Stella Dimoko The Make Up Artist That $1000 From A Vendor She Worked With...


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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Make Up Artist That $1000 From A Vendor She Worked With...

Did you hear of the makeup artist that stole one thousand dollars from a vendor and hid the money inside a gutter?LMAO. Accused is @divadivinemakeovers and accuser with facts is @distinctvendors. 

The story is told in different parts by the accused and starts here..

''I have thought long and hard about this and after drafting and erasing, drafting and erasing and drafting and erasing and having my attorney scan through my write up to avoid any unnecessary lawsuit but then seeing a lot of people come forward that, and hearing their stories on how they have been robbed from this same vendor(MUA), I have to address this FINALLY so all parties involved can move forward with the clear understanding that if this vendor(MUA) is caught in this act again, I will LEGALLY do an adequate review with your business name and possibly your face *plastered* all over social media and make sure @muaguildng look into possible consequences for unethical makeup artists. I am KIND hearted and always avoid trouble but I am not a fool and I will protect other people from getting robbed of their sweat and hard earned money, period. 


Part 1 of the true story of the incident on July 3, 2017. A makeup artist(name withheld) but let’s call her Ms. H stole $1000US(372,000 Naira) from me. 
On July 3, 2017, at the end of #distincttraining2017 for the #distincttraininggiveaway2017 winners which held in Lekki Phase 1 Lagos, Nigeria; lights were turned off, we packed food and items from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor. We were 8 ladies in the kitchen, I was sorting out everyone’s takeaway, asked for my bag and it was pointed to me(not knowing Ms. H already tampered with the bag), I finished up with the takeaway, I dipped into my bag to pay for the extra charges incurred, I decided to count my tithe money($1500US) and it had reduced to $900US so $600US was stolen; I was extremely upset(because $400US was already stolen from the money 3 days earlier and I said nothing about it), my event coordinator searched everyone but no money was found, I called to confirm the original amount in front of everyone with the phone on speaker, then it dawn on us; Ms. H had hurriedly left the venue(had to even call her back to hug her) leaving 7 of us. Now let me describe Ms. H to you; she is a selfish, rude, obnoxious, wicked, ungrateful, "would wait for a ride even if it is inconvenient" type of lady. EXHIBIT #1 – MS. H HURRYING OUT OF THE VENUE
*******************************************************Everyone branded her as a thief at this point, I was still trying to stop people from speaking ill of her; then I realized Ms. H was at my place at Victoria Island, Lagos on June 30, 2017 to collect almost 100,000 Naira worth of mac cosmetics products that I bought for her as a gift, I went downstairs to speak to the #hubs, saw her in my bathroom when I came back, didn’t think anything of it; I counted my $1900US the next morning, $400US was gone thereby leaving the $1500 that she came to steal another $600US from; please bear in mind, you have to open 3 places to get to this money; it was in an ENVELOPE, that was in a WALLET that was in a BAG. EXHIBIT #2 – MS. H WAS AT BOTH VENUES THAT THE MONEY WAS MISSING FROM, KNEW EXACTLY WHERE TO GET THE MONEY FROM AND DID A FAST AND CLEAN ROBBERY...... #ToBeContinued #WaitForIt

