Stella Dimoko Parents Of Released Boys Say They Exhibit Signs Of Deep Trauma


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Monday, July 31, 2017

Parents Of Released Boys Say They Exhibit Signs Of Deep Trauma

Parents of the six students of the Lagos State Model College, who were released on Friday, after spending 64 days in the creeks with militants, are beginning to express fear over some characteristics being exhibited by their children.

This was even as others insisted their children returned from the creek and became prayer warriors, more on their knees than feet.

Most of the parents spoke on the condition of anonymity, claiming that security agents were monitoring and that they had been warned not to speak with journalists.

Two fathers yesterday expressed fear over the display of their children. These men were part of parents that rejoiced on Friday, after they heard of the release of their children and eventually held them in their warm embrace.

Yesterday their voices were laced with worry and fear.
One of them said: “There is something wrong with my son; but I really can’t place my finger on it. We’re still observing him. Medically, they are still treating them.

There is no way the children will go to such a place without any possible ailment in them, although we give thanks to God. My son was a once a free child and lively, suddenly, he is withdrawn and exhibiting strange attitude. We are noticing some strange habits.”

Asked if he would allow his son to return to the school, he replied: “It’s in the hands of my son, not me. The decision belongs to him alone.”

The second father expressed worries over his son’s state of mind, disclosing that he noticed that his son was not fully back to his senses.

According to the man, since about midnight when his son was brought home on Friday, the boy has been exhibiting signs of fear and psychological trauma.

The man added that he noticed this after more than two months in captivity with kidnappers; his son could neither jump at him nor showed any sign of being happy returning home.

He said: “He is just looking at everyone and doesn’t even talk. That sad experience, I must tell you, was too much for those children and I feel sad about it. In fact, because of the situation, his mother had to take him away from the house to avoid further pressure on him.”

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*The boys need a lot of love right and isolation from too many strange faces.I hope they were not molested as well.
I pray they can return to school,even if it is new schools


  1. I just feel so bad for those boys what a terrible experience, of course it's going to take a while for them to come out of it.
    God please help us in this jungle called Nigeria

  2. I also hope they were not molested,molestation in a male child always leave them traumatized all their lives.Those children needs to be left alone and not asking them further questions that will always enable them to remember such horrible experience.Their parents shouldn't even think about taking them back to that school,they need to be under their care,watch them closer.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I doubt they would say if molested. May God heal them.


  3. Not really love. They need therapy. Serious therapy. Staying with total straights under duress isn't something that would do well to their mental state .. Thinking everyday if they were going to die or survive, if they were ever going to see their parents or siblings. If this is it for them. Then the torture they would have gone thru. The bad environment they would gave kept them again. And then the lack of nutritious food they would have eeaten for the past 2 months. Ah, they need serious therapy. They will be so scared, jumpy, suspicious, sad and every Thing

  4. Eyaaaah#wipes tears#i feel very sorry for the children.Don't want to imagine what they would have gone through,they are kids for christsake.It will never be well with the bastard kidnappers and their children will go through worse In Jesus name,AMEN
    This kids needs so much attention,love and care now

  5. I can understand a little how they feel. In my own case i couldn't sleep for more than a year.though my experience was different. After thieves made their way into our home, while I, my husband, daughter and cousin slept. I heard them breaking our front door like it was their house and they forgot their keys. The cry of my daughter woke me up around 2:30pm
    What saved us that day was the protector at the staircase cos these guys broke into the living room and made their way upstairs. I almost pop in my pant that night. Luck came our way fast cause we dey we rub palms wela, police came in within 10mins of our call. See shooting right in my company. Hubby joined too after hiding us in the roof. God! I have never been thesame since that day. I told him though I have fobia for dogs I want 4 wicked ones. I want electric fence o! We will have to be hosting mobile police men every month too. Now we don't stay out late. 3 attempts again since then.But in all Na God dey guard and protect o! Like say like rented house we for don move out.

    1. Madam you mean 4 attempts have been made to attack your home and you're still living in the house???? You no even fear for your life and that of your child. Talk to God to rebuke the devourer but hope your hands are clean as well?

    2. My dear, I wrote up there that the house is not rented if not we for done move. Who you see to buy house of 39m this Buhari time? We just put some security measures in place and left the rest to God. Cos even if we want to move that money no dey now to get a house to contain our stuffs.

      Yes my hands are clean, we work hard to make our money and owe no body anything. Abi theses boys hands no clean too? Is just that things has turned so bad in Nigeria that you can't live in a good house or drive a good car in peace even if you laboured honestly for it.

  6. If they were Ambodes son would they have stayed this long in captivity.

  7. Post traumatic stress disorder. They need rehabilitation and various therapies.

  8. Post traumatic stress disorder, they need psychological management asap. They can contact me, I work with children and adolescents.


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