room until 12:25 a.m. the nurse who took the delivery did not tear me well, it was difficult for them to sew it back. Two doctors had to join. I was told i lost so much blood so i needed blood. Everything was done according. 

 Husband now started calling families the mid-night because they were not aware i was in labour

To God be the glory my Darling daughter will be three years by September.

. I have given birth to another beautiful daughter now even after all the scream that i will not do that again. LRD will be sent soon for second daughter.

*That Ambulance driver probably wanted to be ''sorted'' before he know
Thank God it all went does your ponyor have flabs from the cut or they sorted it out?


  1. God bless your girls and your home.

  2. Steeeeellllla!!! Which one is ponyour again? Looooool

    1. Seems you ve been away for longπŸ˜†,Ponyour means pussy or better still TOTOπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    2. Stella wont kill us. Shey she should snap the ponyor and send it "for you eyes only". To you?

  3. Am I the only one who found this LRD very upsetting. Your water broke and they were busy sending you home and telling you to do exercise? Poster, you're lucky you didn't lose your baby. They should have induced labour then.

    And you said that a nurse (an inexperienced one at that) birthed your baby? Why wasn't an ob/gyn around for that?

    That was risky.

    1. You are not the only one, i was about to type a very long message about it. Which quack doctor and quack hospital is that! Jesus Christ, i was so scared for her as i was reading. Her water broke nd they sent her back home? Whi does that? He now referred her so that the baby will not die in his hospital. Chineke nna! Three whole days after her water broke. So many things could have happened to that baby. I thank God for protecting you o. Chai. See how they kill mothers in this country. Quack doctor.

    2. Yu spoke my mind

    3. Exactly my tots.

      And the hubby was just missing in action. Not commendable at all. Poster, thank God for your children.

  4. Happy you and baby are fine. But your story though. Why will they send you home after your water broke? You know your womb is open and the risk of an infection is very high. Also I didn't get the Dr sending you to another hospital. Is that where you had your antenatal too? All these things should have been taught in your antenatal class. Sounds like your first Dr was not an obgyn. That was a very risky move. And then a nurse delivered your baby? There was no midwife or obgyn at the new hospital?

    I just thank God for you and baby's life sha. I hope the next drama you send will be a smooth delivery after learning from this one.

  5. ThankGod for you and your baby.

    Water burst and you were told to go home and comeback? Na wa for that clinic.

    God bless your children.

  6. Thank God for safe delivery.

  7. I hope you didn't have your second baby in any of these hospitals you went to previously?
    You should have sued their asses.

  8. ThankGod for safe delivery, God bless your home

  9. Congratulations madam. Motherhood rocks jare.......enjoy

  10. men shouldn't leave their wives to face their first labour alone. And why should a qualified nurse give the wrong tear? She qualify at all? Thank God for your life and that of your baby. Look forward to the tory of your second pikin


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