Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 189


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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Labour Room Drama 189

Drama started early and guess where she popped?

Good day Stella and Bvs

I praise God for he has perfected his miracle in my life.

 I am the TTC testifier number 81. God has used the TTC prayer and the Novenas to Saints Rita, Jude and Gerrard Majella to bless me and people around me. 

I had a smooth and sick-free pregnancy.

My baby came few weeks early,so when I was having contractions,I went to the hospital to complain about pain and slight spotting . The doctor placed me on 2weeks compulsory bed rest. Infact he asked me to call DH to bring few things I would need for the stay,that i must not leave the hospital. 

They tried to suppress the contraction, but on the 3rd day,it became even stronger. I was in pains (mehnn , it isn't easy. Since then,I have tripled my love and respect for my Mother. 
One can't imagine the pain,unless one experiences it.)

On the 3rd night around 8pm was when the doctor told me that it is contractions that i am having not pains because i had been calling it pains. See me oh! (I didnt know,i would have been more dramatical na, haha and DH for don bring my baby bag). 

He suggested he refer me to a government hospital where the baby will be properly cared for incase if there will be need for an incubator. We (hubby ad I) decided to wait till next day to see what happens. 

I had the urge to poo ,I went in twice but nothing came out. Immediately I laid on the bed,the membrane ruptured and water was dripping down my leg. The doctor was like 'Madam pack your things o,we have no choice,i am referring you.

Mind you,we have this mind set about government hospitals being lackadaisical blah blah blah. But I was proven otherwise,they have the best hands.

So when the water broke,we didn't have choice than to start rushing,that's around 10pm.
It took us about 10mins to get to the govt. hospital but it was the hottest 10 mins of my life. 

When we got there,they were staging their normal protocols when I felt the baby's head.
I started shouting. ' I want to poo oh......
I go push oh'. 

Meanwhile,I was still in the car. One of them now rushed out,checked me and and shouted .' this woman is ready to bear down,and she can't make it to the labour room,bring the wheelchair,madam never push o. 

They wheeled me inside the hospital RECEPTION HALL, brought a bed close and asked me to climb. Madam oya pushhhhh. I pushed twice and my tomato jos' boy came out. I heard the cry and my heart melted. All the pains vanished. 

Madam wey your baby bag?A nurse asked me.

I no carry am oh,my husband go soon bring am.

She told him,Oga go outside,buy this and that,then rush home and bring the bag.

My boy is fine and bouncing. If i dey look my boy now,belle dey sweet me.
I thank God,I really do appreciate his good works in my life.
Baby dust to those ttcing.
Safe pushing to pregnant women and favour in all our endeavour. Amen



  1. That was timely. It could have been in the car. God bless and keep him.

  2. Amen
    Congrats dear
    Urs sound so easy
    I must experience this ijn amen

    1. Amen sharon,congratulations in advance

  3. Congratulation God bless ur baby

  4. Congrats!
    Our God Is a good God.....All d time.

    * Sprinkle Powder*

  5. Interesting! Madam congratulations

  6. Woow congrates oooh.
    The way you people make it look like na beans ehn.

    Ok na


    1. As in ehhh...everyone is writing it like it's soo easy...It had better be that easy for me in Jesus name ooo...counting down 8 more weeks to go...*sad sigh*

    2. dont worry babe, you will push out your pretty pink baby safely.

      i gat you in my prayers

  7. Thank God for your life. I ve been battling with high prilactin since God knows when. I had my baby 2yrs ago. My pcp just placed me on bromocriptine. That medication sucks! But she says i cant get preg on high prolactin. If after 5montgs its still high. Then i have to do the artificial insemination procedure. I hope it works out fine im 37+. It is well. Congrats on your safe delivery.

    1. Bromocriptine works well. But ensure you are not going through stress be it physical or emotional

    2. Thank u African sweetheart.

  8. congratulation.. there's one I even witness . shes not really normal in fact na rope we use to tie her down, we almost lose d baby if not for God

  9. I go push o. Congrats BV...bless u

  10. Congratulations, may God bless every other TTC ladies

  11. Congratulations, God bless your lil one.

  12. Anonymous 13:51 and Sharon Aminu...God has settled it , its only for it to manifest physically for you to see..@anonymous 13:51 and Sharon you will get pregnant before this year 2017...No Shaking..Olowogbogboro is turning things around for your good!!

  13. My neighbour popped in her toilet. She is one strong pessin walahi.

  14. Congrats madam.

  15. Do alot of exercises, from walking to pregnancy yoga and lots of squat. exercise helps.

    Get a fitbit for steps counting...........

    Congratulations madam.

  16. Awwwwwwww, praise master Jesus!!!
    Congratulations ma'am!!!
    Kisses to our baby!!

  17. This is me in the next 9months in Jesus name, Amen...Conception is taking place in me right shall it be... Amen

  18. congrats problem is -how do i reverse the effect of 3 months shot contraceptive, cos now am ready. I just used it for the 1st and last time in November 2016, now i want to conceieve bt been having irregular periods (2weeks interval), pls help me. Thanks.


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