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Sunday, July 09, 2017

Sunday Laughs

Have  GOOD DAY....

Thanks to those who sent in laughs and are upset I didnt use them...These laughs have been on for over four years and we have used a lot and sometimes I forget and re-use but there are some that you cant miss and some of you are new BV's and might not know this...Dont be upset please!


  1. Thank you for the post! 😄

  2. Oh, this was hilarious!
    That woman slicing onions wearing helmet, I can so relate. Some onions can frustrate someone in the kitchen.

    Na poor I poor, I nor kill person. I don't know why people are so ashamed buying either used clothes or over-stocked clothes. You're paying with your money.

  3. I love that Aregbe's meme, very hilarious. BVs in Island, how's things over there? Hope you're not too affected? I thoughts and prayers are with you all

    *Larry was here*

  4. Frank wants to do freedom, lol I sorry for his patients

  5. lol...I love d last reply to rauf.

  6. Lol @ federal river safety commission!
    Vi/lekki river.

    Just Krix!

  7. Hehehe @ that onion cutting. Since the bird had learned to fly without perching....

  8. Frank Donga be cracking me up wit his "silly" memes on insta

  9. A for Ekiti
    B for gbegiri
    Lmaoooooooooo, this Chidi Okereke is a clown!

    Who are we: Women!!!
    What do we do: we run the world!!!😂😂😂😂

    Exam answer:
    *4 apples, make a sketch of the four cardinal points

    Now, mentally place the four apples in each of the cardinal points: N,S,E,W

    *His train is 7 mins late
    Ashually this might be as a result of the flood in Lekki, so because the sun refused to rise at the east, the train coach woke up late.

    *th mass of the sun:
    Using the formula :mass = volume x Density
    Now, since the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we will cancel north and south(the vertical line of the cardinal point) and use only east and west(the horizontal line).
    ⚊⚊ Giving us this
    Now, we will cancel the first formula for calculating mass and use the gravitational constant (G) (6.67 x 10¹¹ and the distance btw the sun a earth which they told us is 1.5 8 10⁸, all things being equal
    M = G x D
    M = (6.67 x 10¹¹) x 1.5 x 10⁸
    M = (let me ask Shakuntala first)

    Lmaooooooo, teacher never jam craze, I must fill my 'fullscap' sheet o

  10. They are funny ,the woman with the helmet slicing onions crack me up.

  11. Thanks for posting. A little distraction from the havoc this rain has wrecked. I cant stop wondering how some displaced people are coping right now.

  12. Lamooo haha A for ekiti.I don laugh tire

  13. But I sent you new ones, SDK. Okay oh

  14. #If you have never made a mistake then it means you have never tried something new*

  15. LMAO.......good to have a good laugh


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