Stella Dimoko Asari Dokubo Rant In CAR Park....


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Monday, August 14, 2017

Asari Dokubo Rant In CAR Park....

Like a man who quickly needs to take a pee,he sat down at the car park AND LET OUT HIS SERIOUS RANT...nobody was spared....

He says

''This world can be something else. All the thieves it is only Diezani that is a now the issue. Diezieni this billion, Diezieni that billion.

People wrote laws and appropriated the resources of the Ijaw people and gave it, Danjuma was giving a field because Danjuma knows the way to that place where he was given a name. He sold part of it for $500billion US dollars. Far part of it, that is not corruption. The one Lukeman has his field. He is dead, the children are enjoying. They are eating and eating and eating and getting fat.

Some people like Dizieni are very stupid and very foolish. When we go to them, they tell us, ah you have to have capacity. So our people are only qualify to guide pipelines. ........

Diezieni will give OMF to people we are older than, people we have more capacity than, people we have more stake than. Look at it now, all of them have left her. she is left famished, hungry, sick. There is nothing to show for it. there is no single Ijaw person among the people that she gave all this money to from her own Ijaw land. No single ijaw person. But it is Diezieni's name, they are not calling their brothers who stole the money that they claim she use to steal the money that bought the Yacht, that build houses, that are having the foreclosures in the United state that are having all this things, no body is talking about them. It is Diezieni. We must learn a lesson.

You know one of my cousin like that, his name is David West Chidi Adi,this man, what did he go to prison to do? laughs. Wrist watch and cup of tea ooooooo. Money people, wrist watch and cup of tea he went to prison.Today, he is gallivanting and shouting, Buhari Buhari. Ah! Our mumu no too muchhhhh? Our mumu no too much? Tam David West Chidi Adi. You went to prison for wrist watch and a cup of tea, you still the follow Cambadi for yansh. That's how we are.

When the issue of Biafra came, Charly boy said he is not in support of Biafra, we are rascals, we are this and this. 70-years old man o. Then Chiaga fram, the teargasm, he felt, he fainted, he passed out, he dosed out. 70 years old man (He stressed). But when their people came, Police with horses, with everything, patrol vehicle, they escorting them and they were dancing, singing and abusing Charly boy. But this same Charly boy says our mumu don too much, (angrily) Charly boy na your mumu na him too much. You bi mumu. You think say you de wise. You are a mumu man (he screamed). You are a mumu man (Again). As them throw the teargas, you fall, something were bad for reach you. (He sighed). We just pray, you just de say our mumu don too much. You bi mumu but you de call other people mumu. They never show you say you bi mumu? Nigeria is not for Diezieni, Nigeria is not for Charly boy, Nigeria is not for Goodluck Jonathan and Nigeria is not for Alhaji Ajiabari Asari is not for us.

The earlier we realise this, the earlier everyone one of you realise this the better it will be for us that Nigeria is not for us. How many times will they tell you before you know that Nigeria is not for you? Ah! Charly boy, Goodluck Jonathan, he eh eh! Do you want to be, American we know, Who bi American? no bi small North Korea de knack America here knack America there? Wetin America don do? America will know. Instead of you to do something for people you de build Amajiri school with our money. Instead of you here, you de go Zingeru, you de go this place. Now even road to go Atuoke no dey, you want to please others and displease our people and displease yourself. Now them never leave you? They have left you behind.

This is why some of us they call us tribalist, they call us tribal-gingolist, they call us tribal juganuts they call us eh all sort of things. it is good eh. God no make any mistake when him create me Ijaw man. Na God na him make me Ijaw man. If God no wan me to bi Ijaw man, him for make me another thing na. Him no make me. So you are trying to do sisi sisi, you are trying to pleasing every body like this.

Goodluck Jonathan, who we wan please? they people wey you please were them? Where the people wey pack all the money go? oh na only Diezieni na him thief? Only Akpukni Kemi na him thief? na only Dickson Kuku na him thief, na only Patience na him thief. No other person thief.

Even when court say Olu him no thief them federal money, them say him thief, when court say Patience no thief their money, them say him thief. All of them even if their court talk them No oh!. Because the earlier you learn to be who you are the better it will be for you. Man know thyself, you don't know yourself. Diezieni did not know herself, Olu Bibi did not know himself, Charly boy did not know himself.

Somebody have been away for 94days, ghost President, This photo President. Nigeria President na photo. Everybody go go snap photo with am (raising hands like taking photograph). Oh see my President dey inside photo with this one, Him snab photo with Rochas, una President na photo una vote? Your President is now a vegetable. Photo, no bi juju bi that? No bi when our fathers die for Ijaw land we dey carve for them, dig them for house, we dey pour libation, continue in ijaw language.

We have to rise up, we have to know who we are, the only thing, they only thing, the only thing that can guarantee our freedom is Independence of Biafra. There is no 2-ways about it. Goodluck if you like, pretend, the only security for you is independent. Diezieni if you like pretend, the only security for you is independent. Charly boy pretend, the only freedom, the only liberty, peace for you is Independent of Biafra. We are capable of achieving Independent of Biafra. They are not stronger than us. continue again in Ijaw dialet. We will meet each other, that is the only basis for our existence as a people.

Diezieni I am sorry, sorry oh! Make God no allow them make them kill you. But even though you know give us, we still know say you bi our daughter but hope say you know say another day fit dey koole? them say opportunity comes but once, so bi Ijaw first, bi Igbo first, bi Biafra first.''


  1. Is he ranting that he was not part of diezani's largesse? Mtcheew

  2. hahahahahaha this Asari is a serious clown. charlie boy dem say you don reach 70? na true or na lie?

    Na really photo president we get for this country. Everybody is just snapping with him. They would have allowed Fayose to go and comfirm mba they refused.

    I only trust Fayose to tell us how our awurawu president dey?

  3. Walai Naija tory dey weak person. Asari no vex you hear, the day you go shave your bear bear for them na that time dem go know say you don serious. Even that our president, na until you and Fayose visit am, na that time he go kom bak by fire by force.

  4. Balderdash!!!!!


  5. hmmm Asari no go kill person, quite true sha.

  6. I thought this guy is now a beninoise? What's his own? He always sounds so incoherent and vulgar. Talking like someone who's having palpitations and would pass out if he articulates more than one sentence at a time. Can he even breathe?

    1. Dude is just a riffraff seeking relevance. Freedom of speech doesn't mean you should be blabbing and talking crap even when you are not making sense.Asari, go and lose weight, health is wealth!!

  7. His facial expression sha

    U be mumu you dey call other people mumu


  8. hmmm Asari no go kill person, quite true sha.

  9. I can't believe I read everything, I must be jobless this morning.

  10. As much as he sounds like someone who drank freshly brewed Izon ogogoro, he made so much sense.
    He was mainly addressing the Izon people, and all he said is the truth.
    Nigeria doesn't belong to anyone but the Northerners. Anyone who doesn't know this should wake up from their deep slumber.

    I don't pity Diezani one bit, Goodluck too; You abandoned your own people for others who don't even send you, and can kill you without blinking.
    You have oil in your land but are languishing in poverty while others and their children enjoy what's rightfully yours.

    They are all corrupt but are witch-hunting the Ijaws? Why?
    I'm not in supporting of anyone looting the country dry but it's common knowledge that these thieving Northerners from day one have been the source of Nigeria's problems.
    How many have been witch-hunted, dragged and probed?

    The President of a nation hasn't been in the country for months and has refused to resign. If you are sick and can't rule, resign! No one should come and quote constitution for me. This is just common sense!
    Is the country your family business?

    It's why I don't like to discuss these things cos I end up very angry.
    I've always been a proud supporter for one Nigeria, but these days I'm having a rethink.
    How can one tribe or people put a whole nation to ransom? If it's not working, let everyone go their way!
    Enough of this nonsense already.
    We need to stand up against these wicked thieves. For how long will we continue to be raped and oppressed?
    We need a revolution.

  11. All sentiments aside, the people of Niger delta should blame their elites for the deplorable condition in that region. They get the most money because they are an oil producing region and a lot more from oil companies. What have their elites done with the money? Asari is sitting behind a porch cayenne, this car is about $100,000. Tell me how he got the money...
    Nigeria generally has leadership issues and because northerners are in government more, they seem to benefit more. We can do better but we have to start by keeping EVERYBODY accountable. Stop the blame game and begin to make a difference in your daily lives.

  12. Charly boy, your mumu don jam mumu.

    Asari, no bi him fault. He called for marriage counselling, una na gree patronize am, call for this-una no gree, call for that, una no still gree. Man must to survive na.

  13. This is the fundamental problem of Nigeria, when one person is higher than the authorities... He rants, he incites chaos, beats drum of war but yet, the state dares not pick him up!. That would be the start of a war! Same for Kanu who disregards court orders like no man business, re-arrest Kanu and see the rot of biafrans who are only waiting for the slightest provocation. Though, they might not match up to the Nigerian army but the effect of the bloody protest will be far telling. Individuals are too damn big to be arrested! Same principle applies to those who loot, you dare not arrest them because some disgruntled elements are waiting to cause problem.

    Some months back, a truckload of shotgun was discovered to be leaving the Lagos port, (unconfirmed report said, three of such had left the port undetected), where is the rest of the story today? FORGOTTEN!, If the unconfirmed report is true, three full truckload of guns somewhere doing what? Few months earlier, a similar discovery of arms was reported. We are yet to be told who owns these consignments. Only God knows how many of these "goods" enter the country on a frequent basis... Will these ammunition just be kept under mango tree receiving cool breeze.

    Some people are preparing for what they are inciting, Nigeria Government be acting like slowpokes until they can no longer contain situation... How will they act when they and their family are off the country when the whole the starts. Citizens be waiting for government to serve the citizens when the government is only saving the government. Citizens are left to save themselves...

  14. @anon12:50,

    "re-arrest Kanu and see the rot of biafrans who are only waiting for the slightest provocation. Though, they might not match up to the Nigerian army but the effect of the bloody protest will be far telling"

    So I ask, who will they be killing?
    Do you realise we have fewer non igbos in their region, and there are more igbos in other regions?

    Do you also realise igbos have more than 80% of their wealth an investments outside their region?

    So if they are serious about the Biafra and not cowardly, when the hausas issued ultumatum, why did they go about panicking and lobbying? Begging the federal government to prevail over the hausas. Instead of seizing that as an opportunity to further launder the Biafra exit? Jokers!

    News flash

    The earlier the igbos realise they are at a huge disadvantage, the better. And that only constructive strategy can get them their biafra (if ever they will get it). But again we all know PATIENCE is generally in short supply in that region, it's not an insult, it's a genetic thing.

    My take.

  15. Neva unda estimated d power fools in a crowedvplace

  16. At Ageless T, do you think if a biafar war starts, it will only after ibos? or will only ravage ibo territory? My brother/sister, think again! It might start in that region but be not surprised at the rate it will cover the whole Nigeria. Do not think you are safe in Lagos or Abuja!!! Worse thought you will ever have.

    Those that will start the war are not those that have something to loose, in fact, they have nothing to loose so no incentive not to start. Re-orientate your thinking please.


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