Stella Dimoko Omugwo Chronicles 54


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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Omugwo Chronicles 54

Wow.....E no easy!

Hi Stella. I sent in my Labour room drama before, here is my omugwo chronicles.

I had high expectations before delivery that my Mummy will be around for omugwo, but after delivery she couldn't come because she was ill and had dislocation on her leg.

 It was so painful but I had no choice, I wanted her to be around for my first child though my mother Inlaw had been calling me that she'll be coming for omugwo but MIL is old and I wondered what she could help me do as she's over 80, had 8 children, husband is the last and my husband married late so you can imagine how old she'll be.

 Mil came with the eldest daughter, they really helped o, more than I thought, at least with bathing the child and also massaging me, I have a house help that does the cleaning and other house chores.

 My friend too was around in fact she didn't know I had delivered. She came to visit her brother and decided to come visit me and lo she saw I had put to bed, she decided to stay for a while, it really helped me o.

Like I said mil couldn't do much cos of age so her eldest daughter was the one doing most of the omugwo things. They stayed for 3 weeks and left, so I had to sit up and take care of my baby myself. 

Stella I knew nothing about child care and the likes but God was faithful, I was able to bath my child and Google was helpful and here I am today 9 months after and have become an 'expert' in childcare,*winks*

I was so scared at the initial stage, scared of having about 3 of my in-laws around since we've not been that close before,but it all went well. I did the best I could as a DIL and everybody was just free, we even gisted and had fun together. 

When they were going I bought food stuffs and wrappers for them as thank you though Mil said she appreciated it o but doesn't want wrapper instead I give her money or more food stuffs but I told her that's what I have to give next time I'll give her only foodstuffs.

By 3 weeks, eldest sister needed to go attend to her husband and so they left. My friend left before them and so I was left alone with my cross but God helped me sha and it was easy for me.

*Your own better...when i got home with my child after we left hospital and i had to bath him the next Morning,do you know how much i cried?..I couldnt even carry him,I was so scared.I had to call the midwife to come home,I cried and cried and the bay was not helping matters shouting as if i put pepper for him eyes......I kept muttering ''who send me message ooooh''

THe lady put milk and Olive oil in the water and it was so slippery..OMG....Anyways like you,I got better with time.
Congratulations babe.


  1. Replies
    1. You dey wait for the post to landπŸ™†

    2. Lmao, na so me too say who send me

  2. Replies
    1. Gosh I had a prem baby, very tiny and due to the emergency my mum and mil only came a month after. I was stuck with a tiny baby and I was 23. Lol gosh but now I'm a pro too. Thank God sha, looking back now I smile.

    2. I'm in the same situation when I gave birth to my first child 11 year ago, preterm baby with vein showing all over his body. Before shower in the morning or evening, I had to read psalm 24 over and over again.I quickly went into post-partum blues. Though husband was so supportive,there is nothing like being around your people. Now I'm an expert.

  3. Nice read,milk in water?, anyway we learn everyday...

  4. Replies
    1. Stella you and I waka come o πŸ˜‚.had to take charge the day after we got back from the hospital aboard things and my mom could not make it. I had to bath her with hubby, come and see fight πŸ˜‚ but I thank God I'm a pro now my daughter is 16 months old now .

  5. The first time is always tough. But with time u learn and adapt.

  6. I will bathe my own very soon

    Congrats poster

  7. Lol Stella I don't what to expect for my own o
    Am almost due
    I pray for divine mercy

  8. congrats babe

  9. Wow
    God please spare my granny for me she is the one who can be available.
    Guyman mum is late and they are all men.

  10. TGW, happy belated birthday to you, darling.

    May God's blessings never depart from your beautiful life. xoxoxoxo

    Chyshugar, happy belated birthday to you too. Keep shining. God bless you. :)


  11. Got home on the 23rd May and I bathed ma baby....chaiiii it was as if she'd jump off my hands. Very sleepery oo, I was just nervous but now I am an expert

  12. E no easy, it's one step at a time

  13. Congratulations, you will be ok as more children come


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