Stella Dimoko Angry Husband Seeks For Divorce,Says Wife Starts To Pray Anytime He Wants ''To Do''


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Monday, August 28, 2017

Angry Husband Seeks For Divorce,Says Wife Starts To Pray Anytime He Wants ''To Do''

A bittered married man Kolade Atanda has filed for divorce at Oja Oba/Mapo Court Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State against his wife, Dupe Atanda.
He made the following allegations against her.....

"My wife denied me of two things which are important to me. These are s3x and access to my two children.

“Her mother indirectly runs our home because she takes orders from her, but flouts every instruction I give her.
“As a result of this I feel inadequate as a man.
He added, “I can’t tolerate this anymore. Please, separate us and give me custody of the children”

The plaintiff gave details of his wife’s misbehaviour.
“I got married to my wife eight years ago and for those years, she refused to work.
“I got her a job through the help of my boss, but she refused to resume work on the stipulated day, ”he said.

“She denied me s3x. Any night I demanded for s3x, she would tell me her mother told her to pray throughout that night or attend a vigil in her church.
“I encouraged her to enroll for a part time Higher Diploma Degree (HND) course, but she failed to complete the programme.

“She made me believe she was nearly through with the course and that she was working on her project which she collected N90,000 for from me.
“She lied concerning the project for more than two years. The truth was finally revealed when my friend who lectures in her school helped me to check her result.
“He told me she performed woefully in all her courses and that she was not working on any project.

“I reported her to her mother who took sides with her.
“Her mum told me she never offered her daughter’s hand to me in marriage. She added that she was already engaged to someone who fared better than I did.
“I told her she shouldn’t have taken the food items and money my family members presented to her and her husband during our traditional wedding.

“My lord, my wife and her mother told me I have no claim on our children because they are not mine.
“She later moved out of my home with the children and took my belongings like deep freezer, washing machine, mattresses among others along with her.
“She called my father some few days back and threatened to deal with him if he refused to restrain me from coming to court, “he told the court.

The defendant has failed to show up in court after being served court summon twice.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade, after he had listened to the plaintiff adjourned the case till September 7, for judgment.
-Nigerian Tribune


  1. Anytime he wants to

    Ibadan Court 10
    Igando Court 0


  2. I feel so sorry for you oga! i know what it means for interference in a relationship talk-less of marriage.
    Do people go thrOugh marriage classes at all? Aint they taught these things such as- WHEN U MARRY, ITS YOU AND YOUR HUSBAND ALONE IN TERMS OF DECISION MAKING? what happened to- 'A MAN AND WOMAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND CLEAVE TO HIS WIFE? AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE?
    A lot of people just get married without understanding the intricacies.
    I am very sure the mom will marry her after the divorce!

  3. As a prayer warrior that she is na. Lool! Things are happening. Marriage wahala everywhere.*phew*

    1. These ones are Wife and Mother in law from Hell.

      I pity the man.

  4. Hahahahaha!!!!! Guy man check urself well.. It's either u don't know how to use ur thing well, or u are an indomie '1 minute man', or u stink. Bcos we women Love SEX, I mean very clean sex from a clean guy... We will even be begging 4 it if d fuck is good.. OK bye MR...

    1. 'Bcos we women love SEX'
      Speak for yourself Miss sex lover.

    2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ don and swiss why are the both of you hyerventilating? Are you one minute men?

  5. When a woman looks you in the face and tells you "the kids are not yours" I wonder what else you are fighting for. Get ready for a DNA test. Maybe you are impotent and she doesn't have time to waste on someone that will just keep playing around her punnani without scoring goals. Everyone is not an arsenal fan.

  6. I pity this man, he should have throw her out long before now.

    1. I am telling you.
      The very second the Mother in Law gave him that nonsense answer that the wife doesn't belong to him nor the kids.

  7. Hmm... guess she is not ready for the divorce.

  8. Na wa. Such a wicked act if it is true.

  9. Honestly I don't know what to type.

  10. Bros first thing first, run a comprehensive DNA test on those two kids to ascertain if truly they are yours or not and lastly divorce that woman and move on with your life cause is so obvious she never loved you her mother is grooming her for a full time prostitution business and you seem to be an obstacle so I suggest you do the DNA first then the divorce.

  11. LMAO........ This reminds of a chronicle from a male bvs complaining of the same thing as this man. The chronicle was so funny, I remember it has a Lot of comments. And I also remember the wife wrote in her own side of the chronicle saying praying makes pussy tight. LMAO........ Oh my goodness. That story got me stuck on SDKB.

  12. The kind of divorce case that one hears these days make one wonder if these people ever dated each other at all or they met on the wedding day and got married instantly.

    The guy should do a DNA on the kids and if they are his, he should take them away from her.

    Some women can disgrace womanhood for Africa 😯😯😯


  13. Some women nd mothers Sha ehen.
    It baffles me how a woman/wife wld open mouth to say she wouldn't work.hmm.

    I bet that mother is leading the wife to destruction.

    But, what if d wife is paying him back on sumtin he(man) did. Remember there's no smoke without fire.

    I dnt think d children aren't his, they're jxt trying to spite him on ...

  14. Oga you too the right decision, divorce without wasting time...look for your size because it seems she is too big for you.

  15. Smh, poor man. Ladies, I'm curious. Is it mandatory for y'all to tell your parents(especially your mothers) what goes on in your marriage?? Come on, why would she deprive her husband of sex?? Makes no sense to me..

    1. Hmm. My aunt is married to a custom officer, due to posting they are in different states. These my aunt is so beautiful and with a very nice figure after six children. Some years back she started having severe tummy aches. So severe that anywhere it hits her market, office, church she will fall down and be screaming in pains. Series of tests were done on her nothing turned up as the reason. She was to be operated on, thankfully a consultant friend of hers examined her and cancelled the surgery that it was not necessary. She battled this thing for like 3 years. Then the whole family was in and out of the hospital because of her. My grandma, her mum is over 80. During her last crisis, my grandma who is not one to interfere asked about her sex life and asked her to stop sleeping with her husband whenever he comes to visit then we should observe. True to her words the mystery illness vanished. However men will be men, this man started getting violent for the first time in over 15 yrs of marriage that why would his wife deny him sex? He will strip her and push her out of the house naked. He started accusing her of infidelity. Stopped sending upkeep to his six children. I guess men just hate to be denied of what they consider as their divine right but at whose expense? She's alive and well four years after the incident, I don't know if they have resumed za ozza room activities but a lot of explanations came for the mystery illness and no one knows till this day. Some claim because the guy is a chronic womanizer he infects her after intercourse hence the illness others think one of his mistresses is sending her the sickness. May God have mercy on us and not allow us to marry the wrong person.


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