Stella Dimoko Presidency Replies Alleged False Report On Twitter...


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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Presidency Replies Alleged False Report On Twitter...

Yesterday Premium times tweeted a story on their twitter handle and the Presidency replied via it's twitter handle...

Presidency Nigeria

This is false and misleading, @PremiumTimesng. The Attorney General did not at any time or in any way say this.
5 Jul 2017

Presidency Nigeria Retweeted Premium Times

 ''The Attorney-General's point is that decisions on Presidential nominations are matters for the Presidency and not the Fed Executive Council''


  1. I do not wish Buhari well. In fact, I wish him death. Enough of this political correctness.

    1. Haaaa
      Why nawwwwww

    2. I miss my president GJE 👑👑👑👑👑

    3. Even if you wish to be a millionaire in Naira from now till eternity, it will not come to pass. So why do you think wishing the president death will come to pass if God has not approved it???

  2. Presidency....such an interesting word.

  3. No president on seat so who is replying Premium times? Nigeria is just messed up. Saraki also wants to be acting President when we already have one acting president.

  4. This is all part of the confusion that Saraki and his "coup" group that met in Saudi plan to create. They want to discredit the presidency, stir up wahala and disinformation and then he moves in...he already paid some mid level military boys some serious amount of money. We have prove...there is also a massive campaign of youths he paid to go online and pass pro Saraki comments and curse or abuse anyone that opposes Saraki. Watch out. This bastard will not stop until the whole country burns just for his own self fish power hungry ambition and greed. Watch Saraki's movement from now own. Very soon I will ask nigerians to begin stock piling food in the house and if it diesel fuel that hoarding it at home... things will soon start getting heated. If kids are on summer break and you can afford it pack and go for a long summer. I am talking from what we know categorically.

  5. This is what happens when you make a walking corpse the president of a country. Confusion everywhere.

  6. Truly, the PremiumTimes publication was in very bad taste. The headline was grossly misleading.

    When did the appointment of Ministers or Head of agencies become what is debated or agreed upon at the Federal Executive Council meeting? Premium Times and their reporter should be sent a copy of the constitution.

    It was right for the FedGov to react via the same SM platform.

  7. It is written: He that does the wind, shall surely reap the whirlwind(Hos8:7). The Buhari that caused so much trouble and sleepless nights for GEJ thru the social media is being haunted by the same. The evil that men do now lives with them. The worst is still coming. I pray God will help us weather the storm cos if the thing start, these men and their cronies will jet off Abroad.

  8. Saraki, saraki, saraki how many times did I call you? Because you have sowed the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. that whirl wind will swallow you and your seed. The evil you have hatched for this nation will befall you several times over. Amen. This is my prayer for evil politicians who do not wish Nigeria well. They will be swallows up by their poison.

  9. Which Saraki wants to be acting president? When VP has been trying to be Senate President? Senate President may be even more powerful than the president, depending on the personality. Osinbajo is frightened of his own shadow and Aisha d akara fryer is leading him by d nose. Dassall


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