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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 668

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.

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  1. 2nd fact=Eye opening, 3rd Fact=Very thoughtful. 1st fact= God will make a way

    1. 1. Faith, belief? Take your pick.
      2. Life can be fragile.
      3. Smart move, good stats.

  2. #1 Hmmmm
    #2 Wtf!?!?
    #3 Good to know. #suicideisneverthewayout!

    Wow! Greatlady, TGW, V & V get in here

    ... Jesus is my worth!

    1. Hello dearie!πŸ™‹πŸ»

      And u too Greatlady,Hello!πŸ™‹πŸ»

  3. Wowww @death from pooping too hard...

    1. yes oh... avoid Agege bread and Kpokpo garri

    2. Agege bread with aganyi beans is da bomb anyday

  4. 1. I never knew the name is superabundance but it is not all myth. I dont know much about nature but I know that nature produces in two ways: there are natural products that nature don't replenish after a while. This is caused by some factors caused by human activities. These products include oil, some parts of the ozone layer(abi) etc while there are some that nature won't ever stop producing. Where do water, fruits, vegetables, wind even rain come from then and why are they so limitless( you cant't have enough of them) these one above, human activities though can alter their production in the sense that they may not come as fresh as mother earth brought it but they definitely doesn't stop coming.
    Superabundance is not a myth!

    Atheist, VnV, TGW. Pls throw more light.
    2. Hmmm! Why haven't any been recorded in the past that pooing too hard can kill. Unless, I get fact that it has killed, I refuse to believe it.

    1. ive got loads of bright light to shed on that topic, im rounding up at work b4 system automatically shuts down... brb

    2. Princess Scheherazade1 August 2017 at 17:38

      If you push or strain too hard, you can burst a blood vessel. Depending on the severity, if that blood vessel is in your head or not detected on time...

      My aunt had a burst blood vessel in her eye while trying to push out her baby. The doctors stopped her immediately and carried out emergency CS.
      She was fine but her eye was blood shot for a while.

    3. See u here. Lol

      I was charging down to say I don't think Superabundance is a myth. Don't believe it.
      And like u said,I believe the most things in nature are self producing and self preserving too.

      Humans with out activities can change some of these natural states,like ozone depletion,pollution and the rest but they can't completely alter or deplete all the natural resources. I don't believe that.

      And how old again is Planet Earth? And we are still here and using those natural resources in abundance.
      See my point?

      Wow at the Second fact! And thanks for ur input @ Princess Scheherazade. Never knew about this. Kai. Note to self to drink more water o.

      Hello Atheist Bro!πŸ™‹πŸ»
      How is the Missus My dear friend?πŸ˜‚

      Hello Gentleman V and V!
      But u know I do miss u a great deal. But u sit and ignore me. If I did it to u,I bet u wouldn't like it love. U would have called me selfish and uncaring☹️ Pls come talk to me Darling. Pleaseee....

    4. It took nature about 5million yrs to create the fossil fuel the world consumes in one year, the modern way of living depends on it, over the yrs Geologists hv discovered 2trillion barrels of oil, since then the world has used approx half, wat'd u call that? depreciation abi? lets hope our children dont come to suffer the effect of oil scarcity without improvising...
      So yeah the planet can continuosly replenish the original supply, but demand is way more than the supply.

      Other natural resources might not be life threatning cus their high abundance, such as wind, water, solar etc.... speaking of water, most areas in nigeria (Enugu) have xperienced their aquifer run dry, that is u sink a borehole & theres no water underneath to be pumped out, wat'd u call that? same shit happened to farmers in Carlifornia in the early 2000s, they had to improvise by means of irrigation....
      Humans have a way of fucking up this planet, yet we claim the intelligent specie on earth...

    5. TGW, which missus again na?

    6. Sustainable development is key!
      In layman's terms, The concept of sustainable development can be defined as a development that caters for the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generation to cater for their needs.

      Self-abundance will only work if we use our resources sustainably, if not IT is WELL WITH THE FUTURE GENERATION.

    7. Princess? Really. Thanks for the info.
      Atheist, thats a major problem anyway. Demand will always be than supply.
      Pipi, UN made SDGs a no one priority because they understand the danger facing mother earth esp climate/ weather and environment. We just hope everybody works and use the resources sustainably

  5. Fact 2: seriously.

    Fact 3: thumbs up to whoever came up with the idea. But, people are killing themselves by other means. Please say no to suicide and suicidal thoughts.

    I kinda believe fact 1.

    Greatlady, I've read like 15 books this year, 10 of which are by Karen Kingsbury alone (one of my favorite Christian authors). Currently reading Holy Blood and Holy Grail, by Richard Reaigent and Co, and The Davinci Legacy, by Lewis Purdue. I love fact based fiction and historical books too.
    Don't know how to read novels online, I buy my books cos I like to see them line my shelves. Guess I have to try.

    1. Yes thank goodness for whoever came up with that. Imagine the souls Bn saved.
      Suicide is NOT an option.

      You hurt ur loved ones when u do that.
      When u go,they feel empty. Sad. Low. Angry. Regretful. And almost suicidal too. But they brave it and go on with so much sadness.

    2. Awwwn, thats beautiful darlingπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ come and have a big teddy hug. Meanwhile, you seriously behind me. Would be glad if you pass me.

  6. The 3rd fact;

    Good. They might use the extra 30 seconds from opening it all to think about how insanely selfish suicide is.

    MISS Jacobs.

  7. But the first fact is not a myth na.

    Passing out hard πŸ’© is so painful. It will look as if your anus wants to come out. If you've not experienced it, u will not understand.

    Thank God for my ability to drink water often.

    1. Especially if u eat Ulo or pica a lot.


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