Part 2 
#hubs sensed that I was really upset, my husband - (the man that I had been upset with for months because we were going through a very challenging time in our union) was the only one who came to my rescue with this #rogue, everyone else just talked, talked and talked #SomeEvenTryToShade a lesson I learnt that day is never to depend on people; why did I include this detail? Ms. H wants to be sneaky and manipulative, speak on my union that she knows absolutely nothing about but claim another vendor that she met at my place on June 30, 2017 told her about it; LET'S BE CLEAR, I DONT BRING MY PERSONAL LIFE ON SOCIAL MEDIA BUT I AM NEVER SECRETIVE ABOUT MY SPIRITUAL, ACADEMIC, PROFESSIONAL, FINANCIAL, MARITAL CHALLENGES AND GROWTH AND I AM AN OPEN BOOK, #hubs called the commissioner of police, we called Ms. H to come back to the venue, told her the real reason why #UnlikeHerLies #ThatSheWasLuredBack the police arrived, we were on our way to the police station when she called that she was back at the venue, we drove back to pick her up and we all landed at Oniru police station. EXHIBIT #2 - MS. H IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, has told people over 30 different stories and counting
***************************************************** Everyone was thoroughly searched, this was when I became so sad, disturbed. I hurt because I have never experienced people being searched in that manner before #ChroniclesOfBeingRaisedAbroad I stepped aside, reminded God of being a tither and pleaded with God to expose this callous individual that thought it was ok to put us through this, Ms. H then requested to see me, the police refused, she said she wants to pay the money back and I asked only one question, where did she want to get the money to pay back #LittleDidIknow #ThatMsHWasTheThief I requested for everyone to be released without bail fee, I went home at 1:17am in the morning and cried all night long only to hear the next morning that Ms. H confessed to stealing the money, then the drama began, I’m going to make some revelations that Ms. H doesn’t know about in the midst of her lies. EXHIBIT #3 - MS. H WANTS TO PAY BACK A WHOOPING $1000US(372,000 Naira)..... #ToBeContinued

Part 3

Found out in the morning that 2 people were detained: Ms. H that confessed to stealing the money & my school daughter who revealed that Ms. H carried the bag; upset to find out that people were detained; got dressed, hurried to the police station to scold my school daughter on why she couldn't call me when she was detained. Found out that Ms. H not only confessed to stealing the money but took the policemen to an area in Lekki where she threw the money in the gutter. Ms. H's friend was there and confirmed that she stole the money and kept pleading not to charge her to court as the DPO was preparing to do so, now let me say that all of Ms. H's friends that I spoke to confirmed that she is a thief, not one defended her, got to the police station, asked Ms. H's - did you really steal this money and in her exact words: Yes I did and I just started crying again, I was too hurt to speak - EXHIBIT #3 – MS. H FINALLY CONFESSED TO MY FACE THAT SHE STOLE THE MONEY
******************************************************Ms. H paid back $600(210 000 Naira) only to find out that she went to borrow money from people that she had rubbished their name behind their back, I spent all day at the police station pleading for Ms. H to be released and after returning the 3rd time so late in the evening to ask why she wasn't released, Ms. H said she was assaulted by the police men. At this point, she was about to be transferred to SAS out of anger from the DPO, I was frustrated, cancelled all my birthday photo shoot to save this person from the hands of the law, my 2nd day was rendered useless again, the #hubs got upset and asked why she was trying to cause more issues and discredit the policemen while I've been begging to get her out, she responded to the #hubs saying everyone will have daughters. This was the very first time I got upset with Ms. H and it took everything in me not to leave her to be charged to court #IfYouKnowMe #YouKnowNotToMessWithMyFamily #OrMyGeneration now in my world 🌎, that could really get you dealt with. Even after all of these, I called Ms. H aside and asked her 2 important questions - find out in the next part #ToBeContinued

Part 4

The 2 questions were: 1} Did you steal this money? and 2} Were you truly assaulted? Ms. H responded saying she returned the money so my marriage can have peace and don't have issues in my union, 😳 #IHaveSuffered and I'm thinking this #Rogue just tried to insert my union in this B.S. 
I don't boast about my accomplishments and I remain humble. I'm contented with my earnings in a year as an employee alone, #hubs and I have businesses that keeps us comfortable. We are not billionaires yet but we do well for ourselves. Please someone help me understand that if money could make me not have challenges in my union, would I not have abundance of peace and not have challenges that #hubs and I work on everyday & this #Rogue thinks 210 000 Naira can give my union peace; all I felt at this point was rage. I was weak and my hatred towards her and disgust for her actions sets in. Then it dawned on me that I was dealing with a manipulative #rogue and someone that was pushing her luck. In my mind; I'm like do I #SmackTheShit out of this #rogue or #CurseHerOut or just deal with her legally but y'all know I won't stoop so low to hit or curse someone and thank God my Jesus mind came through because she was taking me for granted at this point. Her answer to the assault was yes, I told her to take it up with the law if she was assaulted because no one deserves to go through that. I called the #hubs and advised him to stay out of it and not defend the police officers on the assault issue, called @distinctvendors' attorney to ask if she can take up the case and lend Ms. H a helping hand on this assault issue but she advised me not to get involved as it is a conflict of interest. So I pleaded for her to be released, called her friend that said she was still in Lekki and she was going to come back to get her out to come now so Ms. H can walk out if the police station before I leave that night, Ms. H's friend said she can't come back because of traffic and I'm thinking in mind, so traffic could stop her friend from assisting her. #Hubs signed the release form and I left. #ToBeContinued

