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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Shocking Story!

A woman in China who had an abortion was shocked to find that the midwife had 'saved' the child and sold him to another family.

In April 2013, 18-year-old Lili from Inner Mongolia found out she was pregnant and didn't tell anyone until she reached 35 weeks.

Accompanied by her brother, she underwent an abortion which she was told was successful. However some three days later she was told by police that the child had been saved by a nurse.

The procedure went smoothly and when it came to pay the costs of the procedure, Lili also paid for the 20 yuan (£2.27) disposal fee of the fetus, reports Sina.

The maternity nurse Liang Xiaohua confessed that she felt the fetus had the possibility of surviving.

Liang Xiaohua said that she heard the child crying and took it out from the plastic bag to rescue. She attached the baby to oxygen and gave it water while she hid it in a cupboard.

The nurse was overheard calling someone and asking if they wanted a child and telling them that she did not know if it was a boy or a girl.

She sold it to her cousin who took the child to her home.

Local villagers became suspicious of the cousin and informed police of the baby.

Some three days later, Lili found out that the baby had not died during the abortion and that the child had been sold.

Daily Mail UK


  1. The nurse did well... I wonder why the baby's mother is tryna raise dust as to the survival of the baby, she never wanted the baby in d first for the nosey whistle blower, their head nor correct...

  2. Why don't I believe this story. Lot of loopholes

  3. Hmmm 35 weeks more than 7 months the fetus has a chance of surviving

  4. The nurse is a good woman, does the mother now need the child now?


  5. Thank God that this child is safe and thriving.
    Shame on all women who abuse the great privilege and responsibility God has given them to bring forth a child to kill the child!
    All the girls on this blog that do it WITHOUT REPENTING of such lifestyles should see the execution style murder they have committed staring them to the face. REPENT!

    1. Shushhhh how about the irresponsible men that will get them pregnant and won't accept responsibility.
      Most women acually want to keep that child and marry the father.
      Meanwhile is it even possible to abort a baby of 35 weeks. I dont support abortion but it is men like you that judge single mothers on this blog and call them names.
      I doubt this story. That woman will die is that not 7montbs.

  6. The child is destined to live.

  7. The baby is destined to live.


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