Stella Dimoko London Tatafo Season 77


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Sunday, July 16, 2017

London Tatafo Season 77

Get in here please.......

I salute una oh.
There is only one hot gist on the streets of London right now....
Have you heard?

Tatafo dey waka jeje for road yesterday, na so i hear say there's a big party coming up in August for a certain motivational speaker and it has got a lot of people talking.

I say hmmmm.. .

The celebrant of the day, we gathered, is a very controversial lady on facebook who needs no formal introduction. But however, some people do not think that she deserves to be celebrated.

Biko Why? Tatafo is interested in knowing why she doesn't deserve the party.

Therefore, we are throwing this open so that people can express their views about this popular motivational speaker based in London. Do you think she deserves to be celebrated? Is she truly a "freedom fighter" as she likes to be called?

A walk down the popular Peckham rye lane yesterday got Tatafo thinking about this upcoming event. The buzz is all over the place as they are actually distributing Ankara for sale to celebrate this lady.. whom many are now saying is a Bully and should not be recognized.

Do you agree with those against this event?

Threats to disrupt the party have been made by those who claim to have been slandered by this Facebook speaker. Remember that earlier this year, Tatafo reported a similar party that was organized in london for another woman based in a part of Europe who's also controversial on social media. Remember also that these two women have been at war of words for a while now. Which has resulted in each of them having their followers.

The party which was held in march was also threatened by opponents who many believed were working for this motivational speaker. But now, it's her turn to have a party and the same threat is being made to her.

Mbok is it a game of tit for tat? Àyam not understanding.

Did you expect that Tatafo will skip this kind of gist that is booming right now in London? Mba..I can't fit to look the other way. I will bring the gist here as e dey happen.

But today, Tatafo is giving all the parties involved the opportunity to air their minds on this matter. Any comment that is constructively given about this outgoing saga shall be recognized next week with a gift by me. The person with the best analysis will make headline on our next session.

Note that it doesn't matter whether your opinion is for or against either of the parties involved.. as long as you make sense and sound convincing na you be winner.

**winning prize is coded for now**

So please dont come and say Tatafo is one sided about this matter. I am neutral and only reporting the latest development because my job is to bring street gists happening in London, and this qualifies. And I also want it to be as interactive as possible.

Also, attached is an email address for anyone who wants to contact me with any HOT gists in London. Please be advised that all stories will be verified thoroughly by Tatafo before publishing them. So una wey go wan bring fake gist think am wellu wellu you hia?

Contact email -

Tatafo will be back

Still rove my Stella

*Tat,is there no gbenshing gist in London.Talon gbensh tani?


  1. The birthday party of Tolulope Gabba Aka Abike Jagaban.

    1. It's opalori vs jagaban in London. Opalori did baiday dat was like 1yr old pikin parry in March. Jagaban said anybody dat attends d parry n is illegal will be deported. Den ppl fear to turn up n no food in d parry. Buh now jagaban sef wanna av parry n opalori too wan scAtter d parry. Jagaban says no to bully buh opalori says shes a blogger. Dats d fight. Wats d prize tataafo? Dats my own.

  2. They should just smoke the peace pipe already!!

  3. Na long tori but the Mother of Herbs or Leaves started the Social Media brawl a long time ago by blackmailing, bullying and abusing some people with hefty fall and die with kids curse etc. She is also the queen of fake news on Social Media but her followers cannot see anything wrong in her wrong doings!

    She swore that she would set her herbal shed on fire Abike returns to the UK but failed to. Abike is back in UK! Mother Herb is using the brawl to make money on Social Media therefore she does not want the fight to end.

    Oyinbo don't understand Yoruba so they don't understand what she says and how dangerous the brawl can end up. Hope nobody dies ooo! Yoruba ronu ooo!

    Fakes news that her ex is a thief is on Google. Fake news on Naomi Byass. Prophetess Osomo and Seer Godswll are online. Only fools would follow fake news carrier and creator.

    1. Conman see story ere o. Who will win? Lemme write my own too. I dey come back. Kikikikiki

  4. Pls is it money we are winning cos I know d story from start to finish.

  5. Wow! She is the most wicked Nigerian woman of recent times! After paying her not to Vlog/Blog them with Euro, she still Vlog/Blog them. Madam Efunsetan Ikatiokunbo Aboderin AKA Madam Abacha!

    1. Kikikiki Iya ewe corrianda

  6. Dey Tatafo omo aiye Abike gist. Mama Esabod wan do her own party in the US in August. After mama Esabod's announcement, Abike now jumped onthe bandwagon. You see that one report, abi?
    Abeg gerara ere with you omo aiye news. We don tire. We no wan hear you promoting Abike on this platform again. There's no way you're neutral.

    1. Eleribu. Omo ewe gerrahere mehn.


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