Part 5

The next day, Ms. H had the nerve to go on snapchat after all the stealing, the people she hurt 😳. A vendor that was in all of this mess called me furious that she is not even remorseful - EXHIBIT #4 - Ms. H IS A MANIPULATIVE LADY THAT THINKS SHE HAS THINGS TO SAY TO THROW ME OFF BALANCE AND SHE IS AN UNGRATEFUL PERSON
***************************************************** Now let me tell you all that I have not heard from Ms. H, she hasn't apologized to any of the 7 people
Involved or thanked the people that borrowed her money, helped her regained freedom and shielded her business name from being dragged in the mud and the surprising part is Ms. H could not call any of her family members including her boyfriend to come see her at the police station - EXHIBIT #5 - Ms. H IS HIDING THE FACT THAT SHE IS A THIEF FROM HER FAMILY
πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Things Ms. H didn't know and that I know / Revelations:
1} My school daughter understands Igbo and heard all of her confession that she made in Igbo 
2} I know that Ms. H was the one making advances to Igbo police officers saying she will do anything so she doesn't have to pay the money back 
3} I got the surveillance tape from the event centre #legally 
4} I'm aware of her changing the U.S dollars back to Naira and paid people that she borrowed money from back 
5} Everyone she has spoken bad about me and rained curses on me to reached out to me and told me all her lies 
6} Someone who knew her during her childhood days confirmed that she stole from any and everyone 
7} I confirmed from an individual within the @muaguildng body that she stole at a cosmetic shop 3 times, twice in Ikeja and once in Lekki 
8} Over 13 people have come forth that she stole from them, i'm just weak because this is disgusting 
Then I started receiving calls and hearing all kinds of things, now to all the vendors that reached out to me having a thing or 2 ridiculous things to say. I'll address you all in the next post #ToBeContinued #WaitForIt

Part 6

 πŸ‘‰ 2 vendors that I respect a lot said don't talk about it because people might not want to be associated with @distinctvendors if they hear. My response is if you are a vendor that will partner with @distinctvendors and steal, please don't be associated with @distinctvendors and if I don't run @distinctvendors again today, I will save at least 5 million Naira a year and a whole lot of emotional trauma, so let's not make it seem that I earn money from @distinctvendors and not do what I do from the goodness of my heart πŸ‘‰ A vendor(MUA) that hasn't spoken to me in a long while reached out to ask why I was carrying U.S. dollars with me, My response is why did your colleague invade my privacy and touched my bag? πŸ‘‰ A vendor(MUA) said Ireoluwa is mean, my response was when Ireoluwa lost $400U.S. and perfumes she bought for vendors last year and didn't say anything, then your colleague stole $1000U.S that she never worked for a day in her life, is she a good person? Abeg, is Ireoluwa a drug baron/a fraudster that should be wasting money. I was so close to saying please take several seats ma πŸ‘‰ A vendor(MUA) that was affiliated with a lawyer wanted to start educating me on legal B.S. to try to stick for Ms. H and my reaction the entire time was let's not just go there; mom is an attorney, dad is a database administrator; I eat, sleep, breath legalities coming from someone who signed a document drafted by my dad to co-sign my university education's student loan that I'll pay the loan back, yes we don't play in my family, my dad raised us to cover our #asses legally all the time. πŸ‘‰ A vendor I care so much for said to his relative, if you were there, that's how they will arrest you, my response is yes o and let's face the root cause which is your colleague stole a huge sum of money not the reaction to the stealing which is the arrest, let's not take my kindness for foolishness

