Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 191


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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Labour Room Drama 191

No matter how small drama is drama...

Hi Stella I'm an adherent reader of your blog but I have commented just once.

Immediately I confirmed I was pregnant I prayed and asked God for a stress-free, sicknes-free and pain free pregnancy and God really answered my prayers.

 I didn't experience any morning sickness or spitting I worked till the 9th month.

when my due date was near I was constantly reading labour room drama on the blog to prepare myself
On that very day I went for my normal ANC @39weeks+5days I complained to my doctor about my fetal inactivity,my doctor said I should call my hubby so that I will be induced the next day,hubby came we agreed and I was admitted for induction.

 I didn't not even tell my mum becos she can panic for Africa,it was just hubby and my Elder sister that was aware.
the induction started at 9am I didn't really feel any pain compare to what I read on th blog,i was constantly asking the midwife how many CM dilated I was.

 It's only wen I was 8cm dilated I said ''haaa this one pain meeeee" the nurse said I had been very cooperative that I should keep it up, not too long I felt a huge to poo I said Nurse my baby is pushing me I want to poop oooo and with just one push my cutie came out at 3pm that same day and I felt relaxed. 

He will be 8 months on the 29th of July.

*Congratulations included photos and i dont know if you wanted me to include them or not..please indicate.
your baby is soooo chubby and beautiful.


  1. #Be observant about yourself and you will avoid a mountain of blunders*

  2. Congrats........

  3. Congratulations dear, I also degree a stress free and painless labour. God that has started this good work in my life will bring it to a perfect completion.

  4. Congrats to you madam, you make it seem easy. Baby on my humble mind, I can't wait to have mine

    *Larry was here*

  5. Congrats dear. you are so lucky. Lord thank you for blessing me again in advance and i know this time around, i will carry it to full term, baby n mother will come out alive in Jesus name Amen.

    1. Amen.... As you have said it to his ears so shall it be.... Congratulations in advance.

    2. Thnk u dear. Not easy to be pregnant to full term n u could nt bring ur baby home with u. It's was as if my whole world has ended. When age is nt by nu side anymore

    3. Amen to ur prayers @anon. From ur heart to God's ear.

      Congratulations poster.

  6. Congratulations

  7. Congrats dear
    I must experience this in Jesus name

  8. Congrats ma'am. God bless your baby.

  9. Congratulations. Your cutie will always bring you peace, joy and everything awesome. Enjoy motherhood. This blessing is turn by turn.

  10. Congrats dear. Just gave birth to my baby two days ago, and I am so happy and fulfilled. May God bless all those looking for the fruit of the womb .


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