Stella Dimoko Comedian BOVI Slams A Followers ''You Must Give Me'' Mentality


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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Comedian BOVI Slams A Followers ''You Must Give Me'' Mentality

A Simple conversation between comedian BOVI and his follower begging for money to celebrate the naming ceremony of his child and Bovi's reaction.....Lessons to be learnt here!.......


  1. Bovie klose muoth abeg... if yhu no feet epp am, yhu for don tail am dey tolk robbish necks thyme.

    1. Villager abeg,Bovi is right to have told him off.What nonsense is that? He wasn't even asking for money for school fees or even house rent...not that those ones are even right,but at least they're understandable.How can a full fledged man shamelessly come to another man's wall to ask for money for naming,as in naming of a child.Wtf? So if he doesn't do the whole clebration thingy the child won't beat the name? What kinda misplaced priority is that? Even had the guts to say Bovi should pray not to be in same situation.Spme people's entitlement mentality is really appalling!

    2. Sassie yhu gate piont sha...

      By now, thier 2 go don dey olrite..

    3. It's not naming the child that is his problem. Its the party he is after. Yeyesne

  2. Eeyah......but he has to cut his cloth accordingly. Bovi was just being plain truthful

  3. kai some people can beg mbok.
    its not normal to see people begging for things like clothes, wrist watch or even shoes.

    must you wear designers if you cant afford it? see why i love my Jos peeps? we rock our OK clothes with swag, even make celebrities envy us sef.


  4. Though seeking an assistant from a well to do person isn't a bad idea but what I see wrong here is what he needs the fund for which is not compulsory

  5. INTERNET-PRENEURS Well done o! Beggi beggi

  6. The way Niggerians beg ehn, it is so freaking puking disgusting. Begging as if they are entitled to your money or property. Begging as if na by force. Hell no! It is not a must that the person your are begging from must give you. If u want to celebrate, then u must prepare for it. If you beg because of a mishap, tragedy, sickness it is different & most reasonable 'cause it was an unforseen happenstance.

  7. You know during child dedication, people spend too much especially when it is naming as it is commonly with the Southern people.

    I know of one of my colleague that his daughter was looking for money to pay hospital bill and naming was in the next few days, the daddy went about borrowing money to buy goat and other things for jollof rice to make the day for her.

    I just shake my head and told him, why dont you do something small instead of spending so much for naming? He said that is their culture.

    Na dem sabi. This country is hard, people should be managing not causing more problems because they want to please people.

    I love your response Bovi. They feel entitled

  8. People who beg for anything apart from necessity are greedy and without honour.
    How can you want to host a party for a naming ceremony when you don't have. So if he gives you that money,you will actually use it for naming ceremony? What happens after that?
    People like this need wisdom.
    The worst poverty is lack of contentment.
    You can be poor but make sure that your honour is intact.

  9. Only professional beggars will have issues with his reply.. money to feed people not even his family.. don't cut your coat according to your size.

  10. Lol.

    Bovi I stand with you on this one...
    Some people use their hands to create problem for themselves...
    Child dedication = celebration
    Naming a baby =celebration
    Thanksgiving = celebration
    Burial = celebration
    Naija I dey Hail oooo

  11. Bovi nor get sense o, he should have applied wisdom whilst responding to the guy....he even had the audacity to bring it pubic just to shame the guy..... Not nice of him....bovi!!!!! Be guided..
    *Faithful bv*

    1. What are you sayibf and what are they saying really? How did he make a public matter public? Something that was done in the comment section is private? He did absolutely nothing wrong

  12. Bovi replied him calmly self.

    Imagine o. You didn't know you'll have money for naming ceremony when you were busy straffing the babe abi?

    Broke fool.

  13. Bovi should help u with money for your baby's naming ceremony? LMAO.

    So who's going to help you out with money for pampers, baby food and drugs?

    Stupid broke men.

  14. Good response from Bovi. Begging to organize a party? Not even to save up for the child's school fees or well-being of the child but to entertain guest? He no get problem at all.

  15. Some people are funny shaiii, nice respond from Bovi the 🔥 man

  16. I think he told him the truth politely. Naming is not a do or die affair,it can be done inhouse without begging.

  17. Bovi is right, but wisdom is profitable to direct. He shouldn't have responded that way.


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