Advice to vendors: πŸ‘‰ Trust no one πŸ‘‰ Be careful who you invite to your circle, social media is very deceitful πŸ‘‰ Don't fight for vendors that make it a point to ruin others
πŸ‘‰ Be careful who you mess with. Some are apple of God's eyes and you can't tamper with #ToBeContinued

Part 7 and Pre-Final post: 
The devastating part is that Ms. H is not remorseful, has spoken ill of myself and the other 6 victims, continuously lied and is rained curses on not only me but other vendors that she thought wronged her. 
The ones I feel bad for are the victims of this entire mess, some of them said some negative things about me but are they not right to say that and more? The only thing I’m happy about is that my good ways spoke for me when they told people those things, If you were part of these 6 people, I am apologizing to you, I am SO SORRY that you all had to go through all that you went through. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Why did I do this extremely revealing and detailed posts? I needed to let people know the real story is unlike the lies that have been swirling around and I needed to clear the air. #MyUsualSelfWouldNotEvenWantToTalkAboutIt plus #EthicalVendors is a big part of what @distinctvendors stands for so I have a job to do. 😊To all the vendors that reached out to me and apologized on Ms. H’s behalf, thank you so much, know that one of the reasons why I excluded her name is because of the respect I have for you all. 😐To all vendors that had/have a thing or 2 ridiculous things to say, feel free to say whatever you want but until you experience what 7 of us experienced, your opinion is not considered and my thick skin is unbothered. 😎To everyone asking that I reveal Ms. H's name and handle, I will never be responsible for ruining someone’s business. 😑To you Ms. H, you messed with he wrong one - A CHILD OF GOD & I have tolerated all the craziness, the drama you brought, threats, lies and your wickedness, I’m giving you a chance to seek help – (counselling, therapy, deliverance), i'll pray for you but if I hear of another incident related to this, I will be forced to call you out but if you feel like any of these is untrue, please speak up and if it appears to be a defamation of character; once again, have your attorney contact @distinctvendors' πŸ™To God, I am eternally grateful that you showed a wicked one that your daughter is not one to mess with, that I did not tithe in vain and you watch over me at all times.

Final post

 ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ I hope that after this emotionally and physically stressful, revealing post; we can all move on now and just in case you all are wondering, I won’t stop being kind hearted, I just have to depend on God to clear my path. Have a blessed day y’all.
#distintvendors #distintvendor #WickedPeopleAllAround #WhoGodHasBlessedNoManCanCurse

Narrative culled from distintvendors IG handle


  1. What a long read. This is serious.

    1. Phew!!! What a lonnnnnnnng read indeed.

    2. So madam vendor. If she confessed to throwing the money in the gutter and led police there why did she have to go and borrow money to pay again. This story is smelling like cod liver oil. So fishy!!!

    3. What's the essence of the hashtags please?

    4. $1900 as tithe go still end up in robbery ni! Tithe my ass, like say no be someone that's is not related to d levites go spend am.
      But this write up can be summarize as. Ms H stole my money & she confessed!

  2. I beg its too long and cant understand the writing style. Na gossip gist. This person said that that person said.

  3. Story is told in different parts by the accuse'r'
    I don't get why people wrote and litter their piece with hashtags, why not put them all the end of the article. I understand mentions in the middle of a writeup but not hashtags.
    So from the article, Ms H stole from the vendor; got arrested, confessed, accused the policemen of assault and still got released by her accuser. For an accuser who claims to be breathing legalities, I wonder how she didn't know it was a conflict of interest to arrest someone for theft and then want your lawyer to help the accused sue for assault.
    And then to cap it, she is still battling with the accused on social media. E ma was alright

    1. The writer is pathetic and needs help. No wonder her marriage is in trouble. Waste of my time. U accused someone yet u want to bail and still wants to jeopardize ur family name and biz name. Madam u have some unbalanced mental prob. Abeg carry this ur stupid story out of here. If na me d d H I for.thief ur bag join. ODE

    2. The writer is pathetic and needs help. No wonder her marriage is in trouble. Waste of my time. U accused someone yet u want to bail and still wants to jeopardize ur family name and biz name. Madam u have some unbalanced mental prob. Abeg carry this ur stupid story out of here. If na me d d H I for.thief ur bag join. ODE

    3. I thought I'm the only one

    4. Lol, very stupid woman indeed.madam kind hearted rubbish

    5. Writer pls let us hear word. You seem disturbed. Haba. Yes $1,000 is money but is an epistle required. Wetin sef

  4. Wow!
    It should also be a lesson to the lady that was stolen from NEVER to make her marriage issues a topic for discussion especially with her Vendors/workers
    Now instead of the person that stole to address her alledged thieving a**, She's busy mentioning the lady's marriage like that is the bone of contention. Her intention was to blackmail and shame the woman into silence.

    These days even when cameras capture crimes or intended crimes,some Nigerians will still blame the victim. I don't understand this.

  5. Wow....I thought this has been settled!

  6. What is all this rubbish
    Mtcheeeww,if you were that pained ,exposing her that would have been better
    Miss NGL

    1. My point exactly. This person no well o.

  7. #Don't wish for it, work for it*

  8. So long a story.
    Summary:$1k was stolen by Mrs H from the accuser.She got arrested,the police assaulted her,now her lawyer is helping her fight the police! Madam!You can never win over Nigerian police men! They will waste your time and money! Tell Mrs H,to lick her wounds and change her ways.

  9. Too long. Will be back to read comments

  10. If you have been stolen from by someone you trusted, you will know how it feels. And keeping the identity of the thief shows sign of maturity, but if the thief continues to misbehave then she can reveal what is left of her. Like she advised that she should seek help, I like her for that and for also acknowledging God for showing Himself strong on her behalf. And to the Hardened Criminal, you better repent before you steal the one that will take you to hell fire πŸ”₯ straight.

    1. Hmmmmmm, now now you don jump into conclusion. So you belive this madam story just because you haven't heard from H. How come H confessed she stole and threw the money in a gutter and H still has to borrow money from different people to pay her back. Why didn't H lead the police to pick up the money from the gutter. This story has k-leg abegi

  11. If you are sure she stole and she confessed to stealing,you should have called her name.

    Accuser,you also have a lot to learn from this. I think you talk too much and that's why the accused was trying to give you unsolicited advice.

    Last last, una go dey alright

  12. Hmmm if nigerian police catch you and detain you! You will confess anything even the one they didnt send you, you will sing like a canary

    1. How about that she led the police yo where shed his the money in the gutter?

      While apparently had changed the previously stolen 409dollars to naira to use and pay her debt...

      She didwell by hiding her name though. I don't understand how people can steal... Worst habit ever

    2. How about that she led the police yo where shed his the money in the gutter?

      While apparently had changed the previously stolen 409dollars to naira to use and pay her debt...

      She didwell by hiding her name though. I don't understand how people can steal... Worst habit ever

  13. No be miss divadivine again with her nasty attitude.Knew it would out her in trouble someday.

  14. The makeup artist's character is nothing to write home about.Feels like she's bm pro, terrible n nasty attitude.its possible she didn't steal d money but d thief decided to pin it on her cos of her character.either ways I ain't sorry for her.

  15. How can a woman do this to herself and business.......smh for her

  16. Madam Poster, you are a terrible person! Your pride is appalling. Your character ungodly. Stop praising yourself, stop the self conceited appraisal. I see why your marriage has issues. Whether the lady stole or not, I don't care again. But this your write up reeks of pride and wickedness. You better change. Must the world even know the amount you pay as tithe? Did God not say your left hand must not know what your right is giving? As I said, your arrogance will be the end of you if you do not change. Rubbish

  17. Now that she's successed in destroying her career I hope we can all breathe, stealing is bad but the calling out is not really necessary since she's returned the money.

  18. Divadivine is so uncouth, lousy, brags about every and anything..steals at d slightest chance and Imam glad she was caught this time...I am sure she is here leaving comments under anonymous...shame on you Chinyere aka divadivinemakeovers


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