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Saturday, August 05, 2017

A Rare Divorce Case!

This is really rare!

A newly wedded man has filled for divorce, after he discovered that his wife exists with no vagina or private part, Alejandro explained to the TV show host, Ana Maria Polo, that his wife had refused to have sex with him until they were married and avoided consummating their marriage on the wedding night.

“I took an elevator up and came into the room. I found her mother on top of her, naked — penetrating her,” the angry man tabled his complaint before the judge.

“They got scared and started yelling at me,” he added.
“What did you mean by ‘penetrating her?’” the judge asked.
“Her Mother had a dildo. She was fu–ing her with it,” the frustrated groom responded.

“So, her mother was penetrating her with a dildo?” the judge asked, surprised; while the shamed bride stood still at the witness’ stand.
“Yes,” the groom quipped.
“So, what happened?” the judge probed further.
“They got scared and tried to explain what was going on. But I know what I saw.

“I got mad, we fought, and I ended up leaving. I came back home, packed my things and left for a friend’s house.
“I’ve been living there for a month now. They’re living a life of sin inside my apartment,” the man added.

“I need your help to get my apartment back. To get these people out of there.”
The wife Tania responded,
“What I don’t get is why he’s omitted the main problem.

“I’m not like other women. I was born without a vagina. I was born with Mayer-Rokitansky-K├╝ster-Hauser syndrome (congenital absence of uterus and vagina).
“It’s a congenital abnormality where a woman’s vagina is either extremely small or nonexistent.

“In my case, it (vagina) was nonexistent,” the shamed woman narrated.
“But you’re fully developed. Do you have ovaries?” the judge probed.
“Yes, I have ovaries,” the woman said.
“So, you have ovaries? What don’t you have a vagina cavity? A uterus?” the judge asked.

“I was born without a uterus or a vagina canal,” the troubled woman said.
After becoming engaged, Tania had surgery to create a vaginal cavity so she could sleep with her husband - but it was too painful for her to consummate the marriage on the wedding night, causing her to cry and "freak out".

Tania says she felt she had failed at her wifely duties, being unable to satisfy her husband, and claims she then asked her adoptive mother to help her widen the vaginal cavity with the help of a cylindrical instrument.

At the end of their story, after having heard both cases, Ana Maria Polo granted the divorce.


  1. Which kind story b dis, d lady should hv informed d hubby b4 d wedding.

  2. pictures or it didn't happen..

    *tongue out*

  3. Replies
    1. There's a lady in Lagos with the same problem. Sexy lady

  4. Non existent v.j? How does she pee?
    She should'v told her man before marriage.

    1. If ur a woman,you should know that women don't pee from their vagina. Google up the anatomy of a woman and educate urself..

    2. @Shantelle, are you kidding me with this question???

  5. I saw this on fb few minutes ago, I really pity the woman

    *Larry was here*

  6. How possible is this? That a woman is born without vagina

    1. Very possible. It is a cong├ęnital condition.

  7. You think you have heard it all until you read another abominable act happening somewhere around the world.

    This is disgusting. The work is indeed cruel.

    1. anonymous gangster5 August 2017 at 13:12

      Disgusting? Your summary is strange. I would rather sat it's sad,unfortunate. Her only crime is not telling the guy before hand, since there's surgery there's hope. I bet you we'll still hear about her, remarrying and being happy, even having kids!

    2. Mrs. SDK. Your contribution indicates you only read the story halfway. Read it again and you understand "abominable" shouldn't be one of the words to describe the situation.

    3. Lol.
      You didn't read the story properly.
      Read again.@Mrs Romas

  8. Very dirty story,so na only ur mama sabi open ur vjay ba?

  9. I think I've read something like this here before

  10. The adopted mother decided to widen her up NAKED.. that gave them away.

  11. So the woman enwero OTU?

  12. So much deceit involved. Why didn't she tell the man before they got married? Some things have to be set out when dating so the other party will know what they're getting into.
    It shouldn't even be a divorce really but an annulment of marriage, the marriage was based on fraud, and no consumation of the marriage.

  13. Really sad for the lady if they're not making it up, she should have told him the truth though.
    But lawyers in the house, is this not ground for annulment instead of divorce, since the marriage wasn't consummated?

  14. bvs families I dey greet Una happy weekend. Pls what is the cost of HSG- FALLOPIAN TUBES TEST in Nigeria. Thanks


  15. Why did her adoptive mother have to widen her vagina naked? Lol.

  16. Not up till now I never new that woman without vagina exist on this planet earth.

  17. I have a colleague like that. Almost 43 no hole but she can pee. Her period comes out small and sometimes ceases to come at all. Always sick becos nobody is servicing her.


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