Stella Dimoko Poltician Says Nagging Wives Inflict 'Emotional And Psychological Abuse'


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Friday, July 28, 2017

Poltician Says Nagging Wives Inflict 'Emotional And Psychological Abuse'

A Malaysian politician has prompted fury by suggesting that women withholding sex from their husbands or nagging them is a form of “emotional and psychological abuse”.

Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh, 58, a member of the ruling Barisan Nasional coalition, made the comments during a debate on domestic violence in the national parliament.

Malaysia is currently reviewing laws existing laws on domestic abuse, which rights activists hope will offer more protection to women.

However, Mr Che argued that men suffered more than women in married relationships as they were not subjected to mere physical abuse.

“Men are generally physically stronger than women so they are subjected to emotional and psychological abuse, which is even worse. This includes having a wife who denies conjugal rights to her husband or one who constantly nags,” he said.

The politician proceeded to link the debate to Malaysia’s controversial polygamy laws, which allow Muslim men to have as many as four wives as long as they clear the next marriage with a Sharia court.

“Some [men] want to marry more than one but need to get permission from their wives, who disagree and begin nagging,” he said.

Mr Che’s remarks prompted sniggers in the House, according to one local media report. But he also drew strong public criticism, including from high profile women’s rights activists like Marina Mahathir, daughter of former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed.

“This is an old notion, that when you marry a woman you own her body. It does not work that way, she told AFP. “Women have a right to say no to sex. It is ridiculous to say men are abused if women say no.”

Ms Mahathir posted the news on her Facebook page, adding the comment: “Hmmm…and yet we let men rule countries?”

The post generated many outraged comments from angry citizens.

“The MP blatantly stated wife is a sex object!” said one male commentator.

“Marriage doesn’t mean we are slaves to anyone or anything,” argued one woman.

Others said that they were “disgusted” and asked for a vomit emoticon.

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  1. Unfortunately, the truth is most men suffer from domestic violence /abuse from women but, will not be open about it for fear of being ridiculed by the same society, who has set a double standard in favour of women. I'm a woman, and it shames me how we always paint men as demons. Women's day is celebrated, but if there should a men's day celebration, women would protest. Don't you have sons you celebrate when they do well in school? There is a record for abused women which helps with the statistics, but non for men! I'm pained, because I knew an extremely good elderly man who was constantly abused physically and psychologically by his wide till he passed away. He couldn't tell any soul because of his place in the society, and the genuine love he had for his wife! Only his relatives knew but, couldn't do anything. That is an instance of an undocumented statistics! There are many others. Women are at the forefront of emotional and psychological domestic abuse. Here is statistics for you- for every 1 man that physically abuses a woman, there are twenty women that psychologically and emotionally abuse men! I'm a woman, but don't condone double standards. My advise to men, don't violate your women in any way, you can put a stop to it, and have a day to be celebrated. It's easy to stop domestic violence by men, if they can just control themselves. Achieve this, and watch from the side lines, women fumble,cause they can't control their tongues. Do this, and watch statistics tilt to your favour. Women need to stop playing the double standard card. Ekene kwa'm unu.

    1. Your 'opinion' is riddled with 'i am a woman', why do you need to validate?
      Methinks you are a man or transgender.
      So you think a woman should be a slave?
      I know there are 'unruly' women out there but...pftt. Men are the aggressors.

  2. would we say he is wrong in his submission... of course NOT as emotional abuse from women by way of nagging and sex denial is enough to bring down even the strongest of men. It's clear women get the physical abuse and can show for it and that's why a judge can persecute and sentence a man because there are evidences of bruises and scars. But only if they can see the garmount of scars in the heart of men from these abuses, then the sentencing some women will get will be like the V shape with no ending..

  3. Leave the marriage if you can no longer stay there, simple and short...

  4. Women are sex object? Please I need that vomiting break too. So disgusting. Unfortunately this is the mentality of 80% or more of men. They see women as sex toys that's why they don't respect women. You can imagine meeting a man for the first time who claims he wants a relationship with you but demands sex immediately as if that's your name. He don't want to even get to know your middle name or anything about you. All he wants to do is get to bed and you now wonder what the next generation will look like if ours is like this.

    1. Shut up! Women caused it by selling theirselves cheap. Imagine the respect women will get if 70% of them were like chimamanda.

    2. Don't mind them, and they always think women are less intelligent calling them fish brain.

  5. Wonders shall never end........

  6. Bullcrap!

    'Swipes page to close